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TrailMark Night at the Lights  
Tuesday, December 11th, 5:00-8:00pm, Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms – Hay Rides and Pictures with Santa! Cookies, Cider and Hot Chocolate! $5/person CASH ONLY. Under 3 is free. Last entry is 7:15 pm. 

Shaffer Elementary Showcase Night 
Wednesday, December 5, 2018, 6:00pm-7:00pm, 7961 S. Sangre de Cristo (Chatfield and S. Sangre de Cristo), 303-982-3901. Please join us as we showcase our school and share information for families interested in Pre-K, Kindergarten and Choice Enrollment. 

​Your 2019 HOA Board 
Congratulations, and thank you, to our 2019 HOA Board members: Sally Janssen, Amy Howard, Mary Kreeger, Michael Day and Kim Gritzmaker! All board members have decided to stay on and we appreciate all that they do! And THANK YOU to the TrailMark community for turning in enough proxies to exceed the 80 that were needed for a quorum at the November meeting!Posted December 2, 2018 

​Shea Property Update
In July, 2018 the HOA Board advised the community of a proposed project submitted to the City of Littleton for an Independent Living/Assisted Living community to be built on the vacant land on the north side of the entrance to TrailMark. As new information was obtained, updates were both published via our several communications avenues, and discussed at bi-monthly Board meetings. 

We have been advised by Shea Homes that Legend Partners, the entity who proposed the Independent Living/Assisted Living community project, terminated the contract on November 9th. This leaves the future of the land parcel wide-open. To address this new information, the TrailMark Development Action Committee (TDAC), a committee of concerned TrailMark residents who addressed the proposed project, is in the process of organizing to develop a new strategy to consider many options for the future of the land. As organizing the TDAC moves forward, new updates will be provided to the TrailMark community to include how homeowners can get involved and participate in this very important issue. Please stay tuned for additional information. 
Posted December 2, 2018

​New HOA Website Functions
The HOA Board is looking for ways to bring efficiencies to processes currently in use throughout the community with regard to reporting maintenance and compliance issues, general questions, and other communications that are routinely taken to our management company or posted to Facebook. To this end, be on the lookout for new website enabled functions that will allow homeowners to more easily report issues, ask questions, and get general information. We anticipate these new functions will be available in early 2019. After testing, we will advise the community when they are available and how to use them. Posted December 2, 2018

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark – October 2018
​(click here)
Posted November 14, 2018

The Littleton Leadership Academy

The City of Littleton has reached out to TrailMark residents, looking for good candidates to apply to the 2019 Littleton Leadership Academy. The Academy offers an in-depth study to understand how the City of Littleton and its major partners work together. It is a great opportunity for TrailMark residents to get more involved in Littleton civic issues and to hone leadership skills. Applications are open for the 2019 Littleton Leadership Academy, a community supported non-profit project. To learn more and/or apply, go to http://littletonleadershipacademy.org.
Posted November 12, 2018

TrailMark HOA/TMMD Annual Meeting 
Thursday, November 8th, 6:30 pm – Check-in, 7:00 pm – TMMD Meeting, 7:30 pm – HOA Meeting, Fire Station 19, Proxies needed! Please send yours in if you do not plan to attend the meeting. All are welcome. ​

We’re halfway there!

We have collected half of the 80+ proxies that are needed for Thursday’s meeting. Thanks to all who have already submitted their proxies, and to those who plan to be at the meeting! For your convenience, you may drop off your proxy under the mat at 9718 S Johnson Way, or put it in the red cooler on the porch at 8770 W Eden Drive. Thank you! HOA Board Download Proxy
Posted November 7, 2018

Holiday Lights Contest 
TrailMark’s Holiday Lights Contest is back! Post a picture of your outdoor holiday light display at night on the HOA Facebook page (or post a neighbor’s house on their behalf!). Or, submit an image for posting to the HOA Facebook page by sending it to communications@trailmarkhoa.org. Please include the address with your submission. The deadline to submit an entry is the end of the day on Saturday, December 15th. The houses with the most likes by the end of the day on December 20th will win an Amazon gift card! (Those not on Facebook can find details for voting on TrailMark’s NextDoor.com page.) First place prize is a $100 gift card, second place is $50, and third place is $25. Happy Decorating! TrailMark’s Holiday Lights Contest is sponsored by your neighbors’ businesses: Colorado Home Finder (1st Place sponsor), Crave Nutrition (2nd Place sponsor), CT Solutions (3rd Place sponsor)
​Posted November 1, 2018

TrailMark HOA/Metro District Annual Meeting November 8th 

You are invited to attend the TrailMark HOA/Metro District Annual Meeting. This meeting will take place on Thursday, November 8th at Fire Station 19, at 7:00 pm. The purpose of this meeting will be a presentation of an annual report on the Association’s activities and financial status. The election of three (3) members of the Board of Directors will also be held. The annual meeting of members is a required yearly event per the declarations of our community. We spend a portion of our annual budget to create, prepare and send out the documents to each homeowner to vote on independently. We need a minimum of 10% of homeowners to return their Proxy or we are required to do it all over again which will cost more money – money we would rather be able to appropriate to community activities and not paper, printing and postage. If you do not know what it is you are voting for, ask us or attend the meeting on November 8th. At the very least check off and sign the Proxy section of your ballot and send it to the management company by email, fax or mail. Or you can hand it to a board member or neighbor who will be attending the meeting. For help in locating a board member please email board@trailmarkhoa.org and we will connect you. By now you should have received the letter and proxy in the mail from Community Resource Services of Colorado. We have heard that some homeowners may be throwing these away and we wanted to emphasize how important they are. This proxy allows you, or someone you choose, to cast your vote if you are unable to attend the meeting. If you do not want to vote please send back the signed Proxy to the management company for quorum purposes. Meeting Agenda Hope to see you all soon! Management  
Posted November 1, 2018

TM5K and Family Fun Run – October 20, 2018

Thanks to Hal Sports and all participants of the TM5K and Family Fun Run! Congrats to the top men’s finisher, Matt Thompson, and women’s finisher, Eileen Hidayetoglu! 
Posted November 1, 2018

Roxborough Running Club
The Roxborough Running Club

 is a local charitable non-profit that hosts five local races each year, and Saturday morning trail runs. Event dates are posted on TrailMark’s website calendar. This post was requested due to the expressed interest of a number of TrailMark residents who came across a running event in Hildebrand Ranch.
Posted October 31, 2018

Election 2018
​Tuesday, October 30th is the last day to return a voted ballot by mail to ensure it arrives on time. Here’s a link to the City of Littleton’s website with election information including ballot questions, drop-off locations and poll information: https://www.littletongov.org/city-services/city-departments/city-clerk/election-information/2018-general-election?fbclid=IwAR2PQBJ9BiV8Z2UoC-tM_1k_pWcTWvSF4WfyCZ0YwnYdd-k_BZwSyxYKihM. Election Day voting service and polling centers in Jefferson County: https://www.jeffco.us/DocumentCenter/View/511/Ballot-Drop-Off-Locations-PDF?bidId&fbclid=IwAR061xQ2u83df_UElyYQcHt1D5h46fjEULoUUcEH-ayXS0dFC58P3JY4Y0g.

City of Littleton sign code: POLITICAL AND CAMPAIGN SIGNS
During election season, you may notice political signs popping up in yards and along streets. Political signs are a strong and long part of the democratic system, but as with other signs, are not allowed in certain locations in Littleton. SIGNS ADVERTISING A POLITICAL CANDIDATE OR BALLOT INITIATIVE MAY ONLY BE DISPLAYED ON PRIVATE PROPERTY. The property owner’s permission should be obtained prior to placing the sign on the property. Political signs located in a public park or in a public right-of-way, i.e., on power poles, traffic signal poles, in medians or in the tree lawn between the street and a sidewalk, are on public property and are not allowed. The City thanks everyone involved in a campaign for their help in honoring these rules during the campaign season. If you see a political sign posted on public property, please report it to the HOA and it will be removed. Thank you, TrailMark HOA Board, board@trailmarkhoa.org
Posted October 20, 2018

TM5K & Family Fun Run
Saturday, October 20th, 9:00 am-12:00 pm, Hogback Hill Park, 8892 W Trailmark Pkwy – Celebrate Fall with your neighbors and friends and join us for a morning full of fun. The festivities will include a 5K Run/Walk, a 1 Mile family fun run, face painting and bounce houses! But that’s not all because we want to see you and yours in your best Halloween costume, prizes will be awarded for best costumes! Registration opens on August 1st. Click here to register. 

An Important Message about the upcoming HOA Meeting

Hello TrailMark! You are invited to attend the Annual Meeting ofMembers. This meeting will take place on Thursday, November 8th at Fire Station 19, at 7:00 pm. The purpose of the meeting will be a presentation of an annual report on the Association’s activities and financial status. The election of three (3) members of the Board of Directors will also be held. Please keep your eye on the mail for a letter and proxy from the TrailMark HOA. We have heard that some homeowners may be throwing these away and we wanted to emphasize how important they are. This proxy allows you, or someone you choose, to cast your vote if you are unable to attend the meeting. If you do not want to vote please send back the signed proxy to the management company for quorum purposes. If we do not get the minimum required votes we will have to spend HOA money to start the process all over. Hope to see you all soon! Management
​Posted mid-October, 2018

Regular Garbage Pick-up day October 9th

No delays due to the Columbus Day holiday.

