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Regular garbage pick-up days:
Tuesday, December 24th, Tuesday, December 31st. No delays due to Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. If you have trash service issues, please be sure to contact Alpine Waste or the Property Manager to report the issue. Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark. November 2019 (click here). Recycling: Did you know? Flatten corrugated cardboard, Do not crush cans, Styrofoam IS accepted, Leave plastic lids and caps on bottles, No need to sort, Rinse out containers to remove as much food as possible. Not acceptable: ANY Metal other than aluminum and tin cans, Plastics marked “PLA,” Pumps on bottles, PLASTIC BAGS, Clam shells or “to go” containers, Paper/plastic plates, forks, knives and spoons, 6 pack holders. Visit https://alpinewaste.com/altogether-recycling/ for more information 
​Posted December 1, 2019; Updated December 23, 2019

Reminder: TrailMark ponds are unsafe
On December 21 some kids were spotted playing on the ice on Fairview Reservoir. There are rule signs around the water warning to stay off the ice. The danger is real and it would be a tragedy to have someone or a pet harmed.
Posted December 22, 2019

Why is a U-Haul parked at Hogback Hill Park?
You may have noticed a small U-Haul parked at Hogback Hill Park for an extended period of time. Not to worry. It’s all good! Last year UPS instituted a program whereby, for efficiency reasons a POD was parked at Hogback Hill and the POD was filled with UPS packages destined for delivery in TrailMark. A guy in a golf cart loaded the cart from the POD and delivered throughout the community. Due to POD issues, a U-Haul truck has been used this year, with a POD due to be delivered any day to replace the U-Haul.  The U-Haul/POD will remain parked until at least the first week of January, then will be removed. For your info, last year the golf cart generally delivered around 75 packages every day throughout TrailMark. This year UPS has been delivering 150-180 packages throughout TrailMark on a daily basis. Given the increase in volume, packages will be delivered to homes via UPS truck and not the golf cart. If you have any questions, contact South Suburban Parks and Recreation at (303) 347-5999.
Posted December 16, 2019

TrailMark Night at the Lights
Tuesday, December 10th, 5:00-8:00pm, Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms. Hay Rides and Pictures with Santa! ​Cookies, Cider and Hot Chocolate! $10/person CASH ONLY. Under 3 is free. ​Last entry is 7:15 pm. ​Looking for a few volunteers to help take tickets. Please contact social@trailmark.org if you can help!

2020 HOA Board 
Congratulations, and thank you, to your 2020 HOA Board members: Amy Howard, Sally Janssen, Mary Kreeger, Ken Colaizzi and Bill Kuenning! We appreciate all that you do! And THANK YOU to the TrailMark community for turning in enough proxies to exceed the 80 that were needed for a quorum at the November meeting. We would also like to thank the outgoing Board members: Michael Day and Kim Gritzmaker. Thank you for your time volunteering for the community.Posted December 1, 2019

Requests from The Chatfield Botanic Gardens  
Chatfield Botanic Gardens reached out to the HOA regarding landscape concerns: The Botanic Gardens has observed TrailMark residents disposing of yard waste trash over the fences onto Botanic Garden property. Doing so is considered trespassing and an actionable offense by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Please stop this activity immediately. The HOA provides trash service weekly and you are expected to dispose yard waste during our weekly service. The Botanic Gardens has also observed that some TrailMark residents have cut down Botanic Gardens trees along the TrailMark fence line, ostensibly to improve views from TrailMark homes. Please stop this activity immediately. Cutting trees on the Botanic Gardens property is illegal and considered trespassing and destruction of property, an actionable offense by the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office. Finally, the Botanic Gardens asks that TrailMark homeowners take action to remove all Queen Anne’s Lace plants from their yards. This plant is a pervasive weed and by its aggressive nature makes it a threat to some of our native plants. This weed has gotten onto the Botanic Gardens property.  They ask that homeowners take action to remove these plants where you find them, either by pulling or mowing the plants.   
We are very fortunate to be neighbors with the Botanic Gardens. Please be good neighbors.  If you see someone doing questionable things, please report these activities to the management company at (303) 381-4960, or contact the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office at 303-980-7300. Be reminded that these calls may remain anonymous. Thank you for the cooperation in these matters.
Posted December 1, 2019

From the DRC (Design & Review Committee) 
As another reminder, all exterior work done at your home requires DRC approval. Please be sure to submit the necessary paperwork when planning work on the exterior of your home. If you are unsure if approval is needed, contact the Property Manager to ask!
Posted December 1, 2019

TrailMark’s Websites and Pages
​Click here for a list of TRAILMARK’S WEBSITES & PAGES. Find all of TrailMark’s Websites and Pages, as well as emergency and nonemergency information, on one page.
Posted December 1, 2019

Bulletin Boards get face lift 
The monthly newsletter and other items posted to the bulletin boards in TrailMark are now easier to see, thanks to new plexiglass doors from South Suburban Parks and Recreation. These bulletin boards are located at TrailMark Park and Hogback Hill Park as an outlet for communication from the HOA and TMMD to the residents of TrailMark. If something is posted that is not officially from the HOA or TMMD, please take it down or report it to communications@trailmarkhoa.org.
Posted December 1, 2019

Garbage Pick-up delayed until Wednesday, November 27th
From Alpine’s Facebook Page: Good morning! We will be running no routes today. We will attempt to service our Tuesday routes on Wednesday. We appreciate your patience as we navigate what promises to be a very challenging week.
Posted November 26, 2019

From Alpine Waste & Recycling – Regarding the upcoming storm
The safety of our team and others on the roads will always be our first priority. With the predicted snow storm, please know that there will be delays in services provided. This coupled with the Thanksgiving holiday, the delay may be longer than anticipated. Our team will work diligently to get everything they can serviced. Please note that accessibility can be quite the issue with these snow storms. If there are concerns with access and safety the drivers will err on the side of caution. Alpine Waste & Recycling
Posted November 25, 2019

Alpine Waste & Recycling to be back in the neighborhood Thursday, November 21
​Alpine Waste & Recycling will be back out tomorrow to pick up the missed streets: Iris, Holland, Gibraltar, Finland. Alpine has not identified the cause but will work on the issue. Please let them know if any other areas were missed. Alpine Waste & Recycling: 303-744-9881 alpinewaste.com

Annual TMMD/HOA Board Meeting
​Thursday, November 14th, 6:00 pm HOA sign-in begins, 6:30 pm TMMD Meeting, 7:00 pm HOA Meeting, Fire Station 19. All are welcome to attend. Please bring your proxy! ​Proxies were mailed to each household. TMMD AgendaHOA Agenda

Regular garbage pick-up day Tuesday, November 12th
No delays due to the Veterans Day holiday.

Proxies Needed!
The annual HOA meeting is in a week. Thus far, we have 59 proxies. We need 80 for the meeting! Thanks to all who have already submitted their proxies, and to those who plan to be at the meeting on Thursday, November 14th! Proxies may be mailed, or for your convenience you may drop off your proxy under the mat at 9718 S Johnson Way, or in the red cooler at 8770 W Eden Drive. Thank you! HOA Board 

Download proxy
Posted November 6, 2019

Fall Back
Sunday, November 3rd

From our Management Company (CRS)
Annual Meeting November 14th – Remember: The 2019 Annual Meeting is Thursday, November 14. The Metro District (TMMD) will meet at 6:30 pm at the fire station and the HOA will meet at 7:00 pm (immediately following the Metro meeting). The HOA will be ready at 6:00 pm to have people start signing in for the annual meeting. This meeting is held to ratify the 2020 HOA budget as well as elect new Board of Director members for the HOA. There are two (2) positions open on the Board this year. If you are interested in running for the Board, please contact the Property Manager, Angie Kelly, at akelly@crsofcolorado.com. Exterior modifications require advanced approval – There has been a lot of recent discussion regarding the Design Review Committee (DRC) so the HOA wanted to share a quick note about the rules for your neighborhood. Any exterior work to your home requires approval from the Design Review Committee, including painting your house, replacing your windows, any landscaping work, concrete work, modifying your deck, changing your front door, replacing your garage door, etc. Regardless of a like-for-like replacement or a complete change, the work requires approval from the DRC. All necessary forms and guidelines are on the HOA website and questions can always be directed to the Property Manager. It is important to understand that the DRC works extremely hard to ensure the neighborhood continues to look nice and keeps the harmonious appearance that was intended when it was built. Homeowners making changes without approval undermines the work of the DRC and can hurt those that actually follow the rules. When you purchased your home in a covenant controlled community, likely it was because you enjoyed the fact that exterior appearance was controlled and your neighbor can’t paint their house hot pink. When homeowners do not follow guidelines and do exterior work without DRC approval, the reason you purchased your home is compromised. If you are unsure as to whether or not you need DRC approval, feel free to ask. Thank you in advance for being a good neighbor and abiding by the rules!
Posted November 1, 2019

TM5K a great tribute to Mike Elbeck

Thanks to all who came out in the blustery winds to the 2nd Annual TM5K event. It was a great tribute to Mike Elbeck. Congrats to all of our participants and winners. View photos online. ​Overall Female Olivia Washington (she is just 11) 21:17, Top 12 & Under Female Kamoyyah Allen 21:17, Top 13 – 19 Female Sienna Fischer 37:06, Top 20 – 39 Female Megan Stenbaeck 22:07, Top 40 & Over Female Julee Jacks 27:22, Overall Male Peter Tanui (works for HAL Sports) 17:30, Top 12 & Under Male Kahlael Allen 21:11, Top 13 – 19 Male Pierce Smith 26:41, Top 20 – 39 Male Chris Radovich 24:58, Top 40 & Over Male Chris Johnson 23:04. Thanks to our generous sponsors for providing gift cards to some of our top winners: Craig Thurber with Crave Nutrition, Chick-fil-a, Home Depot, and King Soopers. Also, to Art Martinez of State Farm for providing a fun booth at the event! See you all again next year!
​Posted November 1, 2019

Proxies needed!
Thanks to all who have already submitted their proxies, and to those who plan to be at the meeting on Thursday, November 14th! Proxies may be mailed, or for your convenience you may drop off your proxy under the mat at 

9718 S Johnson Way. Thank you! HOA Board Download proxy
Posted October 30, 2019

Reminder: Dogs must be Leashed
TrailMark is not a dog park. PLEASE KEEP YOUR DOGS LEASHED. The leash law in Jefferson County carries a penalty of up to $1,000 (a Class II petty offense).

Posted October 22, 2019

2nd Annual TM5K and Mike Elbeck Family Fun Run Sunday, October 20th

10am 5K start, 11am Fun Run, Hogback Hill Park. TrailMark. We are excited to open this year’s registration for our community 2nd Annual TM5K and Mike Elbeck Family Fun Run. The date is October 20 at Hogback Hill Park with a 10 a.m. 5K start, 11 a.m. Mike Elbeck Family Fun Run start. Prices are just $5 to $15 including an awesome poly blend super soft shirt. Donation will be made (and additional donations encouraged) to a charity of Mike Elbeck’s Family’s choice. Register at www.tm5krun.com

Regular garbage pick-up day October 15th 

No delays due to the Columbus Day holiday.

