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TrailMark’s annual fence work will be completed later this springtime. Fence repairs and paint for the 2024 rotation is in Filing 2. Please be mindful when contractors are operating in the area. Also, please have all landscaping overgrowth cleaned up to ensure a proper service to the fencing. Lastly, please think of your pets when brief access to the fence posts are to be replaced.

Posted April 2, 2024

In response to the various complaints by residents of a bad smell in the area of Fairview Reservoir #2 (FR2) that were received on October 11th, a site visit was performed by Aquatics Associates, Inc. (AAI) early the following morning to assess this situation. On October 12th, we confirmed that the water at FR2 had a sulfur-like or dead animal odor, which was consistent with field water test results indicating elevated hydrogen sulfide and low dissolved oxygen levels with other water quality parameters being normal. Note that this “off” water quality condition at FR2 is temporary and will recover naturally on it’s own, typically in days, as oxygen levels increase to normal and any hydrogen sulfide gas present dissipates. 

The current water quality situation is typical for pond/lakes such as FR2 that are shallow and highly eutrophic due to a thick layer of organic muck/sludge on the pond bottom (nutrient rich) which is usually anoxic (no or very low dissolved oxygen). A hydrogen sulfide odor (rotten egg smell) is associated with organic muck and these gases are released naturally from the bottom sediments anytime oxygen levels are low and when physically disturbed by various causes. While gas releases from the sediments occur naturally on a regular basis, this week’s event was higher than usual for unknown reasons.

TrailMark Metro District (TMMD)

Posted October 13, 2023

The TrailMark Metro District (TMMD) board will be hosting a budget workshop for 2024 budgeting on October 17th, 2023 at 6:30 pm. This is not a regular meeting and no decisions will be made. However, this is an opportunity for the community to join the board in the working of the values for 2024 budgeting.

Zoom information:

Join Zoom Meeting
Meeting ID: 839 3556 5463
Passcode: 630456

Required Notice Pursuant to House Bill 23-1105 –
HOA and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force

House Bill 23-1105 created the HOA and Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Forces to examine certain matters in communities that are governed by these entities. The Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force will review, among other matters, tax levying authority and practices, foreclosure practices, communications with homeowners and governance policies. A requirement of the new law is that we notify you of the creation and existence of the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force prior to its first meeting. If you have any questions about the Metropolitan District Homeowners’ Rights Task Force, please reach out to the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies or visit their website at

Posted August 7, 2023

The annual split rail fence painting in Filings 1 and 5 is set to begin with weather cooperating. Please be mindful of your pets when the vendor is performing the work! Also, please remove any overgrown vegetation that has grown through the fence for work to be completed thoroughly. All exterior wiring is also to be removed as the wire is to be placed on the interior of the fencing. Lastly, this painting is only for the exterior of the fence.

If you desire a proposal for interior fence painting, please contact Greg Gantner directly –

Posted May 1, 2023

The TrailMark Metropolitan District (TMMD) will begin the annual fence repairs and replacements as soon as this week! Contractors will be replacing broken posts and rails that have been marked with white spray paint on split rail fencing that back to open space.

Please remove any wires on the outside of the fencing. Also, please remove any overgrown landscaping growing through the fence.

Following the post and rail replacements a paint contractor will paint the exterior side of the fencing.

​Lastly, please be mindful of your pets while the contractors are working on the fence!

Thank you,
​TrailMark Metropolitan District

Posted March 24, 2023

Happy Spring – 2022

Here’s the annual update from the TrailMark Metro District (TMMD):

FOR THOSE NEW TO THE NEIGHBORHOOD – What is the TrailMark Metro District?
The TrailMark Metropolitan District (commonly referred to as “TMMD”) is a quasi-governmental entity and is a separate organization from the TrailMark Homeowners Association (HOA), a private organization. While the TMMD and HOA occasionally collaborate on some neighborhood issues, both organizations have their own Board of Directors and completely different purposes. The TMMD sets an annual mill levy for TrailMark property owners. As the District has no debt, taxes collected by the TMMD are primarily used to maintain the health and quality of the neighborhood’s ponds and reservoirs; for the annual painting of split rail fencing; for TMMD general operating costs.


It was a reassessment year and the TrailMark Taxable Assessed Valuation rose which enabled the Board to lower the certified Tax Mill Levy to 2.25 mills for 2022, a decrease of .25 mill from 2021. One mill is equal to 1/1000 of a dollar of the property’s assessed value as determined by Jefferson County. 


The 2022 Board election was cancelled as there were not more candidates than openings on the Board. Wayne Lupton, Sandy Farish and Rick Handley were deemed re-elected to the Board until 2025.  Ray Hallquist is midway through his first term until the 2023 election. Leaving the Board is Cathy LaClair who served from 2010-2022. The Board would like to thank her for her service, specifically her commitment to the lowering of taxes in TrailMark while maintaining the quality of the community.


TrailMark has 2 reservoirs and 2 ponds for which TMMD is responsible. TMMD contracts a specialist to maintain the quality of the water and health of these water bodies. Maintenance includes things such as algae monitoring and treatment, debris removal from outlet areas and aeration system maintenance. Fairview #1 is the largest body of water and is meant to be enjoyed by the neighborhood – from the shore (no boating, swimming or skating). Water releases are required per legal water agreements but the water depth allows for fishing and is stocked yearly. Fairview #2 is a shallow reservoir and therefore not a healthy environment for fish. Both reservoirs have aeration systems to improve the water quality.

