TrailMark HOA dues pay for lawn care and landscaping along TrailMark Parkway and Independence Street as well as the front of the TrailMark community; management company fees for day to day business of the community; elections; covenant enforcement; dues collections; taxes; trash and recycling collection; landscaping maintenance of the common areas; reserve studies; compliance with the state of Colorado laws and regulations; pays water and electricity; holiday lights; 3 free concerts/year; and July 4th and Easter egg events. Fence painting and repair/replacement is shared 50/50 with the Metro District.

Star Canyon HOA fees pay for lawn care and landscaping; tree care; house painting; management company fees; dues collections; common area water and electricity; reserves set aside for future repairs/replacements for items such as asphalt for the two private streets (Iris Court and Johnson Court); landscaping maintenance, including raking, mowing, aerating, trimming trees and shrubs, and snow shoveling on the two private streets.

Our management company manages the business affairs of Star Canyon. It collects dues for Star Canyon; helps the Design Review Committee honor the covenants; protects the community by screening vendors; helps prepare the budget each year; meets each month with the current HOA board members; attends the Annual Meeting; pays all of the bills for the community; fields calls from realtors for information and fees; keeps the community legal with the state of Colorado.

TrailMark, including Star Canyon within TrailMark, is an HOA community. You were provided these documents, hopefully before signing, and/or at closing on the purchase of your home. You can access TrailMark HOA’s covenants on this web page. All covenants, guidelines, committees, and processes are intended to maintain and enhance the overall appearance and value of all of our homes. A non-HOA homeowner only has to consider his own home’s appearance and value. Questionable choices only impact the one homeowner. In an HOA community, each of us needs to keep up the value of all our homes to maintain the value of each of our homes.

There are a number of approved paint schemes in the Star Canyon Patio Homes community. Exterior painting of the existing colors is done on a rotating basis and is included in your Star Canyon HOA dues. If you want to choose one of the other approved schemes, there is a charge to you of $1,000. You must notify the HOA at the beginning of the painting season for your house. You must choose a total paint scheme, rather than base color from one combo, trim from another, etc. You must also avoid duplicating the color scheme of your surrounding neighbors’ homes

You can park your car in front of your house during the day. It is a courtesy to your neighbors to park in your own driveway, if at all possible. There is no overnight street parking on either Iris Court or Johnson Court. These are private streets and are too narrow for emergency equipment to pass parked cars, if the need arises. You need to park your car in your own driveway overnight. If you need to park on a street in Star Canyon for a specific short-term reason, you must park on Johnson Street, which is a wider, city of Littleton street.

Dogs can be walked almost anywhere in Star Canyon, but must be kept on a leash when outside. Please be courteous of your neighbors as to where your dog relieves itself. Always clean up after your dog.

No fencing of any sort is allowed in Star Canyon. This includes, but is not limited to wooden, metal, or electric fencing. Fences create a number of safety and maintenance concerns.

You are able to smoke freely anywhere inside of your home. Just as smoking is either banned or discouraged in most other public spaces, it is discouraged in Star Canyon public spaces. Whenever there is a fire ban in Jefferson County and/or Littleton, you may not light, smoke, or extinguish smoking materials outside during the ban.

Tuesday is the collection day unless affected by a Holiday. Trash should be put out on the curb by 7 a.m. the morning of collection days. Putting trash out the night before attracts unwanted animals. It also makes trash vulnerable to the high winds that are common in our area. All residents are strongly urged to mark the home address on both their trash can and their recycling can. A strong wind can relocate both of these.

Flowers are planted and maintained by individual homeowners.
If trees or bushes are dead or diseased, contact the HOA Board to see if you are on their replacement schedule. If you want to replace them yourself, complete a DRC Request form. Choose from the list of bushes and shrubs recommended for our neighborhood.
If you choose to replace a healthy tree, (e.g. one that is getting too big or is blocking the sunlight), complete a DRC Request form for approval. The cost of the new tree and planting of it is the homeowners’ responsibility, along with the cost of removing the original tree and its root system.

According to our covenants, “Each owner shall keep any garage door closed as frequently as possible, so that the visual effect of open garage doors is avoided and the contents therein are concealed from view from other lots and the street, all for the purpose of preserving the value and appearance of the community.”

Yes. “Daily construction working hours should be 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.” (TrailMark Homeowner Manual)

Suggestions and recommendations offered for the benefit of the entire Star Canyon community are always welcome. Contact any member of the HOA Board of Directors, the Design Review Committee, or the Social Committee as appropriate with constructive thoughts and ideas. All members of each of these committees are your neighbors. All are volunteers, generally making a 3-year commitment to our community. The goal of each committee member is the same: to recognize that Star Canyon Patio Homes is a unique and special community. Our setting is unrivaled. Our residents are willing to work together to maintain the attractiveness, value, and congeniality for which Star Canyon is known. If your goals are similar, please let us know that you are willing to join us in these efforts. We thank you in advance!

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