2020 HOA Election

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As was announced tonight (December 3), the results are in for the Board election. With 417 votes counted, the HOA had a great turnout and that is always appreciated! The vote was extremely close so the votes were counted twice to ensure accuracy. The HOA would like to thank the 7 volunteers that came in to process and count ballots. Please also thank all 6 candidates for being willing to serve the community. Finally, a big thank you also to the Board members no longer serving; your time and efforts have been immense and greatly appreciated.

The HOA Board Results:
CJ Haberkorn – 226 votes*
Phil Kinney – 215 votes*
Sally Janssen – 206 votes*
Scott Spinks – 204 votes
Amy Howard – 204 votes
Jennifer Elliott – 196 votes

*The 2021 Board Members are CJ Haberkorn, Phil Kinney, Sally Janssen, Ken Colaizzi and Bill Kuenning.

Posted December 3, 2020

​This year’s election will run a bit differently this year, with the November 12th Annual Meeting being virtual. The voting will not take place during the annual meeting as it normally does. Instead, ballots will be mailed to each home in TrailMark immediately following the meeting. This is to ensure anyone who gets nominated the night of the meeting still has the chance to obtain votes. The ballots will need to be returned by mail or the ballot drop box by November 30, 2020. Ballots delivered or received in the mail after November 30th will not be counted. A ballot drop box will be placed along TrailMark Parkway as you exit the neighborhood. The ballot drop box will be placed outside from 7am-7pm each day. It will be removed each night to ensure no vandalism takes place to the box or ballots. The mailing you will receive will have the ballot, instructions on voting, information about each candidate, and a stamped/return envelope for your ballot. The results of the election will be announced at a Special Meeting to be held Thursday, December 3rd at 7:00pm. This meeting will also be held virtually. The HOA needs volunteers to process and count ballots. If you wish to help with this process, please contact the Property Manager Angie Kelly at akelly@crsofcolorado.com. All are welcome.

A summary timeline:

  • Annual Meeting/Budget Ratification Meeting on Thursday, November 12th
  • Ballots mailed to each home on Friday, November 13th
  • Ballots to be returned no later than Monday, November 30th (this will be the last day the drop box will be onsite)
  • Ballots counted/processed either December 1st OR 2nd (depends on volunteers’ availability)
  • Election Results Announcement Meeting on Thursday, December 3rd at 7pm

​Posted November 1, 2020; Updated November 3, 2020

My fellow TrailMark homeowners,

My name is Jenni Elliott, and I am asking for your vote as I am running to represent you on the TrailMark board. I have experience with customer service working in the airline industry. I know how to listen to the public and meet their needs while still following strict guidelines and rules. Since leaving the work force I have volunteered my time to Shaffer Elementary, I lead a Girl Scout troop for 6 years, worked with AFS and Greenheart foreign exchange student programs, and have been involved within the TrailMark community in events such as Alzheimer walks, Elbeck 5K, community garage sales, etc. I am a wife and stay at home mom so I know the importance of leading by example, multitasking and being organized. I am an outgoing, open minded, go getter!

You might not be aware, but there are 357 out of 799 homeowners in TrailMark that currently have a violation from the HOA. It has been expressed by many that opinions and views are not being heard. I am listening, and I am going to stand up for the people of TrailMark and take action for its residents. I am offering you my time, commitment and leadership. If you are not changing it, then you are choosing it. At this point in our lives I feel like it is more important than ever to take time to listen to one another and show a little kindness. We are all neighbors. I have lived in TrailMark for the last 11 years and choose to live in a HOA community because of the high standards that the homeowners are held to. I want to make decisions about your homes and your community WITH you. I do not want to make them FOR you. 

I am running on a three-person slate with CJ Haberkorn and Scott Spinks. We are running on five words that we think are missing from the current board. Integrity-Inclusivity-Transparency-Kindness-Community. You are who make up this great neighborhood of TrailMark. It is time for your voices to be heard when it comes to decisions in your community that affect you! Vote Jenni, CJ and Scott and get your voices back! It’s time to HOA a better way! Thank you!