Pond G (north of the ‘sledding’ hill) required outlet maintenance in 2020. Pond G was originally constructed to be a detention pond to slow TrailMark’s water run-off as it flows to the Denver Botanical Gardens. However, during the past few years there has been a significant buildup of silt at the outlet effectively making the operation of the outlet ineffective. As a result of the reduced flow of water through this outlet, the water level in the Pond increased to a level never anticipated in its construction. At the request of the City of Littleton to restore the function of the outlet and lower the water level to its original design, the TMMD contracted a company to remove this buildup of silt during the early part of 2020. Residents have noticed a permanent reduction in the water level of Pond G consistent with its original design and unfortunately an increase in smells and mud. Weather is the greatest factor in how the pond will be at any given time.


The annual painting of the common area 3-rail fence (split rail) will continue as it has in past years. This painting is broken into segments: Filings 1 & 5 painted one year, Filing 2 the next year, Filing 3 & Star Canyon the next, Filing 4 the last. The TMMD is responsible for the annual fence painting while the HOA is responsible for as needed fence maintenance and repairs; the TMMD and HOA cost-share for these responsibilities.

This spring, Filing 4 will be painted by Gantner Painting with post and rail replacement by FenceUp. The painting crew will not need to enter yards but will instead shield your yard while painting the outside of the fence. The inside of the fence is the responsibility of the homeowner and may be painted according to TrailMark Design Guidelines. Gantner crews may offer homeowner painting with this filing. Homeowners must contract with Gantner directly and information will be provided to Filing 4 homeowners. Please remove any vegetation or items attached to the fence so the crews can do a thorough job.


Cathy Noon has managed the TMMD since 2009 when Community Resource Services was chosen to manage the District. As of April 1, 2022, Cathy will be retiring and Michelle Parker ( will be taking over our community. The Board would like to thank Cathy for her time spent in TrailMark.


The TMMD meeting calendar for 2022 is noted below.  All meetings begin at 6:30pm and are held via Zoom for the time being. Agendas are posted to the TrailMark website with login information.

  • January 18, 2022
  • March 15, 2022
  • May 17, 2022
  • July 19, 2022
  • September 20, 2022
  • November10, 2022 – Annual Budget Meeting held in conjunction with the HOA


Posted April 1, 2022

The Metro District will hold a Public Hearing on Thursday, November 11th to consider the 2022 Budget. The meeting will be held via Zoom and begins at 6:30 p.m. (Zoom link: This meeting immediately precedes the Annual HOA Meeting. We look forward to seeing you.
Contact Cathy Noon, District Manager for more details –, 303-381-4990

A quorum of members of the TMMD Board will be meeting with a contractor on Tuesday Oct. 5, 2021 at 8:00 am at the stairs on Independence south of TrailMark Parkway. Purpose of this meeting is to obtain a bid for repairs.

Posted October 3, 2021

Happy Summer from the TrailMark Metro District! It has been a warm one and that can affect the water quality in the TrailMark ponds and reservoirs. Water temperatures are now in the 80’s which causes more algae and reduced water clarity. The Metro District hires Aquatic Associates to manage the water areas in TrailMark. You may see a truck, trailer and boat accessing Fairview Reservoir to do water treatments. This is a permitted boat – and the only boat that should ever be on the water. Treated areas include Fairview #1, Fairview #2 (the Beaver Pond) and Pond G (in the large open space) and Pond A (near the daycare center). Pond G had required outlet work last summer that keeps the water about 2 feet lower than previous levels but now at levels as designed.

The annual fence painting work is complete except for additional post replacements that will happen in the next few weeks. Due to the age of the fence, more and more posts need to be replaced. If you have a weak post in your yard, please let us know.

Mosquitos are ferocious this summer. The District has its water monitored and larvae treated to reduce breeding. Other areas of standing water that might be breeding ground are outside the District’s control.

The TMMD continues to meet virtually on the third Tuesday of odd months. The next meeting, September 21st , will feature beginning discussions for the 2022 Budget. The agenda and meeting link can be found on the TrailMark website.

The TMMD Board wishes you a safe and enjoyable summer.

Posted August 1, 2021

Photo by Phil Kinney

APRIL 19, 2021 UPDATE – Prep work is under way with weather challenges affecting the project. Approximately 30 new fence posts need to be replaced, as well as rail replacement and the final painting. The photo was taken looking East-Southeast. This is the southern boundary of TrailMark.

Click on image for enlarged map

TrailMark is planning to begin painting the split rail fence in Filing 3. This includes the “Filing 3” area on the map, as well as Star Canyon Condos and Patio Homes, and the fencing along the southwest of the neighborhood.

Please remove any foliage, branches or bushes that may interfere with the painting of the outside surface of your split rail fence that faces the open space. This includes any wire fencing or chicken wire on the outside of your fence. If you wish to place this on your fence to keep little dogs in and big snakes out, it needs to be on the inside of the split rail fence. It is impossible to properly prepare the outside surface with this wire in place. If it is not removed, the paint crew will remove it and set it inside your fence. There are a number of loose or rotten posts that will be replaced prior to painting, along with a good number of rails that require replacement. We plan to begin the prep phase by mid-March and commence painting as soon as it is warm enough in April.

​Posted March 4, 2021; Updated April 10 & 19, 2021

This spring, Filing 3 and Star Canyon Condos and Patio Homes will have split rail fences painted and repaired as part of the annual maintenance program. Filing 3 will have the outside of the fence painted and residents are responsible for the inside. Star Canyon areas will have the inside of the fence painted by their respective HOA. The paint crew will not need to enter yards but will instead shield yards as they paint the outside.

Homeowners are responsible for removing any vegetation that may be growing on the fence or any materials that are attached or leaning on the fence.

If any homeowner would like to paint their side of the community fence or a private fence, the stain must be the approved TrailMark color.  The product used now is Sherman Williams latex solid stain with color S-W 9090 “Caribe” which matches to the previous color that was discontinued.

Posted March 1, 2021

TMMD Newsletter 2021

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