Driver Education with a Focus on Safety!
South Metro Safety Foundation offers a four hour class that allows teens to apply for their driving permit, and provides parents an affordable driver education option. To participate, your teen must be at least 15 1/2 years old. This class includes information in all areas of the learn-to-drive process and includes computerized driving simulations with a focus on safety. Please note: Parents are asked to attend the first 90 minutes of the class along with their student. Parents and teens will be provided information on the permit process and driving safety issues common to new teen drivers. Classes are only held on Sundays. Space is limited. Registration required in advance: 

http://www.southmetrofoundation.org/135/Driver-Awareness-Program. Class Dates: 10/13/2019, 10/27/2019, 11/10/2019, 11/24/2019, 12/8/2019, 12/22/2019. Class Cost: $70.00, Class Time: 12:00 pm – 4:30 pm. Source: Foundation Executive Director Brenda Poage, South Metro Fire Rescue, NextDoor.com. 

Posted October 8, 2019

Fire Restrictions in place
On October 4, 2019, Jefferson County Sheriff Jeff Shrader has implemented temporary Stage 1 Fire Restrictions for all lands in Jefferson County. 

These restrictions are being enacted due to current dry conditions and the continued high fire danger condition within Jefferson County. Conditions will continue to be monitored and restrictions will be adjusted when necessary. For information and details on fire restrictions, see the Fire Restriction Details web page.
Posted October 5, 2019

​From our Management Company (CRS)

Please remember, you purchased a home that is close to wildlife. This means that leaving trash cans out will attract bears, raccoons, etc. As a member of the community, putting your trash cans in the garage is the best way to avoid unwanted visitors in your yard or your neighbor’s yard. Your trash can being left outside does attract animals to those around you. The rules for trash day say that your container cannot be out before the morning of pick-up. This also helps keep the unwanted visitors out of the neighborhood. 
Posted October 1, 2019

Call for Proxies, Candidates 
TrailMark Residents, The Budget Ratification meeting and Annual Member Meeting will be held on Thursday, November 14th. You will receive, in the mail, notice of this meeting with a proxy form. If you cannot attend the meeting please return your proxy. Every year the HOA struggles to get enough proxies back to meet the quorum requirements set forth in the Governing Documents. If a quorum is not reached, the meeting must be rescheduled and costs the HOA a lot of money as all of the items must be mailed again and additional meetings must be called. Please send back your proxy when you receive it in the mail. If you think your neighbor already sent it, they probably didn’t! So please, if you are not going to attend the meeting, send your proxy back. Thank you! 

The Annual Meeting also means that Board elections are coming up. Please contact the Property Manager, Angie Kelly (akelly@crsofcolorado.com) if you are interested in running for a position on the Board of Directors. More information about the requirements for these positions can be obtained from Angie Kelly as well.  
Posted October 1, 2019

TMMD Update 

Save the date: November 14, 2019. The annual joint meeting of the TrailMark HOA and the TrailMark Metropolitan District (TMMD) will be held to discuss the budgets for 2020. The TMMD meeting begins at 6:30 pm with the HOA meeting immediately following the conclusion of the TMMD meeting, approximately 7:00. If you want to know where your taxes and fees are being spent and managed, please come to the meeting. To have a quorum necessary for ratification we need representation in person or by proxy of a minimum of 82 households! See you there! 
Posted October 1, 2019

Election Season 
As election season is upon us, it is time to remind TrailMark homeowners and residents of TrailMark’s signage rules: TrailMark Homeowners Association cannot prohibit

 the placement of political signs on property which is owned by a resident of the HOA or in the window of a unit. A political sign is defined as a sign that carries a message intended to influence the outcome of an election, including supporting or opposing the election of a candidate, the recall of a public official, or the passage of a ballot issue. Any political sign shall not be on display earlier than 45 days before an election and shall be removed no later than 7 days after an election. The political sign may be no larger than thirty-six by forty-eight inches in size. Each home or unit may only have one (1) sign per political office or ballot issue that is contested in an upcoming election. Please adhere to these rules to avoid a covenant violation. Reference: CCIOA (C.R.S 38-33.3106.5(1)(C)) – (Colorado Common Interest Ownership Act) To get more information on the candidates running for District IV and At-Large, please see the City of Littleton web page concerning the upcoming election: https://www.littletongov.org/city-services/city-departments/city-clerk/election-information/2019-generalelection/2019-candidates  ​
Posted October 1, 2019

CAC Update 

We are sprucing up the neighborhood! Just completed repairing, repainting and sealing the TrailMark Sign at our entrance. Slow down as you enter TrailMark and check out how good it looks now. We also just planted four trees to replace those that have died over the past few years. We will begin phase one of work on the first median past the fire station this week. We are adding hardscape (boulders and cobble), as well as mulch. It will be followed in the spring with selected plantings that do not require as much water and will add colorful visual appeal. We have added fresh mulch to the beds adjacent to the new privacy fence, and will follow-up with mulch in other areas not yet addressed. Enjoy the beautiful fall in TrailMark. We are lucky indeed. ​
Posted October 1, 2019

Courtesy Inspections of Car Seats  

The South Metro Safety Foundation and South Metro Fire Rescue are pleased to offer courtesy inspections of child safety seats and booster seats for families that live or work in the South Metro Fire District. A car seat inspection will take up to 30 minutes per car seat. If you have two or more car seats please book two appointments OR one car seat to be fitted into two cars please book two appointments using the link below. Car seat events are scheduled every Wednesday and every other Tuesday. Please check the location schedule and make a car seat appointment by visiting the South Metro Safety Foundation website.​
Posted October 1, 2019

HOA Assessments due October 1st
As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due October 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services, 303-381-4980. TrailMark HOA Board

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark
October 2019 (click here)

TrailMark Night at the Corn Maze

​Tuesday, September 24th, 5:00-8:00 pm, Denver Botanic Gardens Chatfield Farms, 8500 W Deer Creek Canyon Rd., Littleton. $5 per person. CASH ONLY. Kettle corn, hay rides, barrel rides and face painting are included! Last entry is 7:15 pm. 

Regarding the Hildebrand Ranch Trail entrance closure​The TrailMark HOA reached out to Jeffco Open Space regarding the closure of the “unofficial” entrance to the Hildebrand open space that leads up to the new Black Bear Trail. Hildebrand Ranch representative Kyle Newmyer responded. “This road was only intended to be a temporary construction access and not a public trail. There are several reasons we are strongly discouraging park visitors from short-cutting to Two Brands and Black Bear Trails, and I appreciate your offer to share this explanation with the neighborhood: The now-decommissioned temporary road crosses private land owned by Xcel Energy and we do not have a public access agreement with the utility. Further to the south, Two Brands crosses the Xcel property and we have a trail easement with Xcel at that location. Essentially, park visitors using the construction road would be trespassing on Xcel’s property. To illustrate, I attached the notification sign we posted on-site which includes a site map. The strip not shaded in green is Xcel’s property. From a natural resource perspective, another trail bisecting the property further fractures the wildlife habitat we are tasked with protecting. Open Space sometimes closes the park for muddy trail conditions and emergencies. Having multiple and unregulated access points makes the management of these closures more complicated and expensive. It is my hope that the above explanation will resonate with the TrailMark neighborhood and they will support this park management action.” Kyle Newmyer, South Region Coordinator – ​Trail entrances marked in red. Click on map image for printable PDF.
Posted September 18, 2019

TMMD Regular Meeting
​Tuesday, September 17th, 6:30 pm, TrailMark Learning Center, 9743 S Carr Way

Plum Creek Nature Area Guided Hike
​Saturday, September 14th, 9:00 am, Chatfield State Park, The Rangers at Chatfield State Park are leading a hike! Limited to the first 20 people. Sign up each person for their own spot. The hike will take place on Saturday, Sept 14th at 9am at the Plum Creek Nature Area. From the South, enter the park from Roxborough Park Road.  Once you pass the entrance station, bear right at the fork and make your first right. The hike will be one hour in length. The hike will be lead by ranger Beth Harper. Participants should wear appropriate clothing/shoes and bring water/sunscreen/bug spray/snacks/necessary medication/cameras. Dogs are probably not a good idea. Terrain is mostly dirt paths. Sign up here.

HOA Board Meeting

​Thursday, September 12th, 7:00 pm, Fire Station 19​, All are welcome.

Garbage Pick-up delayed to September 4th
​TrailMark’s garbage & recycling pick-up will be delayed from Tuesday, September 3rd to Wednesday, September 4th due to the Labor Day holiday. https://alpinewaste.com/

Nighttime trash a threat for Residents, Wildlife

This week, an irresponsible resident put their trash on the street Monday night, inviting a bear to rummage through the trash can and plastic trash bag. A high school student had to drive by this bear in order to get into the garage. What might have happened if that student had been walking rather than driving? What if a neighbor had been walking a dog? What if YOU had been in the path of this bear? As has been repeatedly published, trash is not to be placed on the street until the morning of trash pick-up. This means NO TRASH CANS ON THE STREET BEFORE DAYLIGHT when bears, raccoons and other wildlife are not actively seeking food. 
Posted September 1, 2019

From our Management Company

CRS would like to remind the neighborhood of the Annual Meeting in November. This meeting is open to all residents of the TrailMark HOA. The Board will be discussing how well the goals of 2019 were met, ratifying the budget for 2020, and voting in new Board members. The draft budget will be mailed to all homeowners in October, along with a proxy for voting. Please be sure to return your proxy to the Management Company if you are unable to attend the meeting. On another note, your HOA Board  is asking that homeowners review their personal responsibilities as a neighbor. Please ensure that your sidewalk and driveway are maintained, and any slippery areas are addressed to prevent tripping or falling. Please make sure that your trash container lids are secured tightly, and that all pet waste is removed properly. If you have any questions on the responsibilities of being a homeowner, please review the TrailMark HOA’s governing documents. They are all available on the HOA’s website at: www.trailmark.org.
Posted September 1, 2019

Wildfire Risk & Preparedness

TrailMark is surrounded by the risk of a wildfire. Read here about what to do before and during a possible wildfire. https://www.wunderground.com/prepare/wildfire,
Posted September 1, 2019

Wing and Lot/Perimeter Fence Maintenance 
The new privacy fences along TrailMark Parkway and Independence Street provide a clean, well-kept view of TrailMark. However, with a drive around the community the view is quickly marred by fences blackened, multicolored from previous repairs, and/or strapped together where pickets need to be replaced or repaired. Please, take the time to look around your property and where fencing needs to be re-stained, re-painted, repaired, or replaced – please – take action. In the best interests of TrailMark’s aesthetic beauty, natural, untreated fencing is no longer an acceptable option given its appearance over time from irrigation splash and age. The following stains and solid paint are acceptable: Sherwin Williams WoodScapes Semi-Transparent Stain – Slight pigmentation for increased protection: SW3504 Woodridge, W3522 Banyan Brown, Custom Match #7170-0115255 (same as HOA perimeter fencing). These colors are considered to be most compatible with the new TREX privacy fencing along TrailMark Parkway and Independence Street. TREX Fencing: The DRC is developing a new TrailMark policy regarding the use of TREX fencing material, instead of wood, for these fences. TREX is now allowed for wing fences and lot/perimeter fences. The only TREX color allowed is SADDLE.
Posted September 1, 2019