Valued Constituents of TrailMark,
I am CJ Haberkorn, and I am asking for your vote to represent you on the TrailMark HOA Board of Directors. As a proud TrailMark Resident and Denver Firefighter, I am a dedicated public servant with 24 years of progressive experience delivering world-class customer service to the City and County of Denver citizens and communities. For the last twenty years, I served on the Executive Board of the Firefighters Union, Local 858, and understand the importance of radical interdependence, transparency, and interest-based relationships with those you serve. I am an outgoing, self-motivated, collaborative leader with illustrated strengths in team building, mentorship, and community service.
In an era where trust, respect, and integrity are non-negotiable benchmarks of quality community service, it’s more important than ever to rise above and lead by example. Leadership is a privilege, a privilege that needs to recognize and acknowledge the supporting community you serve. I have been a resident in TrailMark for 19 years. I have seen this community evolve and thrive to maintain the value and prestige that draw notable residents to TrailMark. I feel our current board has run its course, and a new, fresh, revitalized group of leaders is needed for our continued success as a community.
I am running on a three-person slate with Jenn Elliott and Scott Spinks. We are always open to new and creative ideas, strongly advocating abolishing ethnocentric processes and procedures that promote discord in “OUR” community. There is always another way to get things done. I will encourage “best practice and inclusive decision making.” I use this practice every day to navigate my charge as a Husband, Father, and Firefighter. I am motivated to overhaul some recent concerns of the covenant, issues with the Management Company and Design Review Committee, and bring our community together. Vote for Elliott, Haberkorn, and Spinks! Thank you!

I am Amy Howard, current HOA Board member, and candidate for re-election to the Board. My husband and I built our first home in TrailMark in 2000 and later moved to another home within TrailMark in 2007. We appreciate all that the neighborhood has to offer. We love the accessibility to 2 state parks, many trails and wildlife sightings.
After many years of watching others serve in volunteer roles on committees and on the board, I chose to volunteer for a committee. I then joined the HOA board in 2016. As part of the HOA board, we are responsible for the budget and how we spend the TrailMark HOA dollars. Since HOA dues were not increased for 18 years, we have done a particularly good job spending wisely and still maintaining beauty and excellence within the neighborhood. For example, sharing the cost with the TrailMark Metro District in the replacement of all privacy fencing along TrailMark and Independence with TREX fencing. Also part of the HOA, I have worked alongside the City of Littleton, Jefferson County Open Space, South Suburban Parks and Recreation and Colorado Parks and Wildlife as they all are part of the TrailMark area and affect the neighborhood in different yet relevant ways.
Our Board has had to deal with challenging issues, has not always agreed on every issue, but in the end, we have each worked to the benefit of the entire community. My goals as an HOA Board member are as follows:
· Maintain the beauty and consistency of TrailMark as a “natural open space community” as envisioned by the developers
· Make every effort to protect property values of ALL homeowners
· Be fair to ALL neighbors, considering ALL involved, not just the desires of a single homeowner
· Work with all committees (social, common area, design review, communications and finance) to create and maintain a beautiful and safe neighborhood
· Continue to work with City of Littleton, Jefferson County Open Space, South Suburban Parks and Recreation and Colorado Parks and Wildlife
I have never disparaged a neighbor on social media nor have I attacked someone for their personal opinions on social media. I pledge to have open, honest and adult conversations, person to person to resolve any conflict that might arise. I invite you to truly examine the motives of those running for board seats. Do they desire to serve the interest of the community as a whole or is there a personal agenda they are trying to secure??
I respectfully ask for your vote and support.

Sally Janssen: I have lived in TrailMark since 2003 after having lived in a non-covenant community where the quality of life declined, as did the property values. TrailMark offered a unique, open, planned community designed to blend with our surrounding natural environment, and encouraged healthful living through the many trails, ponds, and friendly atmosphere.

