Pay Assessment Fees

Quarterly payments of $165 are due on the 1st of January, April, July and October.

Please mail your check to:
TrailMark HOA, Inc.
c/o Westwind Management Group
Las Vegas, NV 89193

Be sure to include your account number. If you don’t know your account number, please contact Westwind Management Group

A step-by-step guide

Homeowners are welcome to pay their dues by sending a check to:

         TrailMark HOA
         c/o Westwind Management Group
         P.O. Box 95854 
        ​ Las Vegas NV 89193-5854

Or, to make an online payment, follow the instructions below.

  • When this guide was published, there was no option to sign up for auto-pay.
  • Quarterly assessments are $165.

(Click on any image to enlarge it.)

You should have received an email from Westwind Management prompting you to sign up for your online account. Click on the portal link (above the yellow field in the email) and create your login. Please note: The password that you create must have one of these characters, not just any character:   ! ^ * ( )

​If after creating your password you get stuck or receive an error message, log out and log back into the portal at

​For online payment choices, click on the E-Pay tab.

Choose eCard to pay by credit card, or eCheck to pay by check.
(eCard charges a 3% fee. eCheck has no fee.)

​Property Information should already be filled out for you (Management ID: 6975, Association ID: TMH). Fill in your individual account number (if needed), read the documents, check the box, and click on “Continue to Payment Information.”

​Fill in your payment information and follow the prompts.

eCheck sample (left)
eCard samples (below)

If you have any questions, please contact Westwind Management Group at or 720-756-3187.

Assessments are paid quarterly at $165.00 per quarter. Assessments can be paid by automatic withdrawal (ACH) or by check. Assessments include trash/recycle service, social events hosted by the HOA, common area landscape maintenance and common area snow removal.

Closing Fees

Any closing within the TrailMark HOA is subject to the following fees/dues:

  • Transfer Fee – $64.00 to Working Capital
  • Payment Processing Fee – $225.00 to (info to come)
  • Dues for the following quarter – $165.00 to TrailMark HOA

Trash Collection

Republic Services is the contracted trash hauler for the community. They can be reached at (303) 744-9881. Trash and recycling are picked up every Tuesday. This service is included in your assessment charges. Be sure to check the website for trash information, delays, and to contact the company.


LCS is responsible for landscaping and snow removal. 

​February 3, 2023

Dear TrailMark Homeowner,

Recently, the attached notice was mailed to every homeowner within the TrailMark Homeowners Association community. As identified in the notice, Westwind Management Group will be assuming management responsibilities for our community effective February 24, 2023. They are looking forward to being of service to you and our community!

In the event that you did not receive the mailer announcing the change in management, and the included return envelope, please mail your 2nd quarter, April 1st assessment payment to TrailMark HOA c/o Westwind Management Group, P.O. Box 95854, Las Vegas, NV 89193. We anticipate that you will be able to sign up for automatic payments or make an electronic payment as early as March 20, 2023.

A note from the Westwind Management Group transition team:

To ensure that the owner contact information received from previous management is accurate, we ask that all homeowners complete the attached owner profile form and return it to our office. As identified in the attached notice, you may return the completed questionnaire via email to, or you may visit our website at, select “Owner Profile” from the “Homeowner Resources” menu, and complete this form electronically through our website.

There is other valuable information included in the attached notice and we encourage you to carefully read through it. Should you have any questions and/or concerns after reading this notice, please reach out to the community via email to or phone at 720-756-3187.

Thank you,

​TrailMark Homeowners Association Board of Directors
Westwind Management Group, LLC

Attachments – Original letter dated 1/30/2023 and Owner Profile form

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