Exterior Home Projects and DRC Requests – Prior Approval is Required 
As with all exterior projects, you must submit a request to the DRC prior to the initiation of your project. Submit your request using the TrailMark HOA Home Improvement Request Form found on the HOA website. Download at: https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/ hoa_home_improvement_request_form_201906.pdf. If you live on community open space, you must submit the Home Improvement Request – YARD ACCESS form:  https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/hoa_home_improvement_yard_access_form_201704.pdf. All documents to support your request must be submitted to the community management company via mail, email, or fax. Please forward all relevant documents to the following: Phone: (303) 381-4960, Email: designreview@trailmarkhoa.org, Mail: Community Resource Services of Colorado, LLC, 7995 East Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E, Greenwood Village, CO  80111, Fax: (303) 381-4961. NOTE: In accordance with TrailMark’s Design Guidelines dated April, 2002, page 12, “It is extremely important to receive approval before commencing work. Failure to do so may result in removal or modification of improvements by the Owner.” Please get your projects DRC approved prior to initiating!!!
Posted September 1, 2019

​Common Area Committee Update 

We stopped planting during the hottest part of our beautiful but hot summer. This fall we will be refreshing the mulch along TrailMark Pkwy and Independence, where the new privacy fence went in. We will also be planting four trees to replace those that have died over the past few years. These will be in the medians. The second median closest to the fire station will be getting planted in September so we can have a month or so of irrigation before fall sets in. The trails seem to be in very good shape except for some clover and weeds growing on the trails less traveled. South Suburban is aware of this and will actively kill the weeds in the trails. I have enquired at Jeffco regarding the two-track road that many of us had used to access Black Bear Trail up the hogback. They have closed it down to us and want to replant grass over the two track from the SW corner of TrailMark property up to the entrance to Black Bear Trail. Our request is that they make this a “TrailMark Connector Trail” that would also split the Two Brands Trail in Hildebrand Ranch effectively into two potentially shorter loops. We have yet to hear back from Jeffco. When we do, I will share the information at the next HOA Meeting and in the next newsletter. Any comments you wish to make, please post them on the HOA Facebook page. FYI: Chatfield State Park is looking better all the time. For those interested in a good bicycle ride, you can access Chatfield on the zig-zag trail across Wadsworth, then proceed south, over bridge to the marina, then past the marina, again to the south-east and you come upon the new dam entry trail. You can then proceed across the dam, down the trail to the swim beach and back to the bottom of the Zig-Zag trail back to TrailMark. It is about 14 miles around the loop. Enjoy!
Posted September 1, 2019

TrailMark Metro District Update 

Since the bonds are paid off, our mil levy is down to just 4 mils. This means your property taxes should go down some, but of course the amount is offset by any increased valuation. Aren’t we lucky though, that our property continues to increase in value. Pond G is viewed from the northeast shelter overlooking Botanic Gardens and looking to the southeast. You may have noticed that it looks very low compared to past years. The City of Littleton compliance engineer has reviewed our ponds and stated that Pond G was “way too high.” We needed to clean out silt from the gate and lower the level about 4 feet. Some of this work was done, and that is why it looks the way it will continue to look. Any comments should be addressed to the City of Littleton.
Posted September 1, 2019

Alpine Waste Automated Sustainability Report for TrailMark
September 2019 (click here)

Summer Concert Series
The Wendy Woo Band – Sunday, August 25th, 5:30-7:30 pm, Hogback Hill Park. Bring your own food and drink, or visit the Food Truck! Hey Kids! We’ll have a Bounce House! Due to the increased wildlife activity, please take your garbage home.

Family Photo Day #3

Friday, August 18th, 6:00-8:00 pm. Sign up here.

Food Truck Thursday

​Thursday, August 15th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! Truck selections will vary and are subject to change. Food Truck Thursday Line Up for August 15th: Mile High CajunLittle IndiaKona Ice. Due to the increased wildlife activity, please take your garbage home.

Construction on Danzig
The City of Littleton Public Works Department has advised us that, in approximately two weeks, construction will begin to install an underdrain on Danzig Place, near TrailMark Parkway.  Disruptions are expected to be minimal. If you have any questions, please contact Carolyn Roan, Water Resource Manager at croan@littletongov.org.
Posted August 13, 2019

Movie Night in the Park: Lego Movie 2

​Saturday, August 10th, Gather around 8pm (show to begin as soon as it is dark), Hogback Hill Park. Join us for a night under the stars to watch Lego Movie 2 at Hogback Hill Park. Popcorn will be provided. Make sure to bring your chairs, blankets and any other snacks. Due to the increased wildlife activity, please take your garbage home. Hosted by Ryan Devin of The Devin Team Real Estate 303-579-9428 

Looking for Social Event Sponsors 
The Social Committee is looking for business sponsors for some of our 2019 events! In order to keep from raising dues or event entrance fees we are looking for sponsors for various portions of events. There is currently a need for sponsors for the upcoming Corn Maze, TM5K and Night at the Lights. If you or your business is interested in helping to sponsor one or more of these events, please take a look at our 

Sponsorship Opportunities. Then fill out the Sponsorship Agreement and email it to social@trailmarkhoa.org. We love putting on these amazing events for our neighbors, but with rising event costs we need your help! Thanks so much! 
Posted August 1, 2019

Trash Policy 
​This is the TrailMark HOA’s Trash Policy – https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/hoa_trashpolicy_20190711.pdf. The purpose of this policy is to establish uniform procedures regarding the trash service. Please note that this is not a new policy, it is simply a formal statement of the current procedures. Please review the policy to ensure that your trash containers are compliant. Please note that recycled materials may not be disposed of in plastic trash bags. If you have any questions, please contact the management company.
Posted August 1, 2019

​Welcome, New Neighbors! 
Here is a list of TRAILMARK’S WEBSITES & PAGES – TrailMark HOA’s Website https://www.trailmark.org/, TrailMark HOA’s Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/trailmark/, The TrailMark Buy/Sell/Trade Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/1434805696738430/, TrailMark NextDoor https://trailmark.nextdoor.com/login/?next=/news_feed/, TrailMark Moms Club Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/groups/753711311326435/, Business Recommendation site http://trailmarkneighbors.weebly.com/, Sign up for the newsletter and emails from the HOA https://www.trailmark.org/email-sign-up.html 
Posted August 1, 2019

Drivers: Reminder to Stop when School Bus Lights are Flashing 
As we start a new school year, we would like to remind residents that when the school bus lights are flashing 

RED, drivers must stop from every direction. Colorado law states: “You must stop your vehicle at least 20 feet before reaching a school bus that is stopped with its red lights flashing whether it is on your side of the road, the opposite side of the road, or at an intersection you are approaching. You must remain stopped until the flashing red lights are no longer operating. Watch carefully for children near the school bus and children crossing the roadway before proceeding.”  
Posted August 1, 2019

​Alpine Waste Price Increase 
Due to rising prices and low demand for recycled goods, the trash contractor has had to increase prices on their recycling services. This is an industry-wide issue and your HOA Board is discussing the best way to respond. Please continue to check the TrailMark HOA website and upcoming newsletters for more information.  
Posted August 1, 2019

Recycling Tips 
​Important tips on recycling your trash and different types of materials, from our Waste & Recycling page on the TrailMark website. ​List of Items that can be Recycled Did you know? Reattached bottle caps can be recycled, too. Alpine Waste requests that you reattach caps to bottles so that they don’t take up room in the landfills. Also, security rings can stay on the bottles (not to be confused with 6-pack holders which cannot be recycled). Recycle Electronics and Appliances – Recycle Large Metals – Recycle Paint
Posted August 1, 2019

Food Truck Thursday – CANCELLED

​Food trucks cancelled tonight due to weather! Sorry everybody. Future date: August 15th
Posted August 1, 2019

TrailMark Night at Pirates Cove
​Sunday, July 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm, Pirates Cove Water Park, 1225 W Belleview Ave. $3 per person. Cash only! 2 and under, free. TrailMark is renting out Pirates Cove, so please come join your neighbors for poolside fun! Concessions will be open for sale, but you can also bring your own food. Glass and alcohol not permitted. http://www.piratescovecolorado.com/ Any volunteers to help with ticket sales, please email the social committee at social@trailmarkhoa.org

Summer Concert Series

Sunday, July 21st, 5:30-7:30 pm, Hogback Hill Park. Bring your own food and drink, or visit the Food Truck! Hey Kids! We’ll have a Bounce House! Due to the increased wildlife activity, please take your garbage home. Future date: Sunday, August 25

New Opportunity!
Join the Rangers at Chatfield State Park for a Guided Hike through the park. July 21st at 9 am! Hike should last no more than an hour. Sign up now, only 20 slots available for the first hike. More dates to come.  

Family Photo Day #2
​Friday, July 19th, 6:00-8:00 pm. Sign up for ONE time slot and bring your family for 1 free family pose. Sign up here. Hurry, there are 4 family slots available per 30 minute time slot. Future date: Sunday, August 18th

Food Truck Thursdays
Thursday, July 18th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! Truck selections will vary and are subject to change. Due to the increased wildlife activity, please take your garbage home. Food truck line up for Thursday, July 18th: BurgerchiefHottie Rob’sSizzleLucky Mary’s Baking & Sweets. Future dates: August 1st, August 15th

TMMD Special Meeting

Tuesday, July 16th, 6:30 pm, TrailMark Learning Center, 9743 S Carr Way

HOA Board Meeting

​Thursday, July 11th, 7:00 pm, Fire Station 19. All are welcome. Agenda

4th of July Bike Parade
​Thursday, July 4th, 9:00 am, TrailMark Park. Dress up your bikes, wagons and scooters for the Annual TrailMark July 4th Bike Parade! Be sure to stay afterward and enjoy the fun at TrailMark Park (playground) including popsicles, face painting, bounce houses, plus coffee and donuts for the adults!

Bears, oh my!
Another bear paid the neighborhood a visit this past Monday night! Yet another reason to keep trash securely put away until collection time.