​TrailMark Metropolitan District Update 
The TMMD is a quasi-government board, elected by you and your neighbors. It is also a property taxing entity, and is responsible for the bonds that paid for TrailMark infrastructure construction, such as roads, sidewalks, gutters and streetlights that were completed when the neighborhood was built out. These bonds were completely paid off earlier this year. The TMMD ongoing responsibilities are the maintenance of Reservoirs #1 and #2 as well as Pond G including mosquito control, etc. They, along with the TrailMark HOA, share the cost of fence replacement, maintenance, painting and repair. 

A few years ago, the TMMD mill levy was a hefty 66 mills. With excellent management by the directors the mill levy was gradually reduced to 25 mills. Now that the bonds have been paid off, we have approved a future, temporary, mill reduction to only 4 mills, a reduction of 21 mills off of your property taxes effective in 2019. Please keep this reduction in mind when voting on the South Metro Fire District asking for a mill levy of 9.25 mills. Should this pass, the City of Littleton will be reducing its mill levy resulting in a net increase to TrailMark residents of 5 mills. We are still getting a mill reduction of 16 mills net (considering the above reduction), should this proposition pass. The South Metro Fire District has committed to placing four personnel on each fire apparatus, to include an EMT or Paramedic. This would include a cooperative agreement and automatic dispatch with West Metro Fire Control District (which borders just north of C470), where they will automatically be sent to our rescue if it is the most available unit. A big benefit to us, since we are at the western-most area covered by South Metro.   ​
Posted October 1, 2018

What does a “mill” mean to you? 
How much is a mill? Well it depends upon the valuation of your property. If you pull out your property tax statement from Jefferson County this may be easier to understand. The county figures the valuation of your property. Then they assess a percentage of that valuation. This year the assessment is 7.2% of your valuation. Take that assessment and divide by 1,000 (a mill) and that is what a mill costs you in property tax. 

Example: Let’s say your house is valued (by Jefferson County) at $500,000.  7.2% of 500,000 is $36,000.  Divide that by 1,000 and you get $36.  This is the value of a mill on your property tax. Of course your property may be valued more or less than the above example, and your mill value will vary depending upon your valuation. We hope this helps you understand a “mill.”
Posted October 1, 2018

Common Area Committee Report 
The landscape project at the north side of the entrance to TrailMark and the first median have been completed. It will look even better in years to come once the plants have matured and covered the areas intended. 

The HOA has budgeted enough funds to complete all the medians next spring, so you can expect everything to look a bit more attractive as you drive down TrailMark Parkway and Independence. South Suburban is doing a great job keeping up the trails, even after a downpour of rain. You can help by carrying a plastic bag and picking up anything that does not belong in our beautiful natural environment.
Posted October 1, 2018

Would your business like to sponsor this year’s Holiday Lights Contest? 
TrailMark will be recognizing its beautiful holiday displays again with another Holiday Lights contest! The Communications Committee is looking for three TrailMark residents with businesses that would like to sponsor the Amazon Gift Card prizes: First place prize is a $100 gift card, second place is $50, and third place is $25. Your business name and a link to your website will be published with the contest. 

Interested residents should send an email noting the amount that their business would like to sponsor to communications@trailmarkhoa.org. Amount requests are on a first-come first-served basis. Residents will not be disqualified from the contest if their business is a sponsor.
Posted October 1, 2018

The HOA needs your Help 
TrailMark Residents, The Budget Ratification meeting and Annual Member Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 8th. You will receive, in the mail, notice of this meeting with a proxy form. If you cannot attend the meeting, please return your proxy. Every year the HOA struggles to get enough proxies back to meet the quorum requirements set forth in the Governing Documents. If a quorum is not reached, the meeting must be rescheduled and costs the HOA a lot of money as all of the items must be mailed again and additional meetings must be called. Please send back your proxy when you receive it in the mail. If you think your neighbor already sent it, they probably didn’t! So please, if you are not going to attend the meeting, send your proxy back. Thank you! The Annual Meeting also means that Board elections are coming up. Please contact the Property Manager, Angie Kelly (akelly@crsofcolorado.com) if you are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors. More information about the requirements for these positions can be obtained from Angie Kelly as well. 
Posted October 1, 2018

HOA Assessments Due October 1st
As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due October 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services, 

​TrailMark HOA Board

Please be Neighborly
Trim overhanging tree limbs so pedestrians can walk on the sidewalks.

(Photo) First responders and a Littleton representative discussed the inclusion of South Metro Fire at the September 20th HOA meeting.

​Shea Property Update 

During the July HOA Board meeting, the community was briefed on the proposed senior center to be built at the SHEA property site at the TrailMark entrance. As a result of this briefing, the TrailMark Development Advocacy Committee (TDAC) was formed to develop a strategy and respond to the proposal. The TDAC is composed of board members and community volunteers. To date, the TDAC has met several times to develop a response strategy. They conducted an informal community survey, over a 7 day period, asking the question: Are you in favor of the initial proposed plans for a 182-unit senior living center on the Shea property?The survey garnered a 40% household response rate, with 90.5% responding no. This information was provided to Legend Partners, the potential property owner and builder, during a meeting with TrailMark representatives on August 16th. A recap of this meeting follows: The property developer, Legend Partners, is actually a division of the commercial real estate company, Legend Properties, representing Shea in the land sale. They are very close with Shea because one of the partners is the commercial broker that represents Shea throughout Colorado. We surmise that he approached Shea with the idea of selling the land and the “listing” of the property. Present at the meeting were: 1. Four TrailMark representatives, 2. Architect, 3. Three representatives from Legend partners, including the founder. Rick, the founder, was clear that one of their four criteria is satisfaction by the community members that their development is good for the community. He asked very early on if this development in TrailMark from the resident’s perspective was going to be like “raking water uphill.” Our response was that we don’t feel we can accurately represent the interests of the community without full disclosure of their vision for this project and that we would prefer information, plans, etc. from them so we can objectively go back to community members to tell them the proposed plans and solicit legitimate feedback. What we did tell Legend Partners: 1. This was a shocking turn of events based on the interpretation of promises made by Shea regarding their intentions for the land. 2. That a little over 40% of the households had responded and 90.5% of them are not in favor of this project. Updates/New Information obtained during the meeting: 1. The first pass at design was a four story development which we knew. 2. The 4-story building has been reduced to 3 stories in certain sections, the result of Shea’s intervention stating that they would not allow 4 stories. They also said Shea has been very particular about design criteria. 3. They are not yet prepared to share their vision for what might go in, but committed to after Labor Day. Following this meeting, a letter was provided to the City of Littleton, Director of Community Development, in advance of the pre-application meeting between the City and Legend Partners on Thursday, August 23rd. You may read the letter here. To date, the HOA board and TDAC are waiting for a response from Community Development on the results of the August 23rd meeting. TrailMark homeowners and residents are reminded that the City has not yet received a formal proposal for the property. We are waiting for additional information from Legend Partners after Labor Day. In the meantime, the TDAC is pursuing other avenues for meetings with other stakeholders and people who are in a position to advise and assist. We will update the community as additional substantive information is received. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact board@trailmarkhoa.org
Posted September 1, 2018

The Annual Meeting is coming up in November. We need people to return proxies so please be on the lookout for mail with the meeting notice, 2019 budget, and proxy.

Notes from the Common Area Committee 
Believe it or not, there is a landscaping plan for TrailMark. We also have budget constraints that do not allow us to do everything right now. We are starting at the entrance to TrailMark on the Parkway. The areas to the north are about to be improved dramatically, followed by the completion of the first median closest to the entrance. We have 13 medians in TrailMark. Next spring with a new budget year we plan to enhance the medians with plantings and fresh mulch. On the corners by the monuments we will be adding additional mulch and covering up the irrigation hoses that have been exposed. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work within our budget. The parking strip on the north side of TrailMark Parkway is planted as the original landscape architect intended. You will notice tall (Carl Forester and Maiden) grasses between the sections of irrigated and non-irrigated grasses. The non -irrigated native grasses do grow tall and look very natural between the three mowings a year. This is an intended appearance, and part of what makes the TrailMark community more of a natural open space. No it is not all bluegrass and it is not as manicured as Highlands Ranch by design. You may have noticed the overgrowth of alfalfa by the Hogback Hill sign that got a bit out of control. It is a reminder that this used to be a ranch. Aside from acquiring a small herd of pygmy goats to eat the alfalfa, we are making plans to address the alfalfa and the mowing so the sidewalk will remain friendly to pedestrians.Posted September 1, 2018

TM5K & Family Fun Run registration now open 
Celebrate Fall with your neighbors and friends and join us for a morning full of fun on Saturday, October 20th, 2018. The festivities will include a 5K Run/Walk, a 1 Mile family fun run, face painting and bounce houses! But that’s not all because we want to see you and yours in your best Halloween costume, prizes will be awarded for best costumes! Visit our website at TM5KRUN.com for more information. Click here to register. The social committee is looking for sponsors from neighborhood business owners. If you are interested in sponsoring part of the event, please email the Social Committee at social@trailmarkhoa.org
Posted August 1, 2018; Updated September 1, 2018.

TrailMark Night at the Corn Maze 

Tuesday, September 25th, 5:00-8:00 pm at Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms, 8500 W Deer Creek Canyon Rd, Littleton. $5 per person. Cash only. Kettle corn, hay rides, barrel rides and face painting are included! Food trucks will be available for food purchase.
Posted August 1, 2018; Updated September 1, 2018 

South Metro Fire inclusion to be discussed at the next HOA Board Meeting
​​Thursday, September 20th, 7:00 pm at Fire Station 19, 8490 W Trailmark Pkwy, Littleton. Agenda. All are welcome. The City of Littleton will be sending a representative to the September 20th meeting to present information and discuss the ballot measure regarding the inclusion of the area into South Metro Fire. This will be the first item on the agenda.

