Design Review Committee

The Design Review Committee goals are as follows:

  • Uphold the esthetic value and visual integrity of the community
  • Act as community liaison to the HOA Board
  • Supervise homeowner activity for compliance to covenants

The Design Guidelines, Solar Guidelines, and Design Review Form are available on the HOA Documents and Forms page. Remember, property changes including all exterior changes to a home must go through the DRC review process.

Contact for more information or to volunteer your time.

​The Design Review Committee (DRC) reviews exterior homeowner improvement requests the 1st and 3rd week of every month.

  • A completed Home Improvement Request & Yard Access form, and all supplemental information, i.e., brochures, plot plans/yard diagrams, etc., must be received by the management company not later than 12:00 noon, the Friday prior to the DRC meeting. Send to:
  • Documents must be signed and dated.
  • Exterior Paint Projects: Physical paint color samples/chips are required if one selects paint colors that are not pre-approved, as in our paint sample book. Approved color schemes are posted on the HOA Documents & Forms page – Find and click on the EXTERIOR PAINT CHART button.  
  • Scanned and/or monitor representations have proven unreliable in determining whether a paint scheme is appropriate for the TrailMark community. Each paint chip must be annotated with the specific area to be painted (siding, fascia, trim, exposed beams, etc.). Place in a sealed envelope with the homeowner’s name and address clearly written on the envelope. All other project documents will be forwarded to the management company. For homeowner convenience, paint chips may be dropped off at 9718 S Johnson Way.   
  • Paint Sample Book: Homeowners may review the paint sample books which are available through our management company by calling or sending an email to

Request for Additional Information/Denied Requests: DRC requests returned to homeowners for additional project information and/or denied requests will be reviewed during a following, normal review session.

Notice of Completion: Once project approval is obtained and home improvements are completed, homeowners are required to submit the Home Improvement Notice of Completion to the management company.

Emergency Requests:  Valid emergency requests will be reviewed as needed. Our working emergency definition:
A serious, unexpected and often dangerous situation requiring immediate action to repair or replace. For example:

  • A damaged, inoperable garage door that requires repair/replacement,
  • A damaged roof, that, as the result of a natural event such as high winds, is at risk of leaking, requiring immediate full or partial replacement
  • Immediate need for Installation of a handicapped railing
  • A broken window that places a resident at risk due to potential shattering and/or unwanted entry.         

For questions regarding exterior project request requirements, to review the TrailMark Exterior Color Scheme books (which include paint chips), and/or other DRC related issues, please contact the management company at

​​Please Note: All documents submitted to the DRC may be submitted via mail, email, or fax:

TrailMark Homeowners Association, Inc.
Littleton, CO 80127
c/o Westwind Management Group
27 Inverness Drive East
Englewood, CO  80112
720-756-3187 Office
303-369-0007 Fax

Information in the content below may be outdated.

Nice weather = Home Projects

Any exterior work to your home not classified as Routine Home Maintenance/Repairs REQUIRES you to complete a DRC form and wait for approval BEFORE work starts. WHEN IN DOUBT, SUBMIT A FORM.


At the March 12th, 2024 HOA meeting, the Board adopted and executed two new policies for residents in TrailMark. Both of these policies are effective and enforceable as of March 12th, 2024. Westwind Management Group assured the Board and residents attending the meeting that copies of these new policies would be mailed to all residents.

The Board adopted and approved a Permanent Light Policy which will prohibit any type of permanent decorative or other special lighting to be installed on a home’s trim, roofline, soffit, or fascia of TrailMark homes. The Board also adopted and approved a Dangerous Dogs Policy, which mirrors the Colorado State Statute, Section 18-9-204.5, which prohibits Dangerous Dogs.

In this article, we are including links to both new policies so that homeowners are aware of them. For transparency, our HOA legal team reviewed both policies and approved the legality and enforcement of both policies as well.

The Board wishes to thank our DRC volunteer committee members for spending an enormous amount of time and research in developing and implementing the now Permanent Light Policy. As mentioned at the meeting, the Board has a fiduciary duty to preserve our community and the property values, and is happy to say that residents will not have to come home to homes that have permanent lights on 365 days a year as this type of lighting is strictly prohibited. Thank you DRC members.

The Board also wishes to thank Western Law for their guidance and expertise in developing our Dangerous Dog Policy to help keep all of our residents safe. This policy is also being used in other Colorado HOA’s as well. Please understand this policy doesn’t specifically name certain breeds of dogs as we all understand that every type of dog can be dangerous if not trained correctly. This policy has been adopted to hold dog owners accountable and responsible for keeping your dog safe to others within the neighborhood, and also protects the Board from any type of legal action in the event of a dangerous dog incident.

In the last two years, the Colorado state legislature has adopted new laws regarding landscaping in HOA communities. Our Design Review Committee (DRC) has always followed our covenants while reviewing homeowner’s requests to re-landscape their properties.

To keep our policies current with the new state laws, our legal team advised the TrailMark HOA Board to update our Landscape Policy. As of March 20th, 2024, the TrailMark HOA Board has unanimously approved and adopted the new Landscaping Allowances Policy for all TrailMark homeowners when choosing to re-landscape their properties. All landscape projects need to be approved by the DRC by filling out a DRC Home Improvement Request Form.

Below is a copy of the new Landscaping Allowances Policy for TrailMark. Westwind Management Group will be sending copies of this newly adopted policy to all homeowners as this will now be enforceable from March 20th, 2024 forward. For clarification, this Landscaping Allowances Policy only pertains to the 659 single family homes, and not residents in Star Canyon. The Star Canyon patio homes and condos have their covenants governed by a separate HOA.

Again, a big thank you goes out to our volunteers on the DRC Committee as they work hard preserving the look of our neighborhood, while balancing the new state laws that get interwoven into their volunteer duties. If any further questions arise regarding this newly adopted Landscaping Allowances Policy, then please email the board at

Landscaping Allowances Policy

In response to homeowner inquiries regarding the installation of permanent outdoor lighting that is mounted along the home’s roofline, trim, soffit, or fascia, the Design Review Committee (DRC) conducted research on these systems, performed site visits in surrounding neighborhoods, and discussed the issue extensively. The following draft standard was developed and is being proposed to the HOA Board for their comment and decision.

Permanent Outdoor String Lighting          

The goal of the design standards is to balance homeowners’ enjoyment and improvement of their properties while considering the impact of those improvements on neighbors, the environment, and wildlife. TrailMark’s design is consistent quality and design expression throughout TrailMark’s boundaries. It is reflective of the original high prairie and foothills environment through a distinctive native prairie landscape design. Thus, our desired design is to be compatible with each other and with TrailMark’s unique setting, while avoiding adverse effects on neighbors, wildlife, and the natural environment.

Permanent string lights:  Permanently installed lighting that consists of bulbs or lights permanently mounted on a home’s trim, roofline, soffit, or fascia, whether face-mounted, accent-mounted, or under-mounted, and whether used for holiday lighting, string lighting, wall-wash lighting, accent lighting, security lighting, or any other purpose.

Permanent string lights, as defined above, are not permitted in TrailMark. 

Any outdoor lighting other than temporarily installed holiday lighting, regardless of type or use, requires DRC approval prior to installation. DRC approval for any outdoor lighting is conditional. If at any time outdoor lighting, even if previously approved by the DRC or HOA Board, becomes a nuisance to neighbors or otherwise detracts from TrailMark’s consistent quality or design expression, the DRC and/or the HOA Board may rescind approval, in whole or in part, and require removal or modification of the outdoor lighting.

Posted January 8, 2024

TrailMark Design Review Committee Mission Statement

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