2021 HOA Election

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Congratulations to William (Bill) Kuenning! This morning Bill was selected at a public drawing at Hogback Hill Park as the winning board member, breaking the tie.

Your new 2022 HOA Board of Directors are listed below with the end of their elected terms in parentheses:


Thank you,
TrailMark HOA Board of Directors 

Posted December 3, 2021

​Candidates for the 2022 TrailMark HOA Board of Directors, in alphabetical order


I am currently serving our HOA as President, and I’m the Social Committee Liaison. In 2020, I served as Treasurer. I have a Sociology Elementary Education degree from the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley.
I would like to be re-elected to the TrailMark HOA Board of Directors because I have enjoyed working with our neighbors to build TrailMark into a remarkable neighborhood. I have great people skills and enjoy working with others. 
Here in TrailMark I have been an integral part in some great new ideas and changes. I have also assisted several neighbors with a handshake and “hands-on” approach in solving some problems as well. I have been a part of many contract negotiations for our HOA and have helped our HOA stay on track with our goals and objectives.
I have worked cooperatively with our Management Company and our Finance Committee to keep our budget sound and fiscally responsible. I get along well with our entire HOA Board, our Management Company, our Compliance Company and our Communications Director, to keep TrailMark on task at all times. I’ve also established a great relationship with the City of Littleton, SSPR, the Denver Botanic Gardens, and the TrailMark Metro District so our HOA works harmoniously with those entities.
I am thrilled for the opportunity to assist TrailMark in keeping our neighborhood the diamond that it is. I respectfully ask for your vote of confidence in Ken Colaizzi. Thank you, I won’t let you down!


I joined the HOA Board when, after all these years, I felt that the mix of Board Members could finally balance appropriate change with protecting our singular Community’s quality-of-life and extraordinary value, and begin to respond far more effectively to our Residents’ concerns and needs.


Experiences which have shaped me to strive for these personal characteristics/capabilities: high work ethic, sensibility, strategic & integrated thinking, intensely empathetic consensus-building & mediation, technical & creative insight, fair & honest evaluation, compassionate actions—which are the characteristics/capabilities which seem to help TrailMark the most:
● Lived in TrailMark 21 years.
● Member of the TrailMark HOA Board for the past approximately 2 years (Member at large, Secretary).
● Consulted/mentored/sponsored non-profit entities like the Wind Dancer Foundation and founded/directed charities—example: Military Family Voices (www.militaryfamilyvoices.us).
● Consulted/Developed projects for film, theatre, art and interactive entertainment—for entities like: Jackson Productions, Larry Fanning Studios and Risk International.
● Theme parks’ masterplans, strategic design, crowd analytics, risk & R.O.I. assessment/communications for entities like The Walt Disney Company (Technical Director) and Bose International Planning/Architecture (USA-Poland-India).
●  Managed instrumentation, facilities design and analytical projects for entities, like: The Adolph Coors Company, Amax Engineering, The University of Colorado—MCD Biology, CSU Dept. of Anatomy and The University of Colorado Medical Center.


Ken and I came to the Board at the same time and are optimists, with the driven work ethic to justify that optimism. We worked hard, and our work with the Board is not Finished. Thank you for looking more deeply into what this capable Board is accomplishing for every Resident, and thank you for your support.


My name is Scott Spinks and I am running for one of the two open seats on the HOA Board. A Colorado Native who grew up here on the front range, I have lived the majority of my life in the area. I have a degree from Colorado State University in Natural Resource Management with a focus in Wildlife Biology and am currently an Operations Manager at The Department of Revenue. Today I hold two Vice-Chair Seats on two separate committees, one state and one federal, that work and discuss community focused initiatives creating a safer Colorado for all citizens.
My interests in the HOA Board revolve around my desire to build a community and home environment that works with your family and mine. When my wife and I selected TrailMark we did so to raise our family in a forever home, which began 10 years ago. I believe that over this last year under the current HOA President Ken Colaizzi, and with two new members Phil and CJ, the board has turned in the right direction. I have been attending the public HOA virtual meetings this past year participating and witnessing a change in the dialogue between the community and most members.
If elected, my commitment is to use my personal and professional experience to continue building on what the HOA started and I would hope to work alongside President Ken Colaizzi if he is re-elected. Please vote Scott Spinks this election if you agree, and help me continue the positive course of change that is benefiting us all! Thank you for your consideration. 

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