The Xcel Power Outage

The Xcel Power Outage: What have we learned, and how can we better prepare ourselves for “next time?”

On April 6, 2024, some residents received a message from Xcel Energy warning of upcoming power outages—Outages that “may” include our area. Others were given no notice. Some received a later message saying that it “will” include our area. Soon after, all electric power was cut to TrailMark, as well as a few other chosen front range neighborhoods.

The outage lasted a total of 30 hours. While some camped out in their living rooms, others left town only to come back to a refrigerator full of throw-aways.

The following information is a compilation of what we’ve learned from Xcel and the news media to better prepare ourselves for “next time.”

•  Xcel’s web page,, includes information with an outage map, status checker, outage check list, and how to report outages and receive alerts.

•  During a power outage, you can check the status of your electric outage by texting STAT to 98936. You may also text OUT to 98936 to report an outage, or call 1-800-895-1999.

•  Oxygen dependent people should be prepared with enough spare bottles to last a few days, or consider staying with family, friends or in a hotel outside of the planned outage area. South Metro Fire Rescue is only equipped to provide oxygen for medical emergencies and your regular provider should be contacted for non-emergent needs.

•  Smoke alarms may start intermittently chirping because their back up batteries are low. If this happens, the batteries should be replaced.

•  Please do not use a gas stove to heat your home and do not use outdoor stoves indoors for heating or cooking. If using a generator, keep it outside in a well ventilated area away from windows.

Everyone should Sign Up to Receive Alerts. Please do not contact the HOA with questions about power outages. Xcel does not share any extra information with the HOA than is shared with the general public.


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