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Bears are common in our neighborhood between March and November. Keep your distance, and keep your garbage cans locked up inside until the morning of garbage day.

If you are doing any exterior work to your home or property, it is important to obtain DRC approval first.

Trash and recycling containers may only be placed curbside the morning of trash pick-up.

There are guidelines for staining fences that are the homeowner’s responsibility.

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HOA revises the Garage Door Standard, Address Number Standard, and the Replacement Window Standard

July 20, 2024

Dear TrailMark Residents,

During our public HOA meeting on July 9th, the Board voted to revise three of our current Design Review standards. All Board members felt that updating these three standards would benefit homeowners with some additional options and choices when doing home improvements to their homes. For clarification, these revised standards only pertain to the 659 single family homes – not the Star Canyon Condos, nor the Star Canyon Patio Homes. 

As a gentle reminder, please note that ALL exterior home improvements require homeowners to complete a Home Improvement Request form, submit it to trailmark@westwindmanagement.com and wait for written approval prior to starting your outdoor project. All three of these revisions/updates mentioned below also require written DRC permission prior to starting your project. We appreciate your cooperation.

Now for the good news, the Board has updated the following Design Review standards as follows and has included a link for homeowners to better access the new revisions to the standards that have been updated and are in effect as of July 9, 2024. These can also be found on our website, www.trailmark.org.


Previously, the Board only allowed three (3) different window options in the top panels of new garage doors.  

As of July 9th, 2024, the Board has revised the Garage Door standard to include eight (8) different window options.

When replacing garage doors, homeowners still have the option to not have upper panel windows as well.

The new TrailMark Garage Door Standard can be reviewed HERE.


Most homes in TrailMark only have one set of address numbers on their homes.

As of July 9th, homeowners are now allowed to have no more than TWO sets of address numbers affixed to their homes.

The Board felt that to improve emergency response times when needed, a second set of address numbers could be helpful to first responders.

The Board felt that a second set of address numbers could also be helpful to delivery drivers.

The revised Address Number Standard can be reviewed HERE.


Previously, the Board only allowed white replacement windows.

As of July 9th, the Board will allow white and black (dark) windows as replacement windows.

The Board felt that black (dark) windows would look nice on certain painted homes.

The Board felt that black (dark) windows would be a novel revision to this standard.

When submitting for black (dark) windows, the DRC will be charged with making sure white or black (dark) windows would best match the home.

The revised Replacement Window Standard can be reviewed HERE.

The Board would like to thank all five members of our Design Review Committee for assisting the Board with the verbiage and language to all three revisions of our standards mentioned. On behalf of the Board, we hope that this gives homeowners more flexibility and individuality when planning these future home improvements.  

Please remember to fill out your DRC Home Improvement Request form and wait for written permission prior to starting your project. Thank you in advance for following our process.

Thank you,

Ken Colaizzi, President
TrailMark HOA
Littleton, CO  80127

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