HOA Board Meeting Date Changed
Please note that the date for the next HOA Board Meeting has been changed from September 13th to September 20th. 

2nd Annual TrailMark Arts & Crafts Festival 
Saturday, September 15th, 9:30 am – 4:30 pm, 9525 S. Johnson Street – Painters, photographers, jewelry artists, crafters and more. Food trucks. Chalk art station and face painter for the little ones. Link to Facebook page. The TrailMark Arts & Crafts Show event is not sponsored by the TrailMark Homeowners Association and the Association is not liable for any actions resulting from this event.  

Garbage Pick-up Delayed
TrailMark’s garbage & recycling pick-up will be delayed from Tuesday, September 4th to Wednesday, September 5th due to the Labor Day holiday. http://alpinewaste.com/

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark
July 2018 – Total Materials Collected: 183,518 lbs, Trash Collected: 143,736 lbs, Altogether Recycling Collected: 39,782 lbs. Full Report (pdf)
Posted August 21, 2018

TrailMark Concert Series
The Barefoot Movement, Sunday, August 19th at 5:30 pm, Hogback Hill Park – Relax with your neighbors and enjoy the scenery while listening to music from some good local bands. Bring your own seating and a picnic, or buy food and beverages from the vendors. A great way to complete your weekend! LAST CONCERT OF THE SEASON!

Food Truck Thursdays
A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite!​ Truck selections will vary. 

5:30-8:00 pm S. Field Way near TrailMark Park
Posted through August 16, 2018

​SHEA Property – TrailMark Development Advocacy Committee (TDAC)

During the July TrailMark HOA Board meeting, the proposed senior center project was discussed. The HOA board asked for volunteers to take on the project of developing a strategy for responding to the proposed project. 10 residents/homeowners volunteered. Additional information may be found on the TrailMark website and Facebook sites as it becomes available. The first TrailMark Development Advocacy Committee, to be referred to as TDAC, meeting was held on August 2nd, at 6:30pm in Fire Station 19. Purpose of the meeting was to discuss the proposed senior living center on the north corner of Wadsworth and TrailMark Parkway, and to develop a strategy for (1) responding to both the City of Littleton and to the project architect; (2) informing the TrailMark community of the proposal and actions being taken on their behalf; (3) develop a strategy for gauging community concerns with the proposal. HOA President Sally Janssen reviewed the city’s Development Review Process, suggested an approach, and asked for ideas on how to best respond to the issue. The Committee is currently developing a written response to the architect and the City, in preparation for the scheduled Pre-Application Meeting between the City of Littleton and the project architect scheduled on August 23rd. In addition, the committee is developing a strategy for soliciting community involvement in order to gather homeowner concerns and to obtain signatures which will demonstrate to the City and the architect, our homeowner commitment to involvement throughout the process. Committee concerns include potential: Degradation of TrailMark’s natural environment, open space, and other amenities. Increase in vehicular traffic. Noise and light pollution. Maintenance responsibility for community facilities/amenities. Disrupted view of Chatfield Reservoir. Potential loss in home value. Safety and risk concerns The committee also recognizes potential positive impacts of the project which may also be addressed during the process. Please stay tuned to the HOA website, Facebook page and newsletter for additional information as it becomes available.
Posted August 8, 2018

TrailMark Night at Pirate’s Cove
Saturday, August 4th, 6:30-8:30 pm at Pirate’s Cove Water Park, 1225 W Belleview Ave, Littleton. $3 per person. Cash only! 2 and under, free. TrailMark is renting out Pirate’s Cove, so please come join your neighbors for poolside fun! Concessions will be open for sale, but you can also bring your own food. Glass and alcohol not permitted. http://www.piratescovecolorado.com/

 Any volunteers to help with ticket sales, please email the social committee at social@trailmarkhoa.org.

​New Trail near TrailMark
The new Black Bear Trail opened behind TrailMark on August 1, 2018. Enjoy cautiously.

Shea Property – Update 

The Shea property was discussed at the July 12th HOA Board meeting. The property has a potential buyer who has submitted a preliminary property proposal to the City of Littleton. It is important to note that this is a proposal and a formal plan has not been submitted for evaluation. What we know so far is that the entity considering the property purchase is proposing a senior living center. The proposal includes three buildings, 156 parking spaces, and “significant” green space. A four story building is planned for independent living with attached community center, and a two story building is planned for assisted living. The architect has requested a meeting with the City of Littleton to discuss a variance for an additional 10 ft of building height equaling 60 ft in total height. In addition, the architect must request a modification to the existing planned development documents to allow a new type of use. This is not a zoning change but an amendment to the original plans. This will require a community meeting and we encourage everyone to watch the website and TrailMark HOA Facebook page for information on when that meeting will take place. The Facebook page and the website will be updated most often as we receive more information. 
Posted August 1, 2018

Drivers: Reminder to Stop when School Bus Lights are Flashing 

As we start a new school year, we would like to remind residents that when the school bus lights are flashing RED, drivers must stop from every direction. Colorado law states: “You must stop your vehicle at least 20 feet before reaching a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing whether it is on your side of the road, the opposite side of the road, or at an intersection you are approaching. You must remain stopped until the flashing red lights are no longer operating. Watch carefully for children near the school bus and children crossing the roadway before proceeding.” 
Posted August 1, 2018

Notice from City of Littleton Public Works
The City will start a construction project on TrailMark Parkway near Cambridge Place on August 7th. The work is a rehabilitation of the failing/moving culvert wing walls. Traffic on the Parkway will be maintained during construction, but may be slightly shifted around the construction area. Work is projected to take approximately one month.Posted August 1, 2018

Privacy Fence Replacement Plans 
The TrailMark Fence Replacement Subcommittee has been exploring various material options for privacy fence replacement, to begin in 2019. Privacy fences refer to the 5 foot and 6 foot tall fences as seen along TrailMark Parkway, South Independence St. and various other parts of the neighborhood. This does not include the split rail fences. It is expected that the HOA & TMMD boards will make a decision on privacy fence replacement during their September meetings. Posted August 1, 2018

Garage Door Standard 

During the July HOA board meeting, the board approved a Design Review Committee request to add a new paragraph to the Design Guidelines regarding garage doors. With the increase in the number of requests to install new garage doors, the DRC decided to simplify requests by consolidating all requirements into one, concise paragraph. You will find the paragraph posted on the HOA website at: https://www.trailmark.org/garage-door-standard.html
Posted August 1, 2018

Common Area Committee Report 

June and July are the big growth months for the lawns and the weeds. It is a challenge keeping up with the mowing of the native grasses, which are only mowed about 3 times a year, and keeping the weeds under control. South Suburban mows the native, and Mountain High Lawn and Landscape mows the rest, including the bluegrass. You may have noticed along TrailMark Parkway on the north side, every other section that is left natural is also not irrigated.  We have planted tall grasses in between the sections so they are more delineated. Just had an annual meeting with South Suburban Parks and Rec District. George the arborist says that the emerald ash borer is still a ways north of us, but the lilac ash borer could be infesting and killing your ash trees in TrailMark. They can be treated by an arborist, so check out any you may have on your property. The Japanese beetles are infesting some linden, crabapple and some elm trees. Check the leaves of your trees and if they are eaten leaving only the stem, you may have a problem. Pinewood nemotodes, a microscopic worm has been infesting some Scotch and Austrian Pines in the Lone Tree area. None have been discovered yet in our area, but let us know if a pine tree dies. They do not affect the ponderosa pines, which are more native to Colorado. An Austrian Pine has a cluster of three needles in a clump. The ponderosa pines have only two needles to a clump. We have both types here in TrailMark in various locations. If your yard backs into open space, and you have a tree or two that are on common areas, please help out the irrigation and water them yourselves. Many areas have irrigation, and often it is inadequate for the weather conditions. Examples are long hot spells like we are having now, or dry cold winters without much moisture, whether it be rain or snow. If you like the trees and enjoy them behind your house, even though they are in open space, please give them some additional water. Please! We are thinking of adding a nine hole Frisbee golf course to the open area to the west of the shelter in Hogback Hill Park. Please let us know if you think that is a good idea or not. We will also, eventually, be expanding a new trail from the parking lot to the viewpoint benches at Sled Hill and then on to the east to connect to the regular trail.  
Posted August 1, 2018

