New Republic trash and recycle cans for TrailMark Residents coming in August

(Revised June 20, 2024)

June 19, 2024

Dear TrailMark Residents,

During the May 14th HOA meeting we discussed our extremely successful negotiations with Republic Trash Service and were able to extend our trash contract over the next 3 years, expiring in August of 2027. Our trash and recycle days will continue to be on Tuesdays.

One of the agreed terms of our new trash contract with Republic Services was that we would agree to three consecutive days where Republic will come into TrailMark and switch our old GFL/Alpine Trash and Recycle cans with ONE new Republic Trash can, and ONE new Republic Recycle can. Your old GFL/Alpine Trash and Recycle cans will be recycled once they are swapped with the new Republic totes.

All residents in the 659 single family homes will receive ONE 96 gallon trash can, and ONE 96 gallon recycle can.

All residents in the 68 Star Canyon Patio Homes will receive ONE 65 gallon trash can, and ONE 65 gallon recycle can.

All residents in the 72 Star Canyon Condos will receive ONE 65 gallon trash can, and ONE 65 gallon recycle can.

For point of clarification, due to public feedback at previous HOA meetings, residents in the Star Canyon Patio Homes and Condos expressed the need for smaller 65 gallon totes since those residents are limited on storage.

Today I spoke with the General Manager at Republic Trash Service regarding their company’s master plan to switch all of our trash cans and recycle cans. Please write these dates down on your calendar so you can assist Republic with changing out your trash and recycle cans with new ones.

On August 13th (trash day) it’s okay to have the trash cans and recycle bins full like usual, because the switching of trash/recycle cans will follow immediately after trash/recycle pick up. Trash and Recycle cans should be left empty on August 14th and 15th.

On either August 13th, 14th, or 15th, Republic will eventually stop by your house and haul away your old trash and recycle can, and replace it with ONE new trash can and ONE new recycle can. Once you receive your new trash and recycle cans, we kindly ask that you store them in the place that you normally store your trash and recycle cans.

TrailMark has nearly 800 homes including Star Canyon. Republic uses a third party sub-contractor to pick up the old totes and deliver the new totes, so trying to do this task in one day is not feasible. It will take 3 days to perform this task, and our Board appreciates your cooperation and patience with this. If some of you will be on vacation, please ask a neighbor to help leave your cans at the curb for these 3 days so this task can be completed as planned.

We realize that some of you do not currently have a recycle can, so many of you will finally be receiving a recycle can when this switch happens. We also realize that some of you have multiple trash cans. We are not asking you to trade ALL of your trash cans, so just put ONE of your current trash cans out to be switched. Our contract states that each homeowner will receive ONE new trash can and ONE new recycle can. Republic is hoping that folks will release ONE of their old GFL/Alpine trash cans, and ONE of their recycle cans (if they have one).

If you are a homeowner who has two trash cans and one recycle can, and you are wondering if they will still empty the two trash cans and one recycle can, the answer is YES. However, all trash and recycle material still needs to be placed in the trash and recycle cans, per our trash policy and our contract with Republic Services. Trash bags and empty boxes and/or cardboard laying in the streets will not be hauled away – so please follow our policy. For clarity, here’s a copy of our trash policy,

Thank you in advance for helping us with this endeavor of switching the trash and recycle cans – as this will ultimately help Republic with the efficiency of their trash and recycle pick-ups too. During those three days in August, we request that you leave your trash and/or recycle material in your garage until you get your new cans delivered. Keeping all trash and recycle debris in your garage helps with not attracting bears to our neighborhood, as well as keeps trash from flying into other homeowners’ yards. Thank you again for helping with this slight inconvenience.

In conclusion, we’d also like to share a couple more notable negotiations that your HOA Board secured for the better of TrailMark. In agreeing to a 3-year contract extension, we were able to also get our monthly rates lowered as well – which will help keep our quarterly dues from raising at this time. 

The best news though, is our Board also secured a FREE dumpster day for our residents in 2025, 2026, and 2027. In the three years ahead of us, we will be granted one free dumpster day per year over the next three years – we scored! Our Board will advertise the 2025 dumpster day once we nail down a date with Republic.

If any of you have additional questions regarding this switch in trash cans, we invite you to our July 9th HOA meeting at 6:00 p.m. at Crave Nutrition located at 9729 W Coal Mine Ave, Suite Y, in Littleton, as it is an agenda item that evening. We will be happy to answer your questions at the meeting. If you are unable to make the July HOA meeting, then you may also email the Board at

Again, please leave your ONE current trash can and ONE current recycle can (if you have one) at the curb on August 13th, 14th, and 15th so Republic Services can provide us all with new trash and recycle cans. Please share this information with your fellow neighbors so we know that all residents have been informed. We sincerely appreciate your cooperation with this huge task.

Thank you,

Ken Colaizzi, President
TrailMark HOA
Littleton, CO  80127


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