What happens at the HOA Board of Directors meetings?
At the Board of Directors meetings, any Association business matters are addressed by the Board. During the open forum portion of the meeting, homeowners are allotted 3 minutes each to present ideas or ask questions of the Board on community matters. All Association meetings are open to attendance by all homeowners.

​Is a fishing license required to fish in Fairview Reservoir?
Yes, a license is required as the area is open to the public for fishing, therefore the state laws prevail. Information on purchasing a license can be found at Colorado Parks and Wildlife.

What is the major difference between the Homeowners Association and TrailMark Metropolitan District?
The major purpose of the Metro District is to finance and construct certain public improvements, including but not limited to water, sanitation, streets, safety protection, park and recreation improvements. The Homeowners Association is responsible for maintaining association-owned property within the neighborhood, resolving covenant compliance issues, and establishing and enforcing rules and regulations to maintain the community area as property of the highest quality, value, desirability, and attractiveness.

Why are we in South Suburban Recreation District and not Foothills?
South Suburban has a intergovernmental agreement to manage the recreational facilities for The City of Littleton. The Board met with representatives from both South Suburban and Foothills District to discuss the requirements for the HOA to switch to Foothills. The requirements to accomplish this are extremely high. Therefore, the Board members agreed to not pursue the issue further. Editors note: Through a special agreement, TrailMark has been included in the Foothills District since January 2017. https://www.ifoothills.org/trailmark/

Who should I contact for any community landscape, open space, pond or trail issues?
The landscape areas of our community and surrounding open space are managed by TrailMark HOA Common Area CommitteeTrailMark Metro District, and South Suburban Parks and Recreation District. Generally speaking, HOA manages landscapes along TrailMark Pkwy, Independence St, and the Northeast community boundary bordering Denver Botanical Gardens. TMMD manages the ponds, reservoirs, trails, and some open spaces within housing areas. SSPRD manages the remaining open spaces within TrailMark. Please check the Community Map then contact the appropriate district maintenance facility.
TrailMark HOA Common Area Committee: common-area@trailmark.org
TrailMark Metro District: board@tmmd.org
South Suburban Parks and Recreation District: 303-795-9856

Who is responsible for snow removal?
The City of Littleton is responsible for plowing and sanding TrailMark Pkwy from Wadsworth to Baden Drive to Johnson Street to Danzig Place and back to TrailMark Pkwy. Intersections of all streets that enter onto TrailMark Pkwy will also be plowed and sanded. The City does not plow the remaining residential streets. Contact the City of Littleton Snow Removal Line at 303-795-3969 if snow removal is being overlooked.

Who do I contact to report a street light outage?
Contact Xcel Energy at 1-800-895-4999. You’ll need to provide the number on the post and the location of the post. You can also report the outage online at: http://www.xcelenergy.com/Outages/Report_Outage

Can we move the northern exposure MBU’s?
This requires approval by the U.S. Postal Service.

Can we install light poles next to the mail box units (MBU’s) around the neighborhood?
In the early stages of neighborhood development, the location of light poles and MBU’s are determined by Xcel Energy and the U.S. Postal Service, respectively. Both entities employ specific criteria when determining where these items are located (proximity to homes, number of homes in the surrounding area, convenience for mail route carriers, etc.). The Association, in most cases, does not own the land on or adjacent to the MBU’s, so they are not free to install light poles at the MBU’s. The availability of power for this purpose could also be an issue. The Association evaluated whether an alternate fixture, mounted directly to the MBU, powered by solar energy or batteries would be feasible. However, the cost for and monitoring the operation of such fixtures may outweigh the benefit.

How can I participate in the recycling program?
Recycling is part of TrailMark’s contract with our trash service. Recycled items are picked up every week on Tuesdays. Please be sure that your recycling container is labeled “Recycling.” There is no need to separate the recyclable items, which include magazines, newspapers, phone books, office papers, junk mail, aluminum cans, steel cans, glass, cardboard, plastic, etc. Please do not place paint or chemicals in the recycling bins.

Can the HOA build a community pool?
It is unlikely that the HOA can construct a community pool. The HOA does not own any real-estate (ground) to use. Pool ArticlesSwimming Pool Standard

Can an off-leash dog area be developed in the community?
The Association does not own a parcel of land large enough for such an amenity. The current development plan for the community does not include plans for an off-leash dog area. There is an off-leash dog area within the Chatfield State Park (across Wadsworth from TrailMark).

Can speed bumps be installed on TrailMark Parkway or South Independence Street?
The City of Littleton will not install speed bumps on streets that are considered major arteries within a community.

Can the HOA purchase the proposed school site for various uses?
The proposed school site is deeded to the City of Littleton and is ear-marked for Jefferson County School District use. If the school district elects not to build, the site will be available for other improvements. South Suburban has an inter-governmental agreement to manage the recreational facilities for the City of Littleton.

Can the HOA purchase the commercial site at the TrailMark entrance?
The site is currently owned by Shea and will be sold to a commercial developer. The price of the site is cost prohibitive, so the HOA does not foresee any option to purchase the site.

What color and manufacturer stain can I use for my fences?
Please visit the Design Review page for the latest updates on fence stain.

What are the acceptable exterior paint colors?
Approved Paint Colors may be found on the HOA Documents & Forms page.

When does Republic Services pick up trash?
During most weeks, waste removal is every Tuesday. More information can be found on our trash pickup page.
If homeowners have questions, please call Republic Services at 303-744-9881.

When is the annual neighborhood garage sale?
The annual neighborhood garage sale is on a Friday and Saturday in June every year. Please check this website’s calendar for exact dates.

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