Time to register for the Fall Citizen’s Academy
The next Citizen’s Academy starts Thursday, September 6 and meets 6:00-9:30 p.m. every Thursday for 11 consecutive weeks. There is no fee. Each session includes dinner, instruction, demonstrations, and hands-on exercises. For more information, contact Sergeant Steve Skundberg at 303-795-3846. What is the Citizen’s Academy? The Littleton Police Citizen’s Academy is a series of classes designed to give community members a peek into the inner workings of the Littleton Police Department. A diverse selection of topics is covered in an effort to give attendees an idea of what, why, and how the police operate. Each topic is taught by Littleton police officers or civilian staff members, each an expert in their field. Each instructor describes the functions of his/her position and is available to answer questions. Some of the classes also include practical exercises. Participation in demonstrations and exercises is voluntary. Additionally, each participant has a chance to ride along with a patrol officer and spend time in the communications center. What is the goal of the Citizen’s Academy? The goal of the Citizen’s Academy is to promote a better relationship between the police department and the community it serves and to foster a clearer understanding of a police officer’s duties, how the officer carries out those duties, and the end results of the officer’s actions. The Citizen Academy is not being held to train citizens as police officers or to exercise police authority of any kind. What will citizens learn? The instructors are comprised of Littleton police officers and civilian staff members. These instructors will describe the functions of their position and will be available to field any questions that arise from their instruction. The classes will survey the basics of police training and will give an overview of how the police department interfaces with the rest of the criminal justice system. Some information for classes: Officer Survival, Defensive Tactics, SWAT, Victim Assistance, Crime Scene Investigation, Use of Force, Firearms simulator, Ride-a-long with patrol officer, Communications Center, DUI and Traffic Enforcement, Community Policing, Drugs and Gangs, Criminal Law. To be eligible to participate in Citizen’s Academy, you: Must be over 16 years of age. Live or work within the Littleton city limits, or belong to a city-wide service club or organization. Those who do not live and/or work in the city will be accepted as space allows. Complete, sign and submit the Littleton Police Citizen’s Academy application:
Littleton Police Citizen’s Academy Application  ​Graduates of the Citizen’s Academy are invited to join the Littleton Police Citizen’s Academy Alumni Association. For further information regarding participation in the Citizen’s Academy, contact Littleton Police at 303-795-3875. 
Posted July 31, 2018

PLEASE BEWARE!! Potential Bear Scat reported in TrailMark

​A TrailMark resident reported finding bear scat in their S. Dover Way yard. Although a bear was not sighted, dogs were barking up a backyard tree. We have contacted Colorado Parks & Wildlife. Be vigilant as you walk/ride around TrailMark and ensure that dogs are leashed. Bears are visiting TrailMark! Be Vigilant!! Remember: Colorado is bear country! Please Do Your Part to Keep Bears Wild!! Bear Facts for Homeowners: Taking steps to avoid attracting bears with food or garbage is the best way to prevent bears from becoming a nuisance. Keep garbage cans secured until the morning of collection day. Normal noise made while walking on a trail should alert a bear to your presence, prompting it to leave before you see it. If you see a bear, use common sense. Never approach the animal; observe it only from a distance. If you see a bear, make it aware of your presence by clapping, talking, singing, or making other noise. Keep dogs leashed when on trails. Make children “bear aware!!” Never feed bears!!!!!!​ ​If you see a bear or have evidence of a bear (such as bear scat), please notify Colorado Parks and Wildlife. They gather information for reports and advise the local officer if removal is necessary. Contact Colorado Parks and Wildlife at: Colorado Parks and Wildlife, 6060 Broadway, Denver, CO 80216 (303) 291-7227 BE SAFE!! BE BEAR AWARE!!!
Posted July 31, 2018

Scam Alert!

Deputy Sheriff Brad HermanJefferson County Sheriff’s Office – Several citizens have reported to us that they’ve received calls from someone claiming to be with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office or are calling for a relative in an attempt to scam residents out of their money. Unfortunately they have spoofed the JeffCom number 303-277-0211 to appear legit. The scammer is also sometimes representing themselves as Mike Reiter. Don’t fall for it, JeffCo! Individuals across the country are getting these calls today and we don’t want you to be a victim. The JCSO will NEVER ask you for money. Learn more about common scams here: https://www.jeffco.us/Blog.aspx?CID=2
Posted July 31, 2018

Multi-Sport Champs Camp in TrailMark
From traditional sports, drills and games to Pillo Polo, there is something for everyone at this camp! Coordination, agility, balance and teamwork all included. Dates: 7/16/2018 – 7/20/2018, Time: 9:00AM – 11:30AM, Class Days: Mon, Tue, Wed, Thu, Fri, Ages: 5-12, Boys & Girls, Location: Hogback Hill Park
Learn more: ​https://www.ssprd.org/Catalog/s/70abdbc1-3b6f-4d83-80ae-603f75b51432

TrailMark Concert Series
​”SHEL” Sunday, July 15th, 5:30 pm, Hogback Hill Park. Relax with your neighbors and enjoy the scenery while listening to music from some good local bands. Bring your own seating and a picnic, or buy food and beverages from the vendors. A great way to complete your weekend! UPDATE: (July 15, 4:00 pm) The SHEL concert is still expected to happen. The food truck backed out worried about attendance, so it is suggested that you bring your own food. Future concert date: August 19th

HOA Board Meeting
Thursday, July 12th, 7:00 pm at Fire Station 19, 8490 W Trailmark Pkwy, Littleton. All are welcome. PARKING FOR THIS MEETING MAY BE LIMITED. Parking is allowed in the marked spaces IN FRONT of the fire station, on the street, and in the small 4-space parking area across the street from the fire station. Parking is NOT PERMITTED on the fire station roadway to the right of the station. Agenda

Update regarding the Shea Property at the front of TrailMark

Please be advised that the City of Littleton has received a pre-application for development of the 7.65 acre property at Wadsworth and TrailMark Parkway. The application is to ask for a variance to the zoning allowance: to ask for a 4-story building which is higher than the allotted building height. The development is being proposed as a 182 unit, Senior Living Center that is 2 buildings with over 200,000 sq ft of living space. This totals 6 stories of development with over 150 parking spaces. Currently, information is minimal but feel free to join the Board meeting on Thursday night (July 12th) as this will be discussed and the Board would like to gather as a community to discuss this as a neighborhood. For more information, please see the link at: http://data.littletongov.org/pal.php?project=CPT18-0140.
Posted July 9, 2018

TrailMark 4th of July Bike Parade 
Wednesday, July 4, 9:00 am at TrailMark Park – Dress up your bikes, wagons and scooters for the Annual TrailMark July 4th Bike Parade! Be sure to stay afterward and enjoy the fun at TrailMark Park (playground) including popsicles, face painting, bounce houses, plus coffee and donuts for the adults! Volunteers Needed – Please contact the social committee at social@TrailMarkhoa.org

Guide to Fireworks in Littleton
The sale or use of fireworks in the city limits of Littleton is illegal. The city has a zero-tolerance policy and those who are found lighting or selling fireworks in the city, including firecrackers and sparklers, will be ticketed. If you see or hear fireworks, report it to the Littleton Police non-emergency number at 303-794-1551. There may be fireworks stands outside of the city limits, but the city reiterates that it is illegal to sell or light them in the City of Littleton. For more information on your county’s fireworks policies, visit: Arapahoe County Fireworks BanJefferson County Fireworks InformationDouglas County Fire RestrictionsBe safe! Leave fireworks to the professionals and enjoy the Family Festival and Fireworks at Cornerstone and Belleview Parks on July 4, or another Independence Day celebration near you.
​Posted July 3, 2018

Message from South Suburban Parks & Recreation
Hi Everyone! We wish you a safe and fun 4th of July! Please remember, ALL fireworks are prohibited in South Suburban public parks, trails and open spaces. Please follow park rules and local fire bans to keep yourself and others safe this holiday. The best way to celebrate our nation’s independence is to let the professionals handle it! Enjoy one of several professional fireworks displays in the area. Business Development & Creative Services Specialist Becky Grubb, South Suburban Park and Recreation District​
Posted July 3, 2018

Help Plan the Future of our City
Littleton has always been a great place and we want it to stay that way! With your help, the City of Littleton is thinking about the future of our City over the next 10-20 years through Envision Littleton. By planning for our future we can be proactive and seize the opportunities that match up with the unique values of everyone that lives, works, and plays in Littleton. Join the conversation and please fill out the short survey at 

Posted July 1, 2018

SHEA Property Update
The HOA met with the Legend Partners representative, the entity listing the SHEA property at TrailMark’s entrance (Wadsworth and TrailMark Parkway). The current status is that a Purchase-Sales Agreement is being negotiated. Due to contractual agreements between SHEA and Legend, we are not privy to who has submitted the offer nor the intended use for the property. Once the agreement is signed, the listing agent stated that he will help the HOA gain a meeting with the developer to begin discussions regarding neighborhood concerns with the use of the property. Once we know more, we will publish that information.Posted July 1, 2018

Keeping our Neighborhood Beautiful
In response to a growing number of poop piles, and a growing number of citizen complaints, the Jefferson County Animal Control office has partnered with local park districts and homeowner associations to bring you this public service announcement: The Facts About Dog Poop: Dog Poop Doesn’t Biodegrade Like Wild Animal Poop – Because we feed our dogs food that’s different from the food wild animals eat, dog waste does not biodegrade quickly like wild animal waste. And due to the large number of pets in suburban neighborhoods and local parks, this hardy dog waste accumulates. Dog Poop Contains Harmful Bacteria, Parasites – Dog waste can contain harmful organisms like E coli, Giardia, Salmonella, roundworms, hookworms, and Cryptosporidium. These can be passed on to you or your pet and may cause health problems. Dog Waste Pollutes Groundwater, Water Bodies – Bacteria in dog waste can harm water quality in creeks and rivers and alter the ecosystems of these stream corridors. Humans who come in contact with creek water can also face health hazards. County Ordinances Require Cleanup – Jefferson County ordinances make “failure to clean up dog feces in public places” a petty offense with a fine of at least $30. Many local park districts have similar regulations and fines. How You Can Help – Please share this message with your friends and neighbors. Together, we can debunk the poop fairy myth and clean up our county. Source: https://www.jeffco.us/416/Myth-of-the-Poop-Fairy
Posted July 1, 2018

HOA Assessments Due July 1st

As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due July 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services,
303-381-4980. TrailMark HOA Board

TrailMark Spring Curb Appeal Contest
​Brought to You By: Damian Caya & Colorado Home Finder Realty – Hey TrailMark Residents, Show off all of your hard work this Spring! Here in TrailMark we have some beautiful front yards and landscapes, so let’s show them off! Submit up to 4 Photos of your front landscapes and gardens, or of a neighbors’ display, as a separate post on the TrailMark HOA FaceBook Page – (https://www.facebook.com/groups/1634337760126726/) Title them ‘Curb Appeal Spring Contest’ and add the address. Deadline for submissions is Sunday, June 17th. Vote on your favorites using the “Like” button on the post. Deadline for voting is Sunday, July 1st. Prizes awarded: 1st = $150.00, 2nd = $100.00, 3rd = $50.00 In the form of Gift Cards from Home Depot or Lowes, winner’s choice. Call Damian (720)203-4247 or Anne (720)383-8313 if you have any questions. This event information is provided by the TrailMark Homeowners Association. However, this event is not sponsored by the Association and the Association is not liable for any actions resulting from this event.