Posted July 2, 2019

Common Area Committee Notes  
If you were out on the last rainy Saturday morning you would have noticed the five members, and one spouse, of the CAC planting new plants at the monuments. We want to make the monument corners more attractive and add some water friendly plants that grow well in our hot Colorado Summers. We would like to add bark/mulch to some of the unimproved medians at some point. A little rain really helps and things are looking good around the neighborhood. If you see any areas of concern, please let us know: commonarea@trailmarkhoa.org. You may not have noticed but South Suburban added a few trees to the northeast side of TrailMark Parkway, just west of Hogback Hill Park. It is great having a caring partner for our landscaping and trail maintenance in TrailMark.
Posted July 1, 2019

The specifics on Trash Containers 
The Board and management company would like to remind residents of the specifics on trash containers. Please ensure that all trash is bagged and inside the container, with the lid securely closed. This will help keep the garbage from blowing around our beautiful neighborhood. Plastic bags of any kind are not allowed in the recycling container, as they contaminate the other recyclables. It is that time of year for tree trimming and yard work. Tree trimmings or extra bags sitting outside of the container will not be collected by the regular trash rounds. If residents have large items or overflow for the container, then they will have to contact Alpine Waste and Recycling directly and coordinate that pickup. For the most up to date information, contact information, and news on the community, please visit: www.trailmark.org
Posted July 1, 2019

​Live Life Outside
An invitation by Beth Harper, Seasonal Interpretive Ranger of Chatfield State Park. Chatfield State Park was recently nominated as a Leave No Trace Hot Spot. What does that mean? Unfortunate but common problems such as overcrowding, trash, social trails and dogs off leash are becoming so noticeable and prevalent that the time has come to act. Many parks across the nation are “loved to death” and Chatfield is falling into that category. We appreciate all of our guests and love to see the various ways in which they display Colorado Parks and Wildlife’s new slogan “Live Life Outside.” The way to rescue Chatfield is through education and responsible recreation. An effort to reach the park’s patrons and the surrounding community will be getting under way later this summer. Chatfield State Park will be partnering with the Leave No Trace organization for an exciting on-site, week long educational initiative. This drive will set Chatfield on the road to recovery and equip its visitors with the tools to implement the seven principles of Leave No Trace whenever & wherever they recreate. When there is understanding, caring and action are sure to follow. We want all who come to Chatfield to understand its significance, to care about the impact their recreation is having on the landscape and to feel that they are capable of helping to preserve this fantastic resource through simple yet powerful actions. As a valued neighbor of Chatfield, we want to extend the offer to join us in the planning process for this all important Leave No Trace campaign that will take place next month. Your familiarity of the park and proximity to it offers you valuable insight that we’d like to incorporate into this program. During this initial planning phase, we hope to identify target audiences, find opportunities to teach them the Leave No Trace principles and brainstorm ways in the future to keep this movement going. Once all of this has been achieved and we’ve set an agenda, your staff/volunteers/all TrailMark residents are invited to attend the seminars that will take place throughout the week. There is no cost (only benefit!) to you to be a part of this momentous crusade to save Chatfield. I appreciate your time and hope that we can count on your partnership! 
Posted July 1, 2019

From the TMMD 
The fence project is complete. Best part is that this fence is more durable, and never needs painting! We will be saving money every year by not having to paint the privacy fence. The split rail fence will continue to be painted in certain filings every year and we will replace broken boards and loose posts as they are brought to the attention of the TrailMark HOA. Enjoy the summer!  See you all at the concerts in the park. 
Posted July 1, 2019

Fireworks in Littleton

TrailMark is in the city limits of Littleton, therefore the city rules apply. From the City of Littleton’s website: “The sale or use of fireworks in the city limits of Littleton is illegal. The city has a zero-tolerance policy and those who are found lighting or selling fireworks in the city, including firecrackers and sparklers, will be ticketed. If you see or hear fireworks, report it to the Littleton Police non-emergency number at 303-794-1551.” Read more here
Posted July 1, 2019

HOA Assessments Due July 1st
​As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due July 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services. TrailMark HOA Board

Summer Concert Series
The Honey Dewdrops, 1st Summer Concert of 2019! Sunday, June 30th, 5:30-7:30 pm, Hogback Hill Park. Bring your own food and drink, or visit the Food Truck! Hey Kids! We’ll have a Bounce House! *Food truck this event: Barefoot BBQ, https://www.barefootbbqco.com/ (subject to change). Future dates: Sunday, July 21, Sunday, August 25


Community Association Governing Documents 
When a home is purchased in homeowner and condominium associations, they contractually agree to become part of an association with their fellow owners, all of whom are bound by the association’s governing documents. Some of these documents are filed with the appropriate state or local government agency and can only be altered through a prescribed process. This is a brief explanation of what the governing documents are, what they contain, and how they may be changed. Read the full article HERE. For more information, or to see these documents in their entirety, please visit https://www.trailmark.org/hoa-documents-amp-forms.html. Community Resource Services of Colorado (CRS)
Posted June 20, 2019

Food Truck Thursdays
Thursday, June 20th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! Truck selections will vary and are subject to change. Food Truck Line-up: Lord of the WingsAreyto Puerto Rican FoodPile High BurgersSprinkle Me Smitten. Future dates: July 18th, August 1st, August 15th

Family Photo Day

Saturday, June 15th, 6:00-8:00 pm, Sign up for ONE time slot and bring your family for 1 free family pose. Sign up here. Hurry, there are 4 family slots available per 30 minute time slot. Future dates: Friday, July 19th, Sunday, August 18th

TrailMark Garage Sale
June 7th & 8th, 7:30 am-2:00 pm. Click here to download the map. Maps will also be available at the front, near the daycare. Happy shopping and selling! Sponsored by Sunny Puckett.

Get on the Map! 
TrailMark Garage Sale, June 7th & 8th, 7:30 am-2:00 pm. Sponsored by Sunny Puckett. If you plan to participate, get your house on the map! Email trailmarkgaragesale@sunnypuckett.com

Food Truck Thursdays

Thursday, June 6th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Truck selections will vary. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! Roster: Pavys (gourmet sandwiches), Denver Taco Truck, Little India, Repiccis (italian ice & gelato) Food Truck choices are subject to change. Future dates: June 20th, July 18th, August 1st, August 15th

From our Management Company (CRS) 
 Recently, there have been many questions about what is necessary in order for trash to be taken away. If you refer to the communication sent to the community last year, homeowners are no longer allowed to place trash bags on the side of their container. All trash must be inside the container with the lid securely closed. Any large items or overflow must be coordinated with Alpine directly by calling, (303) 744-9881. Please note that homeowners are responsible for any overflow charges from Alpine. If your container has been damaged, or you would like a new one, please call Alpine directly and they will have one delivered to you. The recycling process has not changed. There is a separate truck that will come through the neighborhood for recycling. Please ensure that your recycling container is out to the curb and covered in a way that does not allow the refuse to be blown away. Plastic bags of any kind are not allowed. The bags are not recyclable and will contaminate other items during the recycling process. If you have a question about whether or not something is recyclable, please call Alpine Waste and Recycling. Clarification from CRS: In April of 2018, changes were made to how trash was picked up. At that time, homeowners were still allowed to place bags outside of the cans. Now that the community has had some time to adjust to the new system, Alpine has requested that bags no longer be placed outside of the cans. This will keep drivers from having to exit their vehicles to pick up bags, and therefore, show the increased efficiency promised by these side-loading trucks. Any overflow or extra bags will have to be coordinated with Alpine Waste by the homeowner. The TrailMark HOA has been moving towards this goal since the new trucks were bought. This is simply the latest step in increasing efficiency and the overall cleanliness of the community.
Posted June 1, 2019; Updated June 3, 2019

Garbage Pick-Up Delayed to May 29th
TrailMark’s garbage & recycling pick-up will be delayed from Tuesday, May 28th to Wednesday, May 29th due to the Memorial Day holiday. https://alpinewaste.com/

TMMD Regular Meeting
​Tuesday, May 21st, ​6:30 pm, TrailMark Learning Center, 9743 S Carr Way

Food Truck Thursday
A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Truck selections will vary. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! Thursday, May 16th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park, FOOD TRUCK LINE UP FOR MAY 16th: California Wrap RunnerCarnivore Southwestern FareHunje Asian Smokehouse

Alpine is back today, Wednesday, May 15th!
Alpine let us know that they had a truck breakdown and some trash got missed yesterday. They apologize and they will be back out today to finish the neighborhood. So please leave your trash cans out!
Posted May 15, 2019

Letter Carriers’ Food Drive – Saturday, May 11, 2019
To donate, just place a box or can of non-perishable food next to your mailbox before your letter carrier delivers mail on the second Saturday in May. The carrier will do the rest. The food is sorted, and delivered to an area food bank or pantry, where it is available for needy families. Details

HOA Board Meeting
Thursday, May 9th, 7:00 pm, Fire Station 19. All are welcome. Agenda. Immediately following: Work session concerning the HOA documents with regard to the trash discussion. Workshop Agenda

Food Truck Thursdays
A variety of savory and sweet food trucks will be joining our community for purchase. Truck selections will vary. Please bring a picnic blanket or chairs, and your appetite! FIRST EVENTS OF 2019! Thursday, May 2nd & 16th, 5:30-8:00 pm, S. Field Way near TrailMark Park. MAY 2nd – FOOD TRUCK LINE-UP: MEATBALL. http://eatatmeatball.com/ HEY PBJ https://www.heypbandj.com/ ROYAL HUSTLE (Mexican) https://gotruckster.com/food-truck/royal-hustle-gourmet-tacos SWEET COW https://www.sweetcowicecream.com/moomobile/

From the Management Company (CRS)
Hello TrailMark! The Board will be holding a workshop session after the next HOA meeting on May 9th to explain the purpose of each governing document, as well as how to change them. All residents are welcome to attend. We will be discussing the hierarchy of the governing documents, what they address, and how they may be amended. We will also have a brief Q&A session for any unanswered questions during the workshop. Hope to see you there! It is once again time to start up the irrigation systems. The Board has asked homeowners to keep an eye out for leaking irrigation in the common areas. If you do see a leak, please email CRS and inform them of the situation. If it is a large leak or break in the line, please call CRS immediately and they will contact Denver Water. Community Resource Services – akelly@crsofcolorado.com  (303) 381-4960. There has been some concern about how to handle trash in the neighborhood. Please note that all trash containers must be covered, and secured in a way that does not allow the wind or weather to blow the trash away. Alpine Waste and Recycling is the contracted company for trash removal. The trash trucks operate in the neighborhood between 7:00 am and 7:00 pm. Please ensure that your trash is put out to the curb on the morning of pick up before 7 am. If your trash was put out but missed, you may call for an extra pickup. Alpine Waste and Recycling  (303) 744-9881
Posted May 1, 2019

TMMD Update
The aeration system has been turned back on to Fairview Reservoirs #1 and #2. This really helps the water quality, and the plants and fish. Remember that fishermen should not wade into the reservoirs and we would really appreciate that they take their trash, broken lines, hooks, etc. with them when they leave the area. It would be great if they would pick up whatever trash they find to keep the area beautiful. Thank you. The fence project is really looking good. We have had many positive comments on the fence appearance, and on the professionalism of the Split Rail crews that are working on the fence. It is on track to be completed around June 3rd, and I am sure we can all enjoy the fresh appearance and sturdiness of the new fencing. Just a reminder that the fence is community property and should be respected accordingly, as mentioned in the article on the first page of this newsletter.
Posted May 1, 2019

