Mission Statement – Social


The social committee aims to provide a schedule of inclusive, evolving, enjoyable events to foster neighborhood pride and camaraderie.  


To coordinate all social activities that will take place throughout the year and to partner with the Communications Committee to make sure the word is out for each event 


The Social Committee plans and organizes events, however it relies on community volunteers and sponsors to help put on the events.   
All billing items are not processed by the Social Committee but through the management company.  


There is no expressed term of service length for Social Committee members. Each serves at the discretion of the TrailMark HOA Board and may choose to leave at any time, or may be removed by the Board at any time.  

Number/ Members:

Currently there is one chairperson: Darcy Hickman and several active members of the committee. 
There is an ongoing list of those who have offered to assist with individual events. We will ask for assistance prior to each event, as necessary. 

Committee Structure:

The committee has one chairperson, a HOA Board liaison, and members for each event as necessary. 

Relationship to Board of Directors:

All members serve at the discretion of the TrailMark HOA Board. 

Relationship to Management:

No relationship to management.   

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