Jefferson County Fire Ban
Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has issued a temporary Fire Ban. This temporary fire ban became effective on June 28, 2018 and shall remain in effect until superseded or repealed. It applies to all lands in Jefferson County, for which TrailMark is a part. Below is an abbreviated version of the Fire Ban specifics: The Fire Danger Rating in unincorporated Jefferson County is high. The warmer and drier conditions that are forecast are expected to elevate the rating, and the overall trend of hot and dry weather is expected to continue. The following activities are prohibited pursuant to Stage 2 fire ban: Building, maintaining, attending or using any fire. No recreational fires, including recreational campfires. Smoking, except within an enclosed vehicle or building, a developed recreation site, or while stopped in an area of at least six feet in diameter that is barren or cleared of all combustible material. Open Burning including “bon fires” that require a permit from the fire authority having jurisdiction, will not be allowed during this ban. The SALE, USE and POSSESSION of ALL fireworks, as defined below, are prohibited within Jefferson County. Shooting tracer rounds or explosive type targets. Operating a chain saw without a USDA or SAE approved spark arresting device properly installed and in proper working order, and having an extinguishing source, water, pressurized water extinguisher, or a proper chemical pressurized extinguisher, large enough to handle nearby hazards, and possessing at least one large size pointed shovel with an overall length of at least thirty-six inches. All must be readily available for quick use. Welding and cutting torch appliances shall only be operated within an area that is barren or cleared of all combustible material at least 30 feet in all directions from the operating equipment. This operation may only be done during a declared “Fire Ban” upon receiving a permit from the Fire Authority having jurisdiction over the operating location. Use of an explosive initiation system requiring a burning fuse line. Exemptions approved under this temporary Stage 2 Fire Ban: – Use of liquid or gas fueled appliances – Approved wood pellet grills – Permitted professional fireworks displays only when specifically approved by the fire service agency of jurisdiction issuing the permit to ensure that adequate safety measures to prevent uncontrolled fires are in place. – Open fires or open burning by any federal, state, or local officer in the performance of official fire suppression functions. Individuals operating under any of the above exemptions shall take adequate measures to prevent uncontrolled fires. Possible measures include, but are not limited to: Containers of adequate water or dry soil nearby. Shovels, fire extinguishers, or other extinguishing agents nearby. Coordination with the local fire department or district to be on scene or standby during an activity. This temporary Fire Ban became effective at 8:00 a.m. on June 28, 2018 and shall remain in effect until superseded or repealed. To get the entire announcement, go to https://www.jeffco.us/517/Fire-Restriction-Details KEEP TRAILMARK SAFE OVER THE HOLIDAYS AND EVERY DAY!
Posted June 30, 2018

Meet, Greet & Eat – TrailMark Park 
Tuesday, June 26, 4:00-6:00 pm at TrailMark Park. Littleton’s Meet, Greet & Eat event gives citizens an opportunity to meet neighbors and talk with the Littleton City Manager and Littleton City Council members. The event will feature displays from city departments, and staff will be on hand to answer questions. 
Free pizza, water and dessert will be available. Additionally, there will be a variety of fun activities for kids. For more information, call 303-734-8400. 

SHEA Property Update
The HOA met with the representative from Legend Partners, the entity listing the property at Wadsworth and TrailMark Parkway. The current status is that a Purchase-Sales Agreement is currently being negotiated. We are not privy to who has submitted that offer. Once the agreement is signed, the listing agent has indicated he will help the HOA gain a meeting with the developer to begin talking about the neighborhood concerns with the use of the property. Once we know more, we will certainly share that information.
Posted June 5, 2018

TrailMark Garage Sale
Friday, June 1 & Saturday, June 2, 8:00 am-4:00 pm. If you would like your house to be on the map, please send an email to trailmarkgaragesale@sunnypuckett.com before May 24th.

New HOA Board Member 
Great news! The HOA Board of Directors has appointed a resident to fill the vacancy. We would like to welcome Michael Day and thank him for volunteering for the position. The Board had two great candidates to chose from and appreciate the willingness to volunteer. We are looking forward to working with Michael!  
​Posted June 1, 2018

About the SHEA Property 
The recent listing of the SHEA property at the north side of TrailMark’s entrance was discussed during the bi-monthly Board meeting. The HOA Board and the Metro District are aware of the issue and are monitoring it. The community will be advised when additional information becomes available.  
​Posted June 1, 2018

Important Notice from the Property Management Company 
The property management company, Community Resource Services of Colorado (CRS), has recently experienced a few residents noting that they were unaware of the management change. The payment of HOA assessments is most affected by this. Therefore, if you have not changed your ACH payment information since April 2017, please contact the property management company ASAP. There are a number of delinquent accounts that appear to have stopped paying after April 2017. CRS can be reached at 303-381-4960 or akelly@crsofcolorado.com
​Posted June 1, 2018

From the Common Area Committee 
You all may have noticed that we have new benches on the east and the west on the trail around Fairview Reservoir! Working with SSPRD, we have also added two new benches overlooking the sled hill to the north of the Hogback Hill Parking lot. These are a great vantage point to relax and view the Botanic Gardens to the northeast, and watch your children slide down the sled hill for those winters when we get enough snow. There are no trails out to these benches as yet, and hopefully they will be cut in next year. Privacy Fences along TrailMark Parkway and Independence are due for replacement in the next year or two. Currently we are trying to decide whether to replace the fencing as it currently appears, along with a regular painting and maintenance schedule. Or possibly to go to a TREX type of fencing as you can see in many parts of Highlands Ranch. This will not require painting on either side, and should resist decaying at ground level. The third option is to change it up to a concrete type fence, which some varieties can be seen along our freeway systems. It is a substantial investment for our community and costs are split between the TrailMark HOA and the TrailMark Metro District (TMMD). If you have an opinion, let’s hear from you. We are continuing to beautify and enhance the landscaping in TrailMark. A good noticeable place to start is on the north side as you enter TrailMark. There is a bed that is approximately 25 X 80 feet that we will completely redo by adding color and interest. Then we will move to the raised wall area and put in plants in the first 4 feet that are visible from the road. From there, we will begin to enhance the medians starting from the front of the neighborhood and continuing to the Filing 5 area. We are only limited by our budget each year, and we will get as much done as budget allows.
Posted June 1, 2018

​South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) – Equestrian Trail Use 
A question recently surfaced regarding the permissibility of horse riding on the trails in and around TrailMark, who can use the trails, who is responsible for the trails, and whether there are ordinances addressing the use and upkeep of the trails especially with regard to horse dung. The trails in and around TrailMark are managed and maintained by South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR), the regional provider of parks and recreation services for several municipalities including the City of Littleton. Our trails intersect the Two Brands Trail that runs north and south to connect to the Jefferson County Open Spaces and are open for use by residents living in the SSPR area of responsibility. For more information about SSPR’s area of responsibility, mission, and responsibilities go to https://ssprd.org/About-Us. Yes, equestrian use on TrailMark’s trails is allowed. It is also common courtesy for horse riders to come back after their ride to clean up after their animals. Unfortunately it rarely happens. However, if one sees the telltale signs of horse traffic on the trail (dung) you can report it to the SSPR Ranger Hot Line at 303-435-8227.  They will, in turn, dispatch a ranger to clean it up. For those unfamiliar with SSPR’s equestrian rules, please see below: EQUESTRIAN RESPONSIBILITIES (as provided by SSPR) • Slow to a walk within 100 feet when approaching oncoming riders or overtaking another rider • Pass to the left • Ride single file when passing or being passed • Glance over your shoulder frequently for approaching cyclists and joggers • Look both ways before entering or crossing a trial to avoid collisions • Walking, trotting and slow cantering are proper etiquette on horse trails • Reflectors should be worn below the knees for night riding • Put the horse in a walk on any paved surface • Wear a helmet • Horses have right-of-way over bikes • Request a bicyclist to hold up if your horse is nervous 
Posted June 1, 2018

Volunteer on National Trails Day with Jeffco Open Space Register Today! https://offero.jeffco.us/ActivityRegistration/a22bf1c3-62e9-45f4-9809-c55b37c6e05f; When: June 2nd, 8am-2:00pm, Where: Hildebrand Ranch Park, Why: The first Saturday in June is National Trails Day. Events held throughout the United States help promote awareness of the wide variety of benefits that trails provide, encourage people to discover their local trails, raise awareness of trail issues and instill excitement for the outdoors. WHAT WE WILL BE DOING: Volunteers will be giving back to the trails they utilize and love by helping to maintain areas that need a little TLC. Participants will also be removing fencing and noxious weeds that can be detrimental to wildlife. As a sign of our gratitude complimentary lunch will be provided to all volunteers as well as a chance to win prizes! 
Posted June 1, 2018