Notes from the Common Area Committee
Have you noticed the purple blossoms on the north at our TrailMark entrance? I am sure that you will continue to enjoy this area as the plants grow out this spring. We will begin work soon on the next median (the one west of the fire station) along TrailMark Parkway. Have you taken the opportunity to hike the Black Bear Trail, which goes up the hogback and connects to Deer Creek Trails? It is closed for hiking during raptor breeding season, which is now until August. However, if you go to the Southwest corner of TrailMark, notice the two-track road going up to the beginning of Black Bear Trail as it intersects Two Brands Trail. Many people have commented on enjoying this median connector trail to Two Brands. There are plans by Jeffco to restore the natural environment and get rid of this trail if you read the sign that was posted. IF you enjoy this connector, please contact Jason Crum at Jeffco Open Space. His email address is: jcrum@co.jefferson.co.us. We would like to see this become a permanent trail with a name, and a sign and eventually shown on the maps of Hildebrand Ranch along with the distances.
Posted May 1, 2019

Building? Planting? Digging? Call first.
Spring is a great time for outdoor home projects. The HOA and DRC remind you that there are miles of buried utilities beneath the surface that are vital to everyday living, like water, electricity and natural gas. Any type of digging requires a call. Building a deck? Planting a tree? Installing a fence or other landscaping projects? Please, remember to call 811 before you trench or dig. Jeffco’s Building Safety Division is entrusted with achieving compliance with applicable state laws and adopted building codes in regards to building design and construction within unincorporated Jefferson County.
Posted May 1, 2019

Thanks to all who came out to enjoy our Annual Easter Egg Hunt. A special thanks to Mark Brautigam with Alpine Real Estate for Sponsoring this year’s event.
Posted May 1, 2019

Introducing… Family Photo Day Series
​We have 3 amazing resident photographers (Kristin Blasi, Jennifer Reeves, and Julie Schwabauer) offering 3 opportunities to get a free family portrait taken in our beautiful neighborhood. Sign up for ONE time slot and bring your family for 1 free family pose. If you like the result, consider hiring one of these lovely ladies to do a full session with your family! Click here to sign up! Hurry, there are 4 family slots available per 30 minute time slot. Arrive early in your time slot and be first in line. Wait time, therefore, should be no more than about 25 minutes!
Posted May 1, 2019

Possible Premium Discount
​We are now in the South Metro Fire Department district. South Metro Fire Dept. has ISO Class 1 Designation. Upon inquiring, we received this response from one insurance company: “There may be companies out there that use Protection Classes, ie. the Fire Dept Designation (which if a Protection Class improves would result in a premium decrease). If a protection class is low, that would translate to lower fire risk, which would ultimately result in lower claims and thus would probably reflect in our numbers, and would contribute to the zone we assign the home.” TrailMark residents may want to contact their homeowners insurance companies regarding any possible premium changes.
Posted May 1, 2019

In-Depth “Altogether Recycling™ Program”  Information
To ensure TrailMark’s recycling program is both efficient and compliant, Alpine provided rules concerning the materials their recycling plant can accept through their Altogether Recycling program. This program is the most comprehensive recycling program in Colorado, yet not all items are recyclable. For Alpine to maintain the most efficient processing facility AND keep recycling programs available, it is important for customers to know what is acceptable and what is NOT. 

Click here for Alpine’s list of Accepted and Not Accepted items.
Posted May 1, 2019

Looking for Social Event Sponsors
The Social Committee is looking for business sponsors for some of our 2019 events! In order to keep from raising dues or event entrance fees we are looking for sponsors for various portions of events. This could include paying for the bounce houses or face painters at the summer concerts, 4th of July or TM5K; paying for coffee and donuts at the Easter Egg Hunt or 4th of July; or even sponsoring the tractor and barrel rides at the Corn Maze or carriage rides at Night at the Lights. If you or your business is interested in helping to sponsor one or more of these events, please take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities. Then fill out the Sponsorship Agreement and email it to social@trailmarkhoa.org. We love putting on these amazing events for our neighbors, but with rising event costs we need your help! Thanks so much!
Posted May 1, 2019

Fence Progress
The fence replacement project is moving along well. Some residents have called with concerns that pickets aren’t straight and there is a gap next to the pillar. There are certain steps the crew goes through during installation. The crew first focuses on getting the fence up and then will send a worker back to plumb (straighten) the pickets and nail in place. The crew will also be closing any gaps between the post and column with an extra picket. For questions and concerns, please contact project manager Ned O’Rourke (303) 204-7418, Wayne Nichols (303) 594-5928 or the Split Rail office at (303) 791-1997. FAQ’s can be found on the TMMD’s Privacy Fence Replacement Project page: https://www.trailmark.org/2019-privacy-fence-replacement-project.html
Posted April 26, 2019

Fence Replacement Project – Update
An open letter to the community of TrailMark – As most residents know, the community’s five foot perimeter fencing is currently being replaced by Split Rail Fence Company. This project began in February and is anticipated to be completed the week of June 3rd. The fencing material being used is Trex, and significantly improves the appearance of the community! During the replacement of some fencing sections, it was found that homeowners were using their fence to support landscaping (e.g. water falls, rock piled against fence, etc.) resulting in damaged fencing. Reminder, the perimeter fencing is community property, and all efforts should be taken to protect the integrity of that fencing. Also, the HOA/TMMD is responsible for the maintenance and installation of all perimeter fencing. With that in mind, the following are approved guidelines regarding the community’s perimeter fencing. TrailMark Community Perimeter Fencing Guidelines: Vegetation and/or any other attachments that may require nails, screws, adhesives, wire, hooks etc. are not allowed on the perimeter fence. The buildup of soil and/or rocks against the fence is not permitted. The fence must not be used as a retaining wall. No openings or holes may be made in the fence. If they occur, the warranty will be void on that section of the fence. Trellises used for vines and hanging plants may be installed within the backyard no closer than 18 inches to the fence. Growth from trellised plants must not be allowed to grow onto the fence. Trellises cannot exceed 6 feet in height. Any damage to the perimeter fence caused by a homeowner or guest will be repaired at the homeowner’s expense, or the person(s) causing the damage. The HOA/TMMD will repair such damage with all repairs being made by the current fence maintenance contractor and coordinated by the property management company. And, the responsible party will be assessed accordingly.
Posted April 23, 2019

TrailMark Easter Egg Hunt​
Saturday, April 20th, 9:00 am, Hogback Hill Park. Brought to you by your TrailMark Realtor Mark Brautigam – Alpine Real Estate

​Jeffco Volunteer Fair – Saturday, April 6
Volunteers are the heart of community organizations in Jefferson County. Through their work, volunteers support and mentor children, staff food banks, clean up neighborhoods, foster homeless pets and do countless other things that make the place they live a better place for all. Volunteers provide vital help to people in need and advance worthwhile causes. The Leadership Jefferson County Class of 2019 is hosting a Volunteer Drive to connect organizations to volunteers. RSVP and Learn more about the organizations looking for volunteers. 

​From the Management Company
Spring is nearly here! And that means time for home improvement projects and repairs. The management company has asked homeowners to reacquaint themselves with the Design Review Guidelines before applying for approval from the Design Review Committee. All of this information is available on the TrailMark HOA website. Please note that any external change must be approved by the DRC before work can begin. Any unapproved work may be subject to removal at the homeowner’s expense. The fence replacement project is underway and going smoothly. The privacy fences along TrailMark Parkway and Independence Street are being replaced with TREX fencing. This material was chosen for its wind resistance, aesthetic appeal, and longevity. The project is being handled through the TrailMark Metro District. For any concerns or questions, please call the Split Rail office at 303-791-1997. The Social Committee is responsible for putting together all of the wonderful neighborhood activities that are enjoyed throughout the year. In order to help these events be all that they can be, the Social Committee is offering the opportunity to be a sponsor for any of the events. For more information, please visit https://www.trailmark.org/social-committee.html 
Posted April 1, 2019

Letter from a TrailMark Resident: Respect our Wildlife 
I was disheartened this morning to see that another goose has been killed by a car in our community. This is not the first time this has happened. In TrailMark everything is connected. We need to respect and care for our wildlife and environment because our well-being depends on it. If we are to secure a better future for our children and children’s children, it starts with compassion. Let’s remind each other to slow down and appreciate the moments. There is no need to drive so fast in this community and have such disregard for geese. We are ALL God’s creatures.
Posted April 1, 2019

Friendly Reminders:
Stay on the trails in open space, Keep dogs on leashes, Be respectful of neighbors’ yards
​Posted April 1, 2019

South Metro Fire Rescue Now Serving 540,000 Residents in Metropolitan Area  
As the new year dawned, Littleton Fire Rescue and South Metro Fire Rescue (SMFR) officially unified into a single agency. It is now the state’s second largest fire department. SMFR’s personnel now serve approximately 540,000 residents in its 285-square mile jurisdiction before, during and after emergencies. Although creating a single fire district had been discussed for many years, voters in the City of Littleton completed the process on November 6, 2018, when they opted to include into SMFR’s fire protection jurisdiction. Voters in the Littleton Fire Protection District and Highlands Ranch Metropolitan District reached similar decisions earlier in the year. Littleton’s Acting Fire Chief Jeff Tasker and SMFR Fire Chief Bob Baker presided over a ceremony at Station 11 the morning of January 1st to mark the unification. Baker remains Fire Chief of SMFR while Tasker is now a District Chief. 
Posted April 1, 2019

​Property Tax and Mill Levy Information from the Jeffco Assessor’s Office
State law requires that counties update property values every two years. Jefferson County property owners will get their 2019 notices of value in early May. These will reflect what properties were worth on June 30, 2018. Get more details on their website. The Jeffco Assessor’s Office does not raise or lower taxes. That is done by the taxing entities themselves – Jefferson County, Jefferson County School District, fire districts, and many other special taxing districts. 
Posted April 1, 2019

HOA Assessments due April 1st
​As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due April 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services. TrailMark HOA Board

2019 Colorado State Park Pass: Bulk order Discount

To get in on the discounted rate for the Colorado State Park Pass (regularly $80) send payment of $56 by April 1, 2019 to Deahna Visscher, 9831 S Flower Ct, Littleton, CO 80127. Please include a self-addressed stamped envelope with your payment, and make checks payable to Deahna Visscher. ORDER DETAILS: Please provide the First Name, Last Name, License Plate Number, and License Plate State for each pass being ordered. Note: If you have a Temporary License Plate #, then provide the last 6 digits of your vehicles VIN#. ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: 1. The pass will be valid from 05/01/2019 to 5/31/2020. 2. Passes will only be ordered for those whose payment has been received by the due date of April 1. 3. The passes will be mailed to you around May 20, 2019 in the self-addressed stamped envelope you provide. 4. Additional passes for the same household can be purchased at any state park entrance for $40.00. Bring your pass and the registration for the second vehicle with you to any park entrance for purchase. 5. Detach the receipt from the pass and keep it. This can be used if you need a new pass if a car was stolen, or if you need to have your windshield replaced, etc. Replacement passes are about $5.00. 6. The sticker affixes on the inside of your dashboard on the passenger side. 7. You still have to pay the normal fee at the gate for the dog park pass for Chatfield and/or Cherry Creek reservoirs. 8. For more information on the Colorado State Park Rules and Regulations, visit http://cpw.state.co.us/buyapply/Pages/ParksPassInfo.aspx. 9. Get out there and enjoy our BEAUTIFUL state.

