HOA Board Members

Ken Colaizzi

Ken Colaizzi has been a board member since 2019. Ken and his family own and operate a 49-year-old business in North Denver named Secure-All. When Ken is not working he enjoys throwing the football with his son Domenic, eating spaghetti with his daughter Sabrina, and doing yard work with his wife Brooke. Ken is a die-hard SEAHAWKS fan!!

Tonya Sloan

Tonya is a meeting professional and project manager, planning small and large conferences and trade shows. She has a bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus in marketing. Additionally, she holds an active real estate agent license, and currently sits on her townhouse board as acting secretary and architectural control. Tonya enjoys the outdoors and challenging her mental and physical abilities. She has lived in TrailMark for two years.

David Soule

David has been a TrailMark resident and homeowner for 4 1/2 years and has loved every minute of living in this beautiful and unique community. He is a US Navy veteran, having served in Naval Air. He and his wife Lori were high school sweethearts and recently celebrated their 52nd wedding anniversary. They have three grown children and five fabulous grandchildren, scattered from here in Colorado, to Tennessee, to California. David is retired from a 47-year career with a Fortune 200 company as an engineer, working on motion control sealing systems for aerospace, medical and automotive applications. He loves volunteering on the trails and has served as a Volunteer Ranger in San Diego County as well as currently for Jefferson County Open Space. He has previously served on another HOA board, coached several years of youth soccer, and has served on the board for Soule Kindred in America, a family group for descendants of his ancestor, Mayflower passenger, George Soule. He currently serves on his church’s safety team and in his free time he loves to hike, fly fish, and travel. He feels blessed to serve this beautiful TrailMark community. Go Broncos!

Arwen Vaughan

Arwen Vaughan earned a BS in Biology from the University of Texas at Austin and a Masters in GIS from Texas State University. After a brief stint as an aquatic entomologist, he spent the bulk of his career as a GIS software and technology consultant, building desktop and web based software for a variety of industries. Arwen and his family moved to TrailMark in January 2021 and have loved every minute here, enjoying hiking, biking, and paddleboarding. Arwen is a mad scientist DIYer, tackling projects like building a wind turbine from scratch, through-hiking the Appalachian Trail, running a microgreens business, managing rental properties, and trying to figure out whether 42 really is the answer to life, the universe and everything.

Phil Kinney

Phil Kinney has been a resident/homeowner in TrailMark since 2003. Phil retired from the US Treasury with over 30 years of federal service. Phil is a graduate of West Point and has an MBA from Duke University. His military service consisted of commanding three Infantry Companies including one during his tour of duty in Vietnam in 1969. Phil and his wife Joy have been married 53 years and have four married daughters and 13 grandchildren. Phil enjoys fishing, golf and travel.

​Have a question for the Board? First, check the FAQs. If you were unable to find the answer to your question on the FAQ page, please contact our HOA management company representative or email TrailMark@westwindmanagement.com.

Q: What are my duties on the Board?
A: The Board is responsible for maintaining and honoring the Declarations, Bylaws, and Design Review Guidelines of the community. The Board reviews/approves all contracts for work done in the common area. The Board receives emails from residents who voice concerns, complaints and/or ideas. The Board is responsible for holding homeowners accountable to the standards set in the covenants. The Board is responsible for the financial state of the Association in which they set dues, approve all invoices, and maintain a balanced budget. The Board is ultimately responsible for the trash contract, social events, maintenance and upkeep of Association property, and all things administrative (insurance, reserve study, etc.). Each Board member is assigned a committee for which they are the liaison between the Board and that committee. In this capacity, the Board member attends committee meetings and advises the Board on on-going committee activities. The Board currently meets every other month, in the odd number months, on the 2nd Tuesday at 6pm.

Q: What are the qualifications for being on the Board?
A: As outlined in the Association Bylaws: “A Director may be any natural person and need not be an Owner of a Lot within the Community Area; provided, however, that upon the expiration of the Declarant’s Control Period, at least a majority of the Directors shall be Owners…” It is important to keep in mind that the qualifications to be a Director and the qualifications to vote vary. To cast a vote for Association issues, the Lot for which the vote is being cast must be in good standing, that is, no outstanding fines or dues are allowed, in order to vote. 

Q: How much time does it take to be on the Board?
A: Typically, Board members spend about 10-15 hours each week dealing with HOA items: emails; phone calls; visits from neighbors; reviewing and overseeing contracts; performing site visits; attending various meetings with agencies such as City of Littleton, JEFFCO, SSPR and/or fielding and responding to issues presented by these entities; provides guidance to our committees; etc. During the week when there is a Board meeting, the time spent on HOA issues is approximately 15-20 hours to facilitate meeting preparation and meeting attendance.  

Q: How long is my term on the Board? And are there term limits?
A: Terms are 2-years in length. This is to ensure not all five Board members change at once, to allow consistency in governance. There are no term limits for how many times a person can sit on the Board.

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