Garbage Pick-up delayed to May 30th
​TrailMark’s garbage & recycling pick-up will be delayed from Tuesday, May 29th to Wednesday, May 30th due to the Memorial Day holiday. http://alpinewaste.comFrom the Common Area Committee (CAC)
As I write this note, it is EARTH DAY! Hopefully as you were walking the trails today, you brought along a plastic bag and gloves to pick up trash on your walk. Of course, you can do that any time you take a walk and help to keep TrailMark litter-free. Every day can be Earth Day!! It seems like the windiest day of the week is always trash-day-Tuesday, so it is very important to make sure you have a secure cover over your trash and your recycle bins. You may have noticed that the benches on the east side of Fairview Reservoir #1 are missing. SSPRD is going to replace them with new benches with shoe scrapers for the fishermen walking in the mud. SSPRD is also adding a bench on the west side of the reservoir. No tree cutting is allowed on any open space property, including the area around the “Beaver Pond,” which is Fairview Reservoir #2. Anyone caught doing so is subject to fines or worse, so don’t do any cutting. We have been turning on the irrigation in the open space. Please notify the HOA Board of TrailMark if you see any irrigation issues. Enjoy the flowering of spring. Your CAC Committee
Posted May 1, 2018Food Truck Thursdays are back!
​A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Truck selections will vary. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! DATES: May 17, June 7 & 21, July 19, August 2 & 16; 5:30-8:00 pm; S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. May 3rd’s event has been canceled.
Posted May 1, 2018, Updated May 3, 2018

Earth Day: A perfect time to clean up our neighborhood
Earth Day is Sunday, April 22. What can we do to celebrate that day? How about a 

“Clean-up TrailMark Walkabout!” Take your family for a hike on our trails and along our ponds. Bring a plastic bag and gloves for each family member and pick up anything that doesn’t belong there. It is a great way to show our appreciation for all of our beautiful open spaces in TrailMark. Do something amazing for Earth Day this year!
Posted April 12, 2018

HOA Meeting Date Changed
Due to attendance and scheduling issues, the Board has changed the HOA meeting date in May to May 17th at 7pm.
Posted April 10, 2018

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark – March 2018 (click here)
Posted April 10, 2018

Yard Waste Pick-up

There have been many questions regarding the yard waste pick-up for this summer, given the recent changes. Alpine Waste and Recycling has agreed to keep the yard waste pick-up the same as it has been in the past. You can leave yard waste bagged or tied up along side of your trash container. The driver will empty your trash can, get out of the truck, and put the yard waste into the container to empty it again. If you leave yard waste bagged or tied up next to your trash container, it will be picked up. Keep in mind, large item pick-up is the same in that you must call and schedule it with Alpine directly. Also, please remember, this pick-up may not be this way forever. Alpine is being gracious in this service for the community and are working to make any transition as easy as possible.
Posted April 2, 2018

Board Member Needed

The HOA Board is still looking for one more board member. If you are interested in joining the Board, please contact our Property Manager, Angie Kelly. We thank you for the consideration in serving your community!
Posted April 2, 2018

Many thanks to the Social Committee for sponsoring TrailMark’s Easter Egg Hunt!
Posted April 2, 2018

The Importance of Covenant Compliance
A common interest community is a collection of real estate lots that are subject to a declaration document (aka CC&Rs). The lots are subject to the CC&Rs regardless of who owns the lot. When you closed on your home and signed on the dotted line, you as the owner agreed to abide by the declarations of that community. The CC&Rs are the governing legal documents that set up the guidelines for the operations of the planned community as a non-profit corporation. The CC&Rs were recorded by the County in which the property is located and are included in the title to your property. The reason the HOA has rules, regulations and covenants is to ensure proper order, harmony and running of the community. Without these basic tenets of organization everyone living in the neighborhood would be free to do as they pleased, leading to many issues and problems related to property values, quality of life, safety, enjoyment of property, overall appearance and maintenance. Homeowners in part chose TrailMark for its appearance, attention to safety and continued maintenance of community. The TrailMark HOA does not have a full time inspector on site. Inspections are random on purpose and between inspections a violation may occur. We ask that residents do their part in keeping the community neat and attractive by calling or emailing the compliance officer so she can place the concern on her list for inspection. You can stay anonymous and you don’t have to feel as though you are complaining. You are rightfully concerned about a property that is in need of attention. Keep in mind that a violation of the CC&Rs is not considered an emergency and if you feel an issue is such please call the Littleton Police Department for assistance. The HOA hopes to gain VOLUNTARY compliance with residents and does not want to issue fines or demanding letters and notices. The homeowner’s lack of action or communication will be the determining factor when pursuing further action. If your property is found to be in violation you may see the following process occur: Issuance of a Courtesy Notice – Please don’t take offense to this notice. The Courtesy Notice provides an opportunity to educate and inform residents that a violation has been identified and needs to be corrected. The notice includes contact information, and we encourage residents to ask questions, request extensions if necessary or just inform the inspector that the violation is being addressed. You may already be aware of the problem but that isn’t information we are aware of. Issuance of an Advisory Letter – An Advisory Letter may be issued if the first Courtesy Notice appears to have been ignored and the violation is noted during a second inspection. In some cases an Advisory Letter may be the first notice issued depending on the circumstances. We encourage all homeowners to contact the inspector after any notice is issued so the need for further action can be avoided. If the violation remains and you have not made contact with the inspector, the natural assumption will be that you are choosing to ignore the notice. Further Notices – If the violation still remains and no satisfactory communication toward resolution has occurred between the inspector and the resident the HOA can begin to issue fines. This, of course, is not the route the Board wishes to take but the property owner’s actions or lack thereof will put the Board in a position where they have to take legal action in order to fulfill their responsibilities to the Community. Again this is something we wish to avoid. Please keep in mind that there is a specific legal process that is followed and some of these concerns take time to resolve. It is important to refrain from making assumptions that “nothing has been done.” You will probably be surprised to find that in fact a lot has been done behind the scenes. If an issue appears to be unresolved, most of the time it is because the owner has failed to respond or has chosen to ignore the notices or in some cases has made approved arrangements for an extension. We encourage you to call Covenant Compliance and ask what the status is of a particular concern before you make that assumption. Specifics cannot be divulged but we can tell you if a property has an open active case. Remember that you chose to live in a common interest community with rules and conditions. These rules and conditions benefit you in many ways. Having to put your trash containers away at night after pick-up seems silly but if everyone felt that way and left them out no one would like the cluttered look of the community. Removing your basketball hoop from the street or sidewalk may be inconvenient but if everyone placed them in the streets or on the sidewalks, the snow plows and street sweepers will not be effective and the community sidewalks would be impassable for those with special needs, seniors who need a stable place to walk or just the young kids who want to ride their toys on the sidewalk. No one should be forced out into the street. It is the responsibility of everyone in the community to follow the rules and set an example for others. Property values and appearance are important to everyone especially when your home is your biggest investment.
Posted April 2, 2018

From the Design & Review Committee (DRC)
HOMEOWNERS: Spring is around the corner and now is the time to start planning your external home projects – painting, roofing, landscaping, windows, decks/patios, etc. As a gentle reminder to all homeowners, per Article 4 of TrailMark’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, approval is required for any and all external to the house property improvements. Therefore, ALL projects must be submitted to the DRC for review and approval prior to commencing any work. Thus, we recommend that you get your project requests submitted early to ensure that you get the necessary approvals to commence project work. TrailMark’s Philosophy: In accordance with the TrailMark Design Guidelines, TrailMark’s planning and design philosophy is consistent, quality design expression of maintaining the original high prairie and foothills environment. Your request will receive a more expeditious review if you adhere to this philosophy. Home Painting: For those planning on external painting of your home, TrailMark has paint sample books with approved paint combinations. Contact the management company at designreview@trailmarkhoa.org to review these paint books. In accordance with TrailMark’s design philosophy, TrailMark’s paint schemes are centered on brown earth tones. To allow individuality, complimentary accent colors for front doors, shutters, porch railings, etc. are considered. Fence Painting: The HOA has expanded the options for fences that are the homeowner’s responsibility – a. Wing fences: Fences installed on both sides of the house, facing the street. b. Perimeter fences: Fences following the property lines that divide properties. These generally run from the wing fence down the sides of the property and across the back of the lot. Not all properties have side fences. c. Open space fences: Fences placed along designated open space. Only the inner side of these fences is the responsibility of the homeowner. The HOA maintains the side facing the open space. TrailMark Design Guidelines, paragraph C. 8. Fencing, TrailMark Fences specifies the approved options for wood fences: Natural, untreated finish, A clear, waterproof sealant, TrailMark Fence-Fawn (Sherwin Williams). Over time we have learned that the “untreated” option is no longer the attractive option it once was therefore we have moved away from the option. We encourage homeowners to select another approved color option. With this in mind, the HOA has approved the following additional fence options (Sherwin Williams WoodScapes Semi-Transparent Stain or similar product, which provides increased wood protection): SW3504 Woodridge, SW3513 Spice Chest, SW3508 Covered Bridge, SW3522 Banyan Brown. Sherwin Williams Account: To assist homeowners, the HOA Board established a TrailMark Sherwin Williams account that provides a discount on Sherwin Williams paint and stain products. It is a cash account so either pay for the paint/stain or have your contractor do so. Generally, the discount is 15% depending on the product(s) purchased. Identify yourself as a TrailMark resident and provide the account number: 230805194. If the Sherwin Williams store you are using does not register this account number, they should call 303-932-1352 to confirm the account. Landscaping, Fences Replacement, Garage Doors and other projects: Your best bet is to review the TrailMark Design Guidelines during your project planning phase to ensure that your project meets the guidelines. Deviation from the guidance may delay the review of your project simply to allow for research. Project Reviews: For expeditious review of your project, submit all materials to designreview@trailmarkhoa.org. For additional information and forms, go to the HOA website at https://www.trailmark.org/hoa-documents-amp-forms.html. The DRC reviews requests the 1st & 3rd week of each month. Please ensure that your request is sent in not later than the Friday prior to the DRC review week, to ensure your request is complete and can be reviewed without delay. If you have any questions, please send them to designreview@trailmarkhoa.org.
Posted April 2, 2018