​Weekly Car Seat Inspections 
The South Metro Safety Foundation and South Metro Fire Rescue are providing courtesy inspections of child safety seats and booster seats for families who work and live in South Metro Fire Protection District. A car seat installation event is scheduled every Wednesday and every other Tuesday at these locations: Fire Station 12 Littleton, Fire Station 16 Highlands Ranch, Fire Station 22 (Summer only) Aurora, Fire Station 34 Lone Tree, Fire Station 45 Parker. Make an appointment at: www.southmetrofoundation.org. Car restraints expire after six years unless otherwise stated. If your car seat has been involved in a major or moderate crash, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration recommends that you replace it.  Do not buy a used child seat or booster unless it is from a trusted source and you know the seat’s crash history. 
Posted April 1, 2019

TrailMark Trash/Recyclables Pick-up  
Put trash/recyclables containers on the street only the morning of pick-up day. The TrailMark Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, paragraph 3.11 Restrictions on Garbage and Trash, states, “…covered containers may be placed outside at such times as may be necessary to permit garbage or trash pick-up.” Over the years there have been many discussions on the use of plastic trash bags, uncovered trash cans, trash cans wildlife get into, and the winds we experience with the resultant scattering of trash throughout the neighborhood. Thus, the HOA Board, in response to these discussions, determined that the best strategy for dealing with the problem is to strictly enforce our covenants. On May 1, 2019, homeowners may place their trash and recyclables containers out only on the morning of trash/recyclables pick-up (not later than 7:00 AM as requested by Alpine, below) and return containers to their storage location the evening of trash/recyclables removal. Holidays and weather will be considered when necessary. Failure to follow this policy may result in a Courtesy Notice with fines for repeat violations. Trash must be to Curb before 7:00 am. The management company received a call from our representative at Alpine Waste and Recycling. The driver for the HOA called in and informed Alpine that while driving through TrailMark for pickup one Tuesday, about 40% of homes didn’t have their trash out. This could be why Alpine is getting so many calls about ‘missed’ trash. Alpine operates in the neighborhood from 7am to 7pm on pickup days. If something was missed, Alpine will correct it. They realize that this happens sometimes and can track the truck through every street to see where the issue occurred. However, if the container is not out, Alpine will not be returning to do an extra pickup. Further discussion may be directed to board@trailmarkhoa.org. In the meantime, the HOA Board and your neighbors would appreciate your compliance with the above strategies.
Posted March 29, 2019, Updated April 1, 2019

Jeffco Open Space offers Summer Jobs for Teens
Get paid to work outside with the nationally acclaimed youth Trail Stewardship Team program! Throughout the summer, crew members help Jeffco Open Space by maintaining and improving natural surface trails, mitigating noxious weeds, and restoring natural areas. Applicants must be 14-18 years old and live in Jefferson County. Applications are due by March 31, 2019. https://www.jeffco.us/3327/Trail-Stewardship-Team
Posted March 22, 2019

Summer Camp Programs
Thorne Nature Experience, a 64 year old environmental education nonprofit, has been serving the Littleton community with its award-winning, joyful, hands-on environmental education experiences for more than 25 years. The Thorne Nature Summer Camp, located at the Kassler Center, is fully licensed by the State of Colorado Child Care Division and offers more than 35 day Camp Experiences from 8:30am-2:30pm with an extended care option, plus Student Teaching Assistant Internship and Volunteer opportunities for teens. Campers at Thorne Summer Camp spend the summer getting muddy, biking down mountain trails, and exploring Colorado’s wild places! Kids have a blast practicing survival skills, exploring forests and streams, learning local plants and animals, creating nature art, and catching tadpoles, crawdads, grasshoppers, fish and more! Our experienced CPR and first-aid trained instructors help facilitate student learning and appreciation for the outdoors while keeping them safe. Use special discount code COMMUNITY at checkout for 10% off your total camp tuition! Register today! http://thornenature.org/summer-camp/ For more information about Thorne summer camps, visit www.thornenature.org, call (303) 499-3647, or email us at info@thornenature.org. Thank you for supporting kids in nature! Note: This event is not endorsed by the TrailMark Homeowners Association.
Posted March 19, 2019

TMMD Regular Meeting

Tuesday, March 19th, 6:30 pm, TrailMark Learning Center, 9743 S Carr Way

Trash Removal

The HOA has learned of issues with the quality of trash removal service over the last month, primarily via the non-HOA Facebook page. Residents are reminded that when you experience problems with either trash or recycling pick-up, Alpine Waste will arrange to have missed trash/recycling picked up in the next day or two. Issues with broken glass or other issues should also be reported to Alpine. Contact Alpine Waste at 303-744-9881. Reminder: Trash and recycling receptacles should be on the curb Tuesday mornings by 7:00 AM. Receptacles are not to be on the street Monday evening/night.
Posted March 15, 2019

HOA Board Meeting
​Thursday, March 14th, 7:00 pm, Fire Station 19​. All are welcome.

SNOW REMOVAL: Thursday, March 14, 2019
As we are all aware, we are experiencing severe weather conditions with projected snowfall 5-8 inches of wet snow and high winds. Our snow removal service is on track to begin snow removal operations starting early Thursday morning. HOA responsible common area sidewalks and drive lanes will be serviced but given the amount of snow and other conditions, it will take extra time and effort to get all completed. We ask for your patience.

Take Meds Back! Safe Disposal Drop Boxes

The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office has installed four safe disposal sites for residents to drop off unused or expired household medications. Secure medication drop boxes are now available at the following locations: Sheriff’s Office Lobby, 200 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, Jail Lobby, 200 Jefferson County Parkway, Golden, South Precinct, 11139 Bradford Road, Littleton, Mountain Precinct, 4990 County Highway 73, Evergreen. Drop boxes are the best option for families and individuals to safely dispose of potentially harmful medications. The following materials may be dropped off at these disposal drop boxes: Prescription medications, Over-the-counter medications, and Vitamins. The following may NOT be dropped off: Sharps items, Chemotherapy medication, and Marijuana products. Healthcare facility waste. The average American household contains four pounds of prescription and over-the-counter medications. Sheriff Jeff Shrader explains “this excess of medications enables opportunities for misuse and abuse, which can have very serious consequences. If medication is taken incorrectly or by people it was not intended for, it could even lead to death.” Medication collected in the boxes is securely packaged and shipped off-site, where it is converted to renewable energy. If you have any questions, please contact the Sheriff’s Office at crimeprevention@jeffco.us. Take this opportunity to rid your home of unused and/or out-of-date medications and vitamins by disposing of them responsibly.
Posted March 7, 2019

South Metro Safety Foundation offers classes
The South Metro Safety Foundation is able to offer safety classes because of a $15,000 grant from the State Farm Good Neighbor Citizenship Program and a $2,500 grant from the E470 Transportation Safety Foundation. Those funds assist in providing safety programs for adult and teen drivers living in our community. Adult/Senior Driving Skills – Get ready for winter driving! This four-hour behind-the-wheel class refreshes and enhances driving skills for adults and seniors. Skills taught include skid control and recovery, emergency steering, crash avoidance techniques and threshold braking. Cost: $60. Class Dates: Mar. 30, Apr. 7, May 11. Supported by a State Farm Grant. Youth Safety Skills – A class on personal and home safety designed for teens aged 11 to 14 years old. Includes CPR/AED/First Aid certification, helmet safety, weather emergencies and cooking safety. Cost: $85. Class Dates: Mar. 10, Mar. 19, Mar. 24, Apr. 13. CPR/AED and First Aid Certification – A one-day class perfect for coaches, parents and other concerned citizens. Meets most work requirements. Certification is valid for two years. Cost: $85. Class Dates: Mar. 16, Apr. 24. Also, private CPR classes are available to local businesses and groups. Super Sitter Babysitting Class – Prepare your teen with information that every responsible babysitter needs to know. Class is designed for teens 11 to 14 years old and includes training in safe play, child care, professionalism, and certification in pediatric CPR/AED/First Aid. Cost: $85. Class Dates: Mar. 10, Mar. 20, Apr. 7, Apr. 14. Teen Crash Avoidance Driving Skills – Teen drivers receive hands-on crash avoidance instruction in a controlled environment. Skills taught in this one-day class include skid control, emergency steering, crash avoidance techniques and threshold braking. Cost: $175. Class Dates: Mar. 9, Mar. 23, Apr. 13, Apr. 27. Supported by a State Farm Grant & Scholarships Available. Driver Awareness Program – An affordable, state-approved, one-day class for teens seeking their permit between 15 ½ -16 years of age. Parents are asked to attend for the first 90 minutes. Cost: $70. Class Dates: Mar. 3, Mar. 17, Mar. 31, Apr. 14, Apr. 28. Hands-Only CPR – Hands-Only CPR is CPR without mouth–to-mouth breathing. It is easy to learn and recommended for use by people who see a teen or adult collapse. If you would like to learn this life saving skill, please join us for this one hour class. This training does not include certification. Cost: FREE. Class Date: Mar. 2. Registration – To register for these training opportunities, visit www.SouthMetroFoundation.org or call 303-805-0228.
Posted March 2, 2019

See Ice? Think Twice to Prevent Injuries, Death
What’s the easiest way to stay safe when ponds, lakes and even parking lots or playgrounds are covered with ice? Stay Off the Ice. It’s that simple. Already this season South Metro Fire Rescue personnel have responded to ponds for pets and people who have walked onto and fallen through ice. Since ice can be hard when you land on it, keep your hands out of your pockets when walking on icy asphalt or sidewalks so if you do fall, you may be able to catch yourself. Pond ice has its own dangers. It can be fragile and vulnerable to breaking under the weight of pets or people. It’s never safe to go onto a pond, lake or stream covered with ice unless the area has been approved for ice skating, pond hockey or ice driving. When any of us see ice, we need to think twice. If you see a pet or person fall through the ice, think twice. Stay on shore and call 911. Show police and firefighters where the fall occurred. They are the rescuers; you are not. If you fall through, be calm and kick like crazy to push your body onto the ice. Stay flat on the ice and roll toward shore.Posted March 2, 2019

TrailMark Social Events 2019 – Updated*
Mark your calendars for a fun-filled year! Check trailmark.org, social media and future newsletters for more details on each event. 

