Definition of Maintenance and Definition of Architectural Approval

March 16, 2024

Dear TrailMark Residents,

During the March 12th HOA Meeting, our last agenda item was titled, HOA 101 – Definition of Maintenance Items VS Definition of Architectural Approval. The Board took the time to explain what the difference is between a Maintenance Item to your home versus an Architectural Approval Item.

We realize that not all homeowners are able to attend our HOA meetings. For those of you who were unable to attend our March HOA meeting, we’ve created two digital PDF copies: Definition of Maintenance, and Definition of Architectural Approval. We encourage you to share these documents with your neighbors. We will also post these permanently on the TrailMark website,

Maintenance Items are items in which you as a homeowner are required to maintain for the upkeep of your home. Included in this document is a reference to homeowners, specifically pages 3, 4, and 5, that details which repairs do not require written DRC approval.

The Architectural Approval document goes over the process of filling out a DRC Home Improvement Request form prior to beginning an improvement to the exterior of your home. Included in this document is a copy of the required DRC Home Improvement Request form that always needs to be submitted on all of your outdoor home improvements. This document will come in handy for many of the outdoor projects that you have planned for the upcoming warmer months.

The Board will continue adding a new HOA 101 topic at each meeting in the future. Our hope is that our HOA 101 topics will better familiarize our residents with the rules, policies, and procedures of the HOA. All Board Members are TrailMark residents too and we want to include our residents by helping everyone understand how the wheels turn in the HOA.

Hopefully, these documents will be a great resource for all homeowners. Please remember that these two documents do not apply to residents in the Star Canyon Patio Homes, nor the Star Canyon Condos as they have a separate HOA who enforces their covenants. These documents only apply to the 659 single family homes within TrailMark.

If anyone has any additional comments, or questions, please email the Board at, or speak with one of our five HOA Board Members.

​Thank you,

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