2018 Colorado State Park Pass
TrailMark Special Purchase – If you would like to get in on the discounted rate for the Colorado State Park pass, send payment of $49 by April 6, 2018 to Deahna Visscher, 9831 S Flower Ct, Littleton, CO 80127. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment and make checks payable to Deahna Visscher. Please also include the LICENSE PLATE NUMBER for each pass you are purchasing. Deahna will be ordering passes only for those that she has received payment for by the due date of April 6. Your pass will be mailed to you around May 1, 2018 in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provide. A couple of things to note about the passes: 1. The pass will be valid from 05/01/2018 to 5/31/2019. 2. Your LICENSE PLATE NUMBER is needed when sending payment. This is a requirement from the state. 3. You can buy a second pass for another vehicle in your household for $35. Bring your pass and the registration for the second vehicle with you to any park entrance for purchase. 4. Colorado Parks and Wildlife also recommends taking a picture of the pass. This can be used if you need a new pass if a car was stolen, or if you need to have your windshield replaced etc. Replacement passes are about $5. 5. The sticker affixes on the inside of your windshield on the passenger side. 6. You still have to pay the normal fee at the gate for the dog park pass for Chatfield and/or Cherry Creek reservoirs. 7. For more information on the Colorado State Park Rules and Regulations, visit http://cpw.state.co.us/buyapply/Pages/ParksPassInfo.aspx 8. Get out there and enjoy our BEAUTIFUL state.
Posted March 9, 2018, Updated April 1, 2018

HOA Assessments Due April 1st
As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due April 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services, 303-381-4980. TrailMark HOA Board

TrailMark Easter Egg Hunt
Saturday, March 31st, 9:00 am at Hogback Hill Park. All ages welcome.

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark – February 2018 (click here)
Total Materials Collected: 110,769 lbs, Compostable Materials Collected: 0 lbs, Trash Collected: 85,716 lbs, Altogether Recycling Collected: 25,053 lbs
Posted March 9, 2018

Proposed Re-zoning at Kipling and C-470
The HOA was made aware of a proposal to re-zone 5 of 20 unoccupied acres at the NW corner of West Ute Avenue and West Toller Drive (Kipling and C-470) to accommodate new vehicle dealerships. Because of TrailMark’s close proximity to this area and the potential impact to our neighborhood, the HOA Board contacted the Senior Planner at Jefferson County to express concern with the proposal and the potential impacts to TrailMark. We requested that we be notified of future meetings and activities so that we might participate in the decision-making process. The verbiage presented to JEFFCO: TrailMark is a very active community, as are others in the area, with many cyclists, runners and walkers, both individual and family. We use the roads in and around Deer Creek Canyon in pursuit of these activities. The narrow road, at present, poses certain hazards even with recent upgrades. Other dealerships along 470 already use this area to “test-drive” vehicles. That and the existing daily traffic pose safety concerns. While the new dealerships may have agreed to not allow their sales people to “test drive” cars in the area, enforcement is currently an issue. Regardless that the new dealerships are so called “boutique” dealerships, changing the zoning to allow these dealerships simply opens the way for additional dealerships on the remaining 15 acres. We believe that this will exacerbate existing safety and enforcement issues, and will, inevitably, impact property values and quality of life for all residents in the area. Mike Madrid, Senior Planner, responded and advised that the HOA comments will be included in a hearing packet should the applicants decide to move forward with applying to re-zone. In addition, he added the HOA Board email address to his email notification list. This list is notified every time a postcard is sent out for the case, including when an application is received and when public hearings are scheduled. TrailMark homeowners and residents who would like to stay abreast of this issue may also be added to the list. To do so, please e-mail Mike at mmadrid@jeffco.us with a short message saying that you would like to be added to the e-mail notification list for the auto dealership rezoning.
Posted March 1, 2018

TrailMark Residents get Foothills In-District Rates
The Boards of Directors of South Suburban Park and Recreation District and Foothills Park & Recreation District have created a special arrangement for residents of TrailMark subdivision to receive Foothills resident rates! TrailMark Subdivision Intergovernmental Agreement
Posted March 1, 2018

News from our Management Company
We are still looking for a board member to join the TrailMark HOA Board. If you are interested in serving the community, please contact Angie Kelly, Property Manager, at akelly@crsofcolorado.com. The trash container delivery is complete. If you feel you there has been a mistake with your container, please contact Angie Kelly at akelly@crsofcolorado.com. The recycle stickers are on order. We have kept the list of anyone requesting recycle stickers and will get them in the mail just as soon as we get them delivered to us!
​Posted March 1, 2018

Regular Garbage Pick-up Day February 20th
The next Garbage & Recycling pick-up day is Tuesday, February 20th. ​No delays due to the Presidents Day holiday.

Change to Trash Container Delivery Schedule
ATTENTION HOMEOWNERS: Please note the following change to the trash container delivery schedule: The smaller trash containers being delivered to Star Canyon were delayed in their arrival. Therefore, the containers will arrive to the neighborhood Friday, February 9th. They will then be distributed to Star Canyon. The important change to note is that Alpine Waste & Recycling will be picking up containers that are not wanted by homeowners on Wednesday, February 14. If you wish to have your old trash container removed or the container that was delivered by Alpine taken away, please have it out on the curb by 7:00 am on Wednesday, February 14th. If you wish to keep your new container, it must be removed from the street by the same time.

New Trash System: Timeline
2/5-2/9 – New Trash Carts to be delivered to each TrailMark home. 2/13 – Any type of container may be used for trash and recycling. From Alpine Waste & Recycling: “You can still use your old container(s). We know this is a transition and will take time for everyone to be on the same page. We will actually be sending the Rear Load truck through for the next few weeks while homeowners get used to placing containers in the correct spot.” 2/14 – Homeowners may leave any trash container at the curb for pick-up and/or disposal by Alpine Waste & Recycling. Timeline subject to change.
Posted February 6, 2018, Updated February 8 & 9, 2018

Holiday Decorations Reminder
All exterior holiday decorations and lights utilized as seasonal display must be removed and properly stored in a timely manner following the conclusion of the holiday, but, in no case later than 30 days following the expiration of the holiday.Posted February 3, 2018

From the Common Area Committee
Some of you may have noticed that there are two benches out at the top of the sled hill. This is news to many, because we did not have much snow until last weekend. The plan is to work with South Suburban Parks and Rec District to erect two permanent benches at the top of the sled hill. Eventually we will build a trail from the parking lot to the top of the hill, then on to the East to connect to the trail heading north into the open area. We hope you enjoy having a place to sit while the kids enjoy Hogback Sled Hill. With the changes to the trash containers, it is a good time to remind everyone that it is required that even their recycling is in a container with a lid. This will prevent any winds from spreading trash and any foraging animals from disturbing the trash and making a mess of your yard and our open space.  Enjoy our beautiful Colorado Winter.
Posted February 3, 2018

Fall and Winter Watering
Quick Facts – Water trees, shrubs, lawns, and perennials during prolonged dry fall and winter periods to prevent root damage that affects the health of the entire plant. Water only when air and soil temperatures are above 40 degrees F with no snow cover. Established large trees have a root spread equal to or greater than the height of the tree. Apply water to the most critical part of the root zone within the dripline.
©Colorado State University www.ext.colostate.edu, Posted February 3, 2018