Apr 20th, 9 am – Easter Egg Hunt, Hogback Hill Park; May 2nd & 16th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursdays, Playground; TBD Sundays in June, July, August – Summer Concert Series, Hogback Hill Park; June 6th & 20th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursdays, Playground; June 7th & 8th, 7:30am- 2pm – Neighborhood Garage Sale (Date subject to change); *June 15th, 6-8pm – Family Photo Day #1 (more info and sign ups to come); July 4th, 9 am – 4th of July Bike Parade, TrailMark Playground; July 18th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursdays, Playground; *July 19th, 6-8pm – Family Photo Day #2 (more info and sign ups to come); July 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm – Pirate’s Cove Night, $5/person CASH ONLY; Aug 1st & 15th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursdays, Playground; Aug 10th, time TBD – Movie Night, Hogback Hill Park (Sponsored by The Devin Team); *Aug 18th, 6-8pm – Family Photo Day #3 (more info and sign ups to come); Sept 24th, 5-8 pm – Chatfield Botanic Gardens Corn Maze, $5/person CASH ONLY; Oct 20th, 10 am – TM5K and Family Fun Run, Hogback Hill Park; Dec 10th, 5-8 pm – Chatfield Botanic Gardens Night at the Lights, $5/person CASH ONLY
*Family Photo Day was added in June, July and August. Posted February 1, 2019; Updated March 1, 2019

TrailMark’s Skate City Night
​Wednesday, February 27th, 6:00-8:00 pm, Skate City, 5801 S Lowell Way, Littleton. $3/person – CASH ONLY

TrailMark Models & Floor Plans
​We now have every TrailMark floor plan on our website! Houses: https://www.trailmark.org/models–floor-plans1.html, Patio Homes: https://www.trailmark.org/models–floor-plans.html, Condominiums: https://www.trailmark.org/floor-plans.html
Posted February 26, 2019

TrailMark Recycling Delayed
​The management company for TrailMark received a call from Alpine Waste saying that a section of the recycling in TrailMark did not get picked up. They will be back tomorrow (February 20th) to finish.
Posted February 19, 2019

Regular Garbage Pick-up Day February 19th
No delay due to the Presidents’ Day holiday.

From the TMMD – 2019 Privacy Fence Replacement Project beginning February 25
The TrailMark common area fencing is the responsibility of the TMMD and the HOA (shared cost to maintain). This fence borders some open space areas as well as the rear or side fence for homes along TrailMark Parkway and Independence St. Beginning the week of February 25th, 2019 the privacy fencing (5’ & 6’ only – not 3-rail fence) will be replaced. During 2018, the TMMD and HOA joint fence committee met regularly; a ‘Request for Proposal’ was created; the RFP was published and distributed to interested Bidders; Bidder proposal submissions were reviewed and Split Rail Fence Company was selected to proceed with the fence replacement project. In order to meet this expense, the TMMD and HOA have maintained a reserve fund to ensure the money necessary to cover this cost was available. Work will begin with the fence on Carr St. (next to the commercial property) and along TrailMark Parkway from Carr to Dover. Notices will be delivered to each home approximately two weeks prior to work reaching their home. Homeowners with this fence are responsible for clearing the area next to the fence before work begins. We are asking that any and all personal items including bicycles, firewood, landscape rock, mulch, lawn edging, etc. that is located against or near the fence be moved back at least one foot from the fence line. In addition, all trees, bushes, vines must also be trimmed back at least a foot. This is the responsibility of the owner/resident and charges may be incurred for noncompliance. Underground utilities will be marked prior to removal of the old fence. If a marked line is hit, Split Rail Fence will repair on site or call in the appropriate company to have it repaired. If Split Rail Fence hits an unmarked line, it is the locate service’s fault and their responsibility to get a crew out for repairs. Regardless, homeowners are not responsible for the cost of repairs and SRF will resolve. Please mark all sprinkler heads that are located close to the fence line. It is not possible to locate underground sprinkler lines; therefore, Split Rail Fence is not responsible for damage or repair of any underground sprinkler lines. It will be the responsibility of the homeowner and or TrailMark Metropolitan District to have the line repaired. Dog owners should keep dogs inside or restrained during the construction process. Orange safety fence will be installed once the fence has been removed. Temporary 6’ chain link fence will be available at a cost of $5.00 per foot for homeowners who require a sturdier fence. For any additional information concerning the fence replacement, please contact Ned O’Rourke (303-204-7418), Wayne Nichols (303-594-5928) or the Split Rail office (303-791-1997). Thank you for your cooperation!
Posted February 13, 2019

Attention: Burglaries in TrailMark
It has been reported that many vehicles have been broken into and items stolen, including garage door openers.​​ If you are a victim, please report the break-in to the Littleton Police: 303-794-1551 (Non-emergency number) Whether or not you have been victimized, please consider: Remove all valuables from vehicles, Keep vehicle doors locked, Re-program garage door openers and re-link remotes, Keep house doors and windows locked, Report suspicious activity to the Littleton Police
Posted February 4, 2019

​Reminder from the Management Company
Hello Homeowners! One more reminder about paying your dues: The management company is no longer using coupon books. Please be on the lookout for an invoice from the TrailMark HOA. If you are using automatic withdrawals you will still receive an invoice, but you do not need to send a check as well. If you are not using automatic withdrawals and would like to do so, please fill out this form and send it to the management company. Let’s have a great year!
Posted February 1, 2019

Looking for Social Event Sponsors
The Social Committee is looking for business sponsors for some of our 2019 events! In order to keep from raising dues or event entrance fees we are looking for sponsors for various portions of events. This could include paying for the bounce houses or face painters at the summer concerts, 4th of July or TM5K; paying for coffee and donuts at the Easter Egg Hunt or 4th of July; or even sponsoring the tractor and barrel rides at the Corn Maze or carriage rides at Night at the Lights. If you or your business is interested in helping to sponsor one or more of these events, please take a look at our Sponsorship Opportunities

. Then fill out the Sponsorship Agreement and email it to social@trailmarkhoa.org. We love putting on these amazing events for our neighbors, but with rising event costs we need your help! Thanks so much!
Posted February 1, 2019

Common Area Committee Update
We hope you enjoyed the Christmas decorations at the entrance to TrailMark. We contract to get the tree lights installed since they became too tall for us to decorate ourselves. Our committee still does put up the garland and the wreaths every year. Our landscaping projects will commence this spring, so until then enjoy the snow and the moisture it brings to all our trees and plants.
Posted February 1, 2019

TrailMark Metropolitan District: The TMMD Update
Hurray! We paid off the last of the bonds that financed the infrastructure of TrailMark when it was built out 20 years ago. Since the TMMD is a quasi-government taxing agency, we were responsible for seeing that the bonds were paid. Since these bonds were a majority of our expenses, we voted to reduce the tax levy from 25 mils down to a temporary 4 mils. We also reduced the maximum permanent levy to 15 mils. Bottom line is that you will see a reduction of your property taxes in the coming year, in spite of passing the levy of 9.25 mils required for the recently merged South Metro Fire District. 

The TMMD is embarking on a project to replace all the TMMD privacy fences in TrailMark. The privacy fence is the solid 5 foot or 6 foot fences that protect many yards from traffic on TrailMark Parkway, Independence Street, and from some open spaces and commercial lots. This does NOT include the three rail fences along the trails and periphery of our neighborhood. A letter will come to your home in the next few weeks regarding this project and a copy of it will be posted on the TrailMark website.
Posted February 1, 2019

From the Design Review Committee (DRC)
​Spring is around the corner. Now is the time to start planning your external home projects – painting, roofing, landscaping, windows, decks/patios, etc. Per Article 4 of TrailMark’s Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions, approval is required for any and all external property improvements. Therefore, ALL projects must be submitted to the Design Review Committee (DRC) for review and approval prior to commencing any work. To ensure that you get your necessary approvals, we recommend that you get your project requests submitted early so that projects can commence according to your desire schedule. TrailMark’s Philosophy: In accordance with the TrailMark Design Guidelines, TrailMark’s planning and design philosophy is consistent, quality design expression, maintaining the original high prairie and foothills environment.  Your request will receive a more expeditious review if you adhere to this philosophy. Home Painting: TrailMark has paint sample books with approved paint combinations. Contact the management company at designreview@trailmarkhoa.org to review the paint books. Generally, TrailMark’s paint schemes are centered on brown, earth tones. To allow individuality, complimentary accent colors for front doors, shutters, porch railings, etc. are considered. Fence Painting: Non-Open Space fences are a homeowner’s responsibility to maintain. Wing fences: Fences installed on both sides of the house, facing the street. Perimeter fences: Fences following the property lines that divide properties. These generally run from the wing fence down the sides of the property and across the back of the lot. Not all properties have side fences. Open space fences: Fences placed along designated open space. Maintenance of only the inner side of these fences is a homeowner responsibility. The HOA maintains the side facing the open space. To extend the life of fences and to provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance throughout TrailMark, sealants or stains are required. The HOA has approved the following fence options which will provide increased wood protection and consistent appearance: A clear, waterproof sealant, TrailMark Fence-Fawn (Sherwin Williams), SW3504 Woodridge (Sherwin Williams)*, SW3513 Spice Chest (Sherwin Williams)*, SW3508 Covered Bridge (Sherwin Williams)*, SW3522 Banyan Brown (Sherwin Williams)* *Sherwin Williams WoodScapes Semi-Transparent Stain or similar product. Sherwin Williams Account: To assist homeowners, the HOA Board established a TrailMark Sherwin Williams account that provides a discount on Sherwin Williams paint and stain products. It is a cash account so either pay for the paint/stain or have your contractor do so. Generally, the discount is 15% depending on the product(s) purchased. Identify yourself as a TrailMark resident and provide the account number: 230805194. If the Sherwin Williams store you are using does not register this account number, they should call 303-932-1352 to confirm the account.
Posted February 1, 2019

From the Design Review Committee (DRC) continued:
Exterior Home Projects (Painting, Landscaping, Roofs, Solar, Radon Mitigation, Fences, Driveways, Walkways, etc.). Per Article 4, of our Declaration of Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions for TrailMark, approval is required for any property improvement. Submit a Home Improvement Request Form to the Design Review Committee (DRC) prior to initiating any project. Find the appropriate forms on the TrailMark HOA website: https://www.trailmark.org/hoa-documents-amp-forms.html. Download the form Home Improvement Request Form at: https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/hoa_home_improvement_request_form_201704.pdf. If you live on open space, you must submit the Yard Access Form: 
https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/hoa_home_improvement_yard_access_form_201704.pdf. Review the TrailMark Design Guidelines to determine what is required, before you submit a request:https://www.trailmark.org/uploads/3/9/0/8/39089355/trailmark_design_guidelines_2002.pdf. Documents should be submitted to Community Resource Services of Colorado via mail, email, or fax. Please forward all relevant documents to the following: ​Community Resource Services of Colorado, LLC, 7995 East Prentice Avenue, Suite 103E, Greenwood Village, CO 80111, Office: (303) 381-4960, FAX: (303) 381-4961, designreview@trailmarkhoa.org. The DRC reviews requests the 1st & 3rd week of each month. Your request must be received by the management company by Friday prior to the DRC meeting, to ensure your request is complete and can be reviewed without delay. If you have any questions, please send them to designreview@trailmarkhoa.org.
Posted February 1, 2019