My TrailMark volunteerism began in 2004 with the Design Review Committee and 2012 with the HOA Board. During this time, I have collaborated to preserve the unique value and desirability of TrailMark. Consequently, when the trends reduced other communities’ home values, TrailMark’s value has risen every year, in great part because of a highly engaged and progressive HOA Board. The Board is dedicated to serving the TrailMark community so it remains vibrant, safe, valued, inclusive and resistant to “change for change sake.”

I wish to continue collaboratively leading and contributing to the processes and procedures in place that are meant to keep TrailMark a beautiful, desirable community and to protect property values:
· Covenants, to which we all agreed when we became homeowners, must be consistently and fairly applied. 
· The Design Guidelines, developed to provide community-wide standards, ensure all properties are well maintained in a consistent manner, to preserve TrailMark’s aesthetically and uniquely beautiful appearance. 
· Protect our quality of life and our considerable property investment. 
I wish to:
· Preserve TrailMark’s unique open and natural environment.
· Advocate fair & consistent covenant compliance.
· Ensure Design Guideline adherence to protect our aesthetically beautiful community.
· Ensure fiscal responsibility, accountability, and transparency.
· Update standards and policies where it makes sense, thoughtfully, for the good of the entire community, not for the desire of one or two homeowners. 
The Result:
· Prudent and reliable community management to protect our quality of life and investment.
· A harmonious, beautiful, and desirable community for all families.

Summary: The current HOA board is made up of homeowners who volunteered to be community managers. Our progress, on so many fronts, is the reason for which I wish to continue serving TrailMark. I want to ensure that this positive trend continues to protect our community. I respectfully ask for your support and vote.

Phil Kinney: Hello! My wife Joy and I have been proud homeowners in TrailMark since 2003. We’ve owned homes in Wisconsin, Maryland, North Carolina, Texas, and Colorado. Each time we sought out communities in which homes were well-maintained and high community standards were evident. Unfortunately, prior to moving to TrailMark, the last community in which we lived was one in which the covenants were increasingly not enforced and living there was no longer a positive experience.
I want to be a part of the HOA Board of Directors to insure continuation of the processes and procedures that have resulted in the increasing value of homes and appeal of TrailMark. I believe our community home values continue to increase and are actively sought after because the HOA insures that high standards are set and met and that our beautiful neighborhood will continue to be just that. I want to be a part of the team that will continue the present and future success of TrailMark at Chatfield.
I retired from a position with the U.S. Treasury where I valued both real and vacant property in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah, New Mexico, and Montana. I believe my unique career background qualifies me to be a useful asset to the TrailMark Board. In addition, the fact that I am retired affords me the time to be available to take care of our community.

Greetings and Salutations TrailMark Community,    
My name is Scott Spinks and I am running for a seat on the HOA board with my constituents, Jenni Elliott and CJ Haberkorn. When you decide to vote for one of us please make sure to vote for the three of us as a team. This is extremely important to the success of creating positive change in our community. We have chosen to run as a team because we all believe in the future of TrailMark; first as the place we chose to call home and second to advance the community you love. We have all made an investment to live here; some of you for your family and the community, for others the quiet in the morning when you wake up, the trails to walk the dog or enjoying your porch with friends. I have lived in TrailMark for 9 years and love it. What I can promise you is honesty, transparency, humility, open communications and a smile with a handshake (Air bumps during COVID). 
“Change”!! That is something that can be difficult to accept at times, but as you and I both know it is an important part of life and it is constant. I know this firsthand as a Colorado Native who grew up along the Front Range now filled with developments. Many of you are and have faced tough changes in the last six months. Your home triples as a school, work office and of course your retreat at the end of the day. Here is the thing folks! What Jenni, CJ and I want is the opportunity to bring TrailMark out of the past and up to current day. We want to offer each homeowner the forum and platform to consider changing their homes, your homes, when you have an idea to make it better for you. We cannot promise that every request can be granted because we have to work within the city ordinances, but we can hear you out, investigate and give you a fair opportunity. We are also going to address consistency and want to work first with people before the citation is just issued. You make TrailMark special and a great place to live, not the current or any future HOA board. Servant Leadership is what we are talking about, working for all of us together with the idea and hope that you will join us by voting Jenni, CJ and Scott.

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