Trash & Recycling Q&A
Following are some common questions about the upcoming trash service change, as well as some important information about this change that will take place in TrailMark HOA. The TrailMark Community will be changing over to a “side-load” residential cart trash system. There are a few goals associated with this change. One main goal is to ensure the neighborhood remains clean – By having containers with lids, animals and wind are less likely to spread trash and recycle all over the streets and yards. Currently, the dates for the transition are as follows: Week of January 29th – Trash carts will be delivered and stored together near TrailMark HOA somewhere (the details of where are still in the works). Please do not take a cart from this area as the carts will be delivered directly to your home. February 5th – Alpine Waste & Recycling will begin delivering carts to homes. The carts will be placed at the curb of your home. Once delivered, please put the cart away. Below are answers as to what action to take should you not want the cart. Q: What about the containers I already have? A: You have a few choices on this matter: You may choose to make the container you currently have a recycle container by requesting recycle stickers from the management company. Recycling service is not currently changing and will remain the same, for now. The drivers will know to pick up the container as recycle if the recycle stickers are placed on the container. You can also use the container as an extra bin for yard waste. If you have an Alpine container already, this is less of an issue. However, if you have a container that is not an Alpine container and decide to use that container still, Alpine will not be responsible for damage to the container. You may have Alpine dispose of the container for you. If you would like Alpine to dispose of the container, then it will need to be left out by the curb the final day of container delivery in February. Currently, that is scheduled for Friday, February 9th. That date will also be posted on the TrailMark website once finalized. Q: What if I do not want the container from Alpine? If you do not want the container from Alpine, you will need to leave it by the curb on February 9th. Alpine will take any carts left by the curb after they are done delivering the containers. If you would like to continue using the container you already have, then Alpine will not take responsibility for any damage done to the container. If you already have an Alpine container, you can keep your old one and leave the new one out for pick-up. Or you can take your old container to the curb and keep the new one. However, all trash must be in a container to be picked up. If you do not have the trash in a container, it will be left. Q: Can I get a smaller can delivered? Every single-family home will be delivered a 95-gallon container and every condo/patio home will be delivered a 68-gallon container. If you would like the 68-gallon instead, you must take the 95-gallon container up to the Alpine Waste and Recycling office at 7373 Washington Street, Denver, 80229. They will change out the 95-gallon container with a 68-gallon container at their office. This applies if you would like a larger container and live in a condo/patio home as well. Q: What about trash that does not fit in the container? It is important to note that large item pick-up has not changed. If you need a large item picked up, you must call Alpine before trash day and they will send a separate truck to pick up the item. If items are not called in before trash day, they will not be picked up. Q: Will the recycling pick-up change? Recycling will not be changing yet. Perhaps in the future, but Alpine is focusing on changing trash service right now. The only recycling change is that you can use old trash containers for recycle pick-up. You may request stickers from the Property Manager, place them on a container, and Alpine will pick it up as recycling. The HOA would like to see as many people as possible move to recycle containers with lids to ensure the neighborhood stays as clean as possible. Q: What about extra yard waste in the summer? Currently the management company and Alpine are working on a plan for this. Extra containers are always an option for homeowners. However, alternative options are being discussed. Further communication will be provided once a solution has been presented and approved by the Board. Q: What if I want more than one container? Please call Alpine Waste and Recycling and request another container. However, only the 1 cart is free of charge. Additional cart prices and dimensions are listed below. SERVICE REMINDERS: Ensure cart is out by 7:00am. Place cart facing forward – handle and wheels away from street.  Must be within 3 feet of the street and unobstructed from the front. Do not block with parking vehicles or additional trash items. Leave a minimum of 2-feet clearing on all sides. The lid should be able to close entirely. Schedule bulk items with Alpine Waste & Recycle Customer Service prior to the service day. All refuse must be kept in a covered container to protect it from wind and animals. Containers must be stored out of sight other than when it is necessary to permit pick-up.
Posted January 19, 2018, Updated February 3, 2018

Meet the 2018 HOA Board
Introducing your HOA board for 2018! President: Sally Janssen is a long-term resident moving into TrailMark in 2003. She is a retired Army officer with 23 years of service, followed by employment with the National Park Service and Denver Public Schools. Sally has been a volunteer for the Design Review Committee (DRC) since 2004 and a Board member since 2012. She enjoys skiing, gardening, stand-up paddle boarding, hiking and traveling. Vice President: [Vacancy] There is a vacancy on the board. Interested parties may inquire at board@trailmarkhoa.org. Secretary: Mary Kreeger and husband Dennis live in the Star Canyon patio homes. Original owners, they have lived here since June of 2003 having moved from Illinois following Dennis’s retirement. In Illinois she was Director of Special Services for a school district where she previously taught SPED. When moving to Colorado, she went back to the classroom and taught in Littleton at Euclid Middle School. Since retiring in 2010 Mary volunteers at her grandchildren’s schools, and helps in her daughter’s classroom as well. Hobbies include walking her dog, cycling, golfing, traveling and spending time with her 9 grandkids. Treasurer: Amy Howard and her husband Philo have lived in TrailMark for 17 years. They built their first home in TrailMark in 2000 and then moved to their current home in 2007.  They obviously love TrailMark! Along with being a wife and mom, Amy enjoys hiking, biking, skiing and running the trails here in TrailMark. Member-at-Large: Kim Gritzmaker is an original homeowner, living in Colorado since 1996 and TrailMark since 2003. She works at Charles Schwab in Lone Tree as a Senior Team Manager. Kim and husband Brian have 3 children – Emma, 15, Quinn, 12 and Chris, 12. Kim is active in running, triathlons, soccer, hockey or just hanging out with family and attending one of the many kids’ sporting events. Kim is volunteering for the HOA Board to assist with keeping the neighborhood beautiful and representing the community.
Posted January 2, 2018, Updated February 3, 2018

A Message from Karina Elrod, City Council Member At-Large
Happy New Year to you! As a kick off to the year I’m committing to sending you letters throughout my term on council. I’ll be sharing some of what’s been going on at City Council, giving you a preview of  important dates, or at times a deliberate ask to engage for your input and thoughts on a specific matter. Enjoy the first of a series that will unfold and evolve throughout the year: A Letter to Littleton. Feel free to forward to others who might be interested. Please stay engaged, let me know what’s working and what’s not. I am on council because of you and to represent you. In case you don’t have plans on a Tuesday night, I hope to see you at the next regular council meeting. Cheers! Karina Elrod, Council member at-large
Posted January 18, 2018

TMMD Regular Meeting
Tuesday, January 16th, 6:30 pm, TrailMark Learning Center, 9743 S Carr Way

Chatfield Project – Wadsworth/TrailMark Parkway Trail Closure
Due to the trail closure sign at Wadsworth and TrailMark Parkway, a trail frequented by TrailMark residents, a question was posed to the Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company asking whether the closure is permanent and if not, when it will re-open. The Mitigation Company responded: January 11, 2018 – The trail at Wadsworth Boulevard and TrailMark Parkway (“TrailMark trail”) is included in the day use areas, roads, and trails that are closed for the first season of construction activities, effective January 2, 2018. We anticipate that the TrailMark trail will be reopened by May 2018. Unfortunately, the TrailMark trail was closed earlier than anticipated due to the construction of a temporary access road to the horse stables. We apologize that prior notice of the closure was not provided. Based upon your inquiry, we have updated our construction map to reflect that the trail is now closed. We reached out to Chatfield State Park and the general contractor to determine if a trail access solution could be provided, however after further review, it was determined that the trail must remain closed due to safety concerns. For the most updated information on closures and construction activities, we encourage you to continue to visit our Construction Updates web page (https://chatfieldreallocation.org/construction/).  Please feel free to pass along this information to the TrailMark Residents and the HOA Board. Sincerely, Chatfield Reservoir Mitigation Company / We hope this information is useful for those who used to frequent the trail. Hopefully construction schedule will stay on target and we will be able to access the trail in May 2018.

HOA Board Meeting
Thursday, January 11th, 7:00 pm, Fire Station 19. All are welcome.

Myth of the Poop Fairy
In response to a growing number of poop piles, and a growing number of citizen complaints, the Jefferson County Animal Control office has partnered with local park districts and homeowner associations to bring you this public service announcement. (click here)
Posted January 1, 2018

Changes to Trash & Recycling
As many of you have seen and heard, the trash service will be experiencing some changes in the coming months. The pick-up day and the company will stay the same, but the way they pick up the trash is changing. There will be a new, side-load type of truck. The new truck is more efficient and leaves the area cleaner than the current, rear-load type of truck. The new truck requires that all trash be inside a container/cart. This is because the truck has automated arms on the side of the truck that picks up the trash cart and empties it into the truck. These arms cannot pick up bags or loose trash. There is also not an open area in which the driver can pick up items and throw them in the truck. This is important to note as any loose trash will be left and not picked up. This change does not mean that you cannot get large items or extra trash picked up. Homeowners will need to call Alpine Waste & Recycle and schedule a pick-up of these items. The goal of this change is to ensure our rates stay low and we allow Alpine to efficiently service the neighborhood and to ensure the area stays clear of loose and blowing trash. Recently, complaints have been received about trash bags that have been torn apart by animals and trash scattered everywhere. By making sure all trash is inside of a container, the neighborhood will stay cleaner and less trash will be blowing around the property. At this time, recycle services are not changing. While we aim to make the same change in recycle eventually, this service currently will remain the same. It is important to always try and place trash and recycling into a closed container to ensure cleanliness around the neighborhood. Alpine Waste & Recycling has offered to provide a 95-gallon trash cart to each homeowner. They will deliver these carts to your home, free of charge. This is often a $100 expense to homeowners that Alpine is giving the community for free. The carts are an important part of the change to the service. If the trash is not in a container, the truck cannot pick it up! To date, we have not received the exact time frame of these changes or the time frame for the cart delivery. If you currently have a trash cart you are using, you have options. You can make the one that is delivered, or the one that you already have, into a recycle container. The management company will be receiving stickers that will designate containers as recycle. Once these are received, the management company can distribute them to homeowners who wish to make one of their containers into a recycle container. Once we have more information, we will continue to communicate and send notices as quickly as possible. These notices can be found on the TrailMark website, the TrailMark newsletter, and the Annual Compliance mailing that is sent to each homeowner within the first 90 days of 2018. We will make sure that many attempts at communication are made to provide adequate information regarding this service. If you have any questions, please contact the property management team at 303-381-4960.
Posted January 1, 2018

TrailMark Holiday Lights Contest Winners
Thank you to everyone who participated in the TrailMark Holiday Lights contest on our Facebook page! The winners: 1st place: $100 to The Williams Family (62 votes); 2nd place: $50 to The Linser Family (59 votes); 3rd place: $25 to The Siegler Family (53 votes). Congratulations! Our neighborhood looked very festive!
Posted January 1, 2018

HOA Assessments Due January 1st
​As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due January 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services, 303-381-4980. Please note: The dues have increased to $110 per quarter. TrailMark HOA Board

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