TrailMark Social Events 2019
​Mark your calendars for a fun-filled year! Check trailmark.org, social media and future newsletters for more details on each event. Feb 27th, 6-8 pm – Skate City Night, $3/person CASH ONLY; Apr 20th, 9 am – Easter Egg Hunt, Hogback Hill Park; May 2nd & 16th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursday, Playground; June 6th & 20th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursday, Playground; June 7th & 8th, 7:30am- 2pm – Neighborhood Garage Sale; TBD Sunday in June – Summer Concert Series, Hogback Hill Park; July 4th, 9 am – 4th of July Bike Parade, TrailMark Playground; July 18th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursday, Playground; July 28th, 6:30-8:30 pm – Pirate’s Cove Night, $5/person CASH ONLY; TBD Sunday in July – Summer Concert Series, Hogback Hill Park; Aug 1st & 15th, 5:30-8:00 pm – Food Truck Thursday, Playground; Aug 10th, time TBD – Movie Night, Hogback Hill Park (Sponsored by The Devin Team); TBD Sunday in August – Summer Concert Series, Hogback Hill Park; Sept 24th, 5-8 pm – Chatfield Botanic Gardens Corn Maze, $5/person CASH ONLY; Oct 20th, 10 am – TM5K and Family Fun Run, Hogback Hill Park; Dec 10th, 5-8 pm – Chatfield Botanic Gardens Night at the Lights, $5/person CASH ONLY
Posted February 1, 2019

2019 Jeffco Open Space Volunteer Recruitment

Jefferson County is hosting a volunteer recruitment open house at the Jeffco Open Space Headquarters, 700 Jefferson County Parkway, Suite 100, Open Space Building, Golden, CO  80401, phone 303-271-5952. Learn about the different opportunities to get involved! Meet current volunteers and work with staff to find the best fit for your interests. Learn about opportunities in Park Hosting, Patrolling, Trails Stewardship, Wildlife Monitoring, Office Support and more. Staff and volunteers will be on hand to answer all of your questions and to guide you through the online application process. Drop in any time for the two open house events: Friday, February 8th, 4:30pm-6:30pm, Saturday, February 9th, 10:00am-2:00pm. Applications will be available on site and online after the events. Deadline to apply is March 1, 2019. For more information about ongoing volunteer opportunities, visit: https://www.jeffco.us/1567/Volunteer. For more information, contact Matt Martinez, Volunteer Services Specialist, 303.271.5971, mrmartin@jeffco.us
Posted February 1, 2019

Friendly Reminder about Holiday Decorations
All exterior holiday decorations and lights utilized as season displays must be removed and properly stored in a timely manner following the conclusion of the holiday, but, in no case later than thirty (30) days following the expiration of the holiday.  [Covenants article 3.8] 

Regular Garbage Pick-up Day January 22
​The next Garbage & Recycling pick-up day is Tuesday, January 22nd. ​No delay due to the MLK Day holiday.Recycling running late January 15
The recycling route for Alpine Waste is running late today. If it doesn’t get done, they will come back in the morning.TrailMark Social Committee wants you!
UPDATE: LOCATION CHANGE, 8761 W. Eden Drive, Thursday, January 3rd at 7:30 pm. If you are interested in getting involved in planning our fun year of events, come to our 2019 kickoff meeting. Garbage pick-ups delayed for the Holidays
TrailMark’s garbage & recycling pick-ups will be delayed due to the Holidays.​ Delayed from Tuesday, December 25th to Wednesday, December 26th, Delayed from Tuesday, January 1st to Wednesday, January 2nd, ​https://alpinewaste.com/

Driveway Guidelines – Additional information
Additional information has been added to the Design Guidelines page regarding Installation/Replacement of Residential Driveways.
Posted January 1, 2019

Night at the Lights event a TrailMark favorite
Many thanks to the Social Committee and their volunteers for putting together another wonderful holiday event for TrailMark! The participation from TrailMark residents was amazing with over 700 residents and guests!
Posted January 1, 2019

From the Management Company
Please take note that changes have been made in how your dues will be invoiced for the TrailMark HOA. In recent years, coupon books were mailed to the homeowners who do not participate in ACH, to make their quarterly payments. In an effort to help improve efficiency and keep homeowners up to date on their balance with the HOA, your Board of Directors has agreed to let the management company issue quarterly invoices to each home. If you are on ACH, you will still receive an invoice to notify you of the withdrawal; you do not need to take action on the notice. If you wish to take part in ACH payments, please contact the management company. Thank you all for a wonderful year, and we are looking forward to an incredible 2019!Posted January 1, 2019

HOA 2018 Accomplishments

As 2018 has drawn to a close, the HOA Board would like to provide homeowners with some accomplishments for 2018. It was a very busy year and your board and committees have worked, on your behalf, to enhance your living experience in TrailMark. While not an all-inclusive list of accomplishments, here is a short summary: HOA Board · Moved several bank accounts to money market accounts, to optimize interest opportunities on the Association’s money; · In the interests of maintaining consistent aesthetics throughout the community, improved compliance with applicable laws, rules, and regulations, as well as TrailMark’s bylaws and covenants through community inspections and follow-up, and homeowner education; · Updated and improved policies governing TrailMark – Collection Policy; Enforcement Policy; · In response to numerous homeowner information requests, transitioned to quarterly invoices, instead of coupons; · Implemented new trash service to include free trash cans and sustainability reporting provided by Alpine Waste; · Met with City of Littleton officials to resolve and/or discuss several community issues: Front entrance electrical issues; street repairs; variance processing; etc.; · Implemented UPS Holiday Delivery Program to minimize the number of UPS trucks traversing TrailMark daily; · In response to news of the potential sale of the SHEA property located at our front entrance, initiated the TrailMark Development Advocacy Committee (TDAC) who conducted a survey and met with City officials, the potential buyer and architect, to exchange information relevant to the proposed project. The proposed project was terminated but the property continues to be on the market. The TDAC remains active in response. Social Committee · We enjoyed our annual traditions of the Easter Egg Hunt, Concerts in the Park, 4th of July Bike Parade, Pirate’s Cove Night, and the Corn Maze; · A couple new events were introduced in 2018: Skate City Night and the TrailMark 5K/Family Fun Run. Both events will be back in 2019; · We were thrilled with the return of Night at the Lights at Chatfield Botanic Gardens! Participation was amazing with over 700 residents and guests! The Social Committee loves planning fun events for all and hope you enjoyed 2018! If you have any suggestions or would like to volunteer at an event, sponsor an event or join the committee, please email at social@trailmarkhoa.org. Communications Committee · The Communications Committee continues to keep TrailMark residents informed by maintaining the TrailMark website (https://www.trailmark.org/), creating and sending out a monthly newsletter and updating the “Facebook HOA” and “NextDoor.com” social media pages; · The committee also managed the TrailMark Holiday Lights contest including its sponsorship by several TrailMark businesses. Design Review Committee · As usual, the DRC was very busy conducting 21 meetings and reviewing approximately 115 requests; · In concert with the HOA Board and anticipating the need for driveway replacement, published an installation/replacement driveway policy; · In concert with the HOA Board, passed a garage door standard which adheres to TrailMark’s planning and design philosophy of consistent, quality, and design expression throughout the community; · The DRC continued progress with the project to provide new, updated exterior paint combinations for the community. Common Area Committee (CAC) · Continued work with the City of Littleton to repair and maintain the electrical service at the front entrance; · Provided holiday decorations at the front entrance; · Initiated the phased TrailMark landscaping plan by installing new plantings at the front entrance which includes more perennials to make the entrance more attractive for longer periods of time; · Submitted a new landscaping plan to attend to the medians along TrailMark Parkway and Independence. The HOA Board wishes to extend our thanks to all homeowners, residents and volunteers who strive to keep TrailMark a quality, attractive community by volunteering for our committees, attending our many events, and adhering to the covenants and guidelines. This is what makes TrailMark a vibrant, beautiful community! May we wish you all a wonderful, healthy, and prosperous 2019! See you around the neighborhood.
Posted January 1, 2019

TrailMark Holiday Lights Contest winners
Congratulations to our TrailMark Holiday Lights contest winners! Our top three displays ran a very tight race! ​1st place (58 votes), The Linser Family, $100 Amazon gift card, Sponsored by Colorado Home Finder; ​2nd place (57 votes), Ron Schmid, $50 Amazon gift card, Sponsored by Crave Nutrition; ​3rd place (50 votes), The Williams Family, $25 Amazon gift card, Sponsored by CT Solutions. ​Votes were taken from the “likes” of the HOA Facebook posts, and email votes that were sent in. Thank you everyone for your participation!
Posted December 21, 2018. Updated January 1, 2019

Pet Safety reminder
The crew of Engine 19 rescued a dog that fell through the ice at a pond in TrailMark. Please keep your dogs leashed around icy water. If you see an animal in distress, never enter the water to attempt a rescue. Dial 911 and trained, properly equipped firefighters will respond. Facebook post by Littleton Fire Rescue December 14, 2018. Posted to TrailMark.org January 1, 2019

HOA Assessments Due January 1st 
As a reminder, HOA Assessments are due January 1st. If you have any questions, please contact Angie Kelly at Community Resource Services. TrailMark HOA Board  

The City of Littleton and South Suburban make Christmas Tree Recycling easy and environmentally friendly
As the holidays come to a close and Christmas trees drop their needles, recycle your tree and help beautify the community. Upcycle your Christmas tree into useful mulch! The City of Littleton and South Suburban Parks and Recreation (SSPR) will offer free Christmas tree recycling at two locations from December 26 through January 14. Locations include South Suburban’s Willow Spring Service Center, 7100 South Holly Street in Centennial and Cornerstone Park, 5150 South Windermere Street (corner of West Belleview Avenue and South Windermere Street). Littleton residents can drop off their tree seven days a week from sunrise to sunset in Cornerstone’s parking lot, adjacent to the soccer fields, or at the Willow Spring Service Center in the designated enclosure by the front gate. All decorations need to be removed from the tree, including lights, ornaments, garland, tinsel and stands. If the tree is wrapped in a plastic bag, it must be removed at drop-off. Flocked or artificial trees and yard refuse will not be accepted. Most trash and waste removal companies do not accept Christmas trees, so residents are encouraged to take advantage of this free program. The trees will be mulched and used in landscaping throughout the City of Littleton and SSPR. The mulch is available weekdays, 7:30 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. at the Willow Spring site. Mulch is available from the City of Littleton throughout the year at the Northwest corner of South Prescott Street and West Prentice Avenue. Residents are responsible for loading and are encouraged to bring bags or trash cans and a shovel or pitchfork. Call South Suburban at 303-721-8478 or the City of Littleton at 303-795-3863 for more information. There is also Christmas tree recycling at Kipling, just south of C470.
Posted December 22, 2018.
Updated